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When would WCAA Non-Active health benefits begin?

If eligible, the beginning coverage date would be determined from the confirmed retirement date.  

Who is eligible for WCAA Non-Active insurance benefits?

The conditions are specified in your Collective Bargaining Agreement/Summary of Benefits and based on your selection during the retirement process.

What type of dental plans does WCAA offer Non-Actives?

WCAA offers two dental plans at a cost. One is a DMO (must visit offices within their network) through Golden Dental Plans and the other is a traditional plan (can go anywhere) through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

What do I do if I experience a life event?

For life events (divorce, adoption, birth, death, etc.), contact Employee Benefits within 30 days of the event. If eligible, you’ll be asked to fill out and submit an enrollment change form along with the supporting documentation. If a dependent is no longer eligible (for example, an ex‐spouse), you are responsible for paying 100% of the claims expenses and/or premiums for any ineligible dependent remaining on the plan 30 days after the life event.  In addition, the ex-spouse will lose their rights for continued coverage under COBRA if not removed within 60 days of the divorce.  

I had an address change. Who do I contact?

Complete the address change request form and email to Employee Benefits [email protected] for processing. Wayne County Retirement must also be informed of any address changes, if you're receiving a retirement check. You may visit to submit your address change.

Who do I contact for questions about my check? 

For questions regarding financial information (taxes, 1099-R) contact Wayne County at (313) 224-5890. 

Who do I contact for questions about health coverage?

For questions regarding health and dental coverage related matters, contact Employee Benefits [email protected]