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The Planet sustainability initiative focuses on air quality, noise, waste management, water management, energy management, and natural resources. Wayne County Airport Authority is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of DTW. Through energy efficiency measures, including replacing thousands lights with LEDs around the airport complex, WCAA is reducing the carbon footprint of the airport. In addition to recycling initiatives, a new compost program for concessions and administration buildings helps WCAA reduce the actual waste sent to the landfill. Bottle filling stations in the terminals and administration facilities helps people reuse and reduce the amount of waste produced at the airport. 

A compost farm

Wayne County Airport Authority started a compost program in 2017 to divert coffee grounds from the Evans Terminal and Airport Authority buildings from the landfill. In the first year, over 13 tons of coffee grounds were composted.

Beekeepers around a boxed beehive

Wayne County Airport Authority with Wayne County parks have placed beehives in the park to raise awareness of the disappearance of pollinators from the landscape.