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Authorized Signer

Authorized Signer

Airport Security Credentialing is an important factor in keeping the Airport safe and secure for all employees and the traveling public. A critical component in the Credentialing process is the designation of who is responsible for Airport Credential documentation, issuance authorization, record keeping, auditing, and most importantly, accountability. Each company at DTW must assign one or more responsible company employees as an “Authorized Signer” by completing the Authorized Signer List or Delegation of Authority (for Contractors or Vendors).

An Authorized Signer must be familiar with the credentialing process, identification requirements, access requests, security training, and above all, maintaining control and accountability for ID Badges issued to your company and making appropriate notifications to the Airport of any change in status. Authorized Signers must read the Authorized Signer Handbook carefully to become familiar with pertinent information. 

The Authorized Signers must successfully complete all background checks before acting in the capacity of the Authorized Signer. Only employees who possess an Airport ID Badge may be designated as an Authorized Signer. The Authorized Signer is the main contact person for the Credentials Office.

Record Keeping

Companies are required to maintain all records pertaining to ID Badge Issuance for their employees. These records are subject to audit by both the Airport Authority and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The records must be maintained until at least 180 days after the date of the employee’s separation.

Records must be made available to the Airport or TSA for inspection to determine compliance with all security requirements. The records shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  • A copy of the completed Badge Application
  • A copy of the completed Separation Form, if applicable


The Airport Authority will regularly audit records to ensure accuracy and accountability. Audits will be conducted at least annually with all who participate in the Airport Badge System. The audit includes verification that all individuals are still employed, still require regular access to the Airport, and are in possession of their DTW ID Badge.

Physical Audits will require each badge holder to report to a specific location for a physical inspection of their ID Badge. Failure to complete audits as requested will results in the suspension of Airport ID Badge issuance privileges.