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Contractor Procedures

Airport ID Badges may only be issued to contractors who have an approved Airport construction project. Contractors will be required to provide a copy of an approved WCAA Construction and Alteration Permit (C/A Permit), CIP Project Letter, or MDOT letter before being processed for an Airport ID Badge.

New Contractor Business

When starting a new construction project, three (3) documents are required:

  1. Delegation of Authority will be required for every project that the company is working on. Complete the front page and designate one or two Authorized Signers (must have a need to be badged). The Sponsor/Prime Contractor will complete the “Airline-Tenant-General Contractor Use Only” section.
  2. The Sponsor/Prime Contractor is required to provide either a Letter of Introduction or Sponsor Form explaining the project that they are working on, what type of access will be required, and the estimated time the company will require access to the Airport to complete the project. If working for a tenant, the tenant is required to provide a Letter of Introduction identifying the company as the Prime Contractor and authorization for access.
  3. The Contractor Information will be required from the new company/subcontractor. This will contain similar information as the Sponsor/Prime Contractor’s Letter of Introduction.

The Delegation of Authority, Sponsor/Prime Contractor’s Letter of Introduction (or Sponsor Form), and the new company/subcontractor Contractor Information is required for every project the company will be working on.

Sub-Contractor Information

As part of identifying which contractors are involved in each project, the Prime Contractor must identify all subcontractors that are working on every project. It is the responsibility of the Prime Contractor to update this information as additional subcontractors are added to the project. Badge application for the subcontractors will not be processed until all required information has been submitted.

Access to Security Sensitive Areas

Access will be granted for the work area of the specified project only. If access is required into an airline or tenant’s leased space, that tenant or airline must submit an Access Change Request to the Credentials Office requesting the specific access.

Contractor Badge Fees

All Contractor Badges require a deposit which is refundable if the Badge is returned within six (6) months of deactivation. Badges have an initial processing fee (non-refundable) for each Badge. Payment can be made in the form of a company check or company credit card. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted. Checks should be made out to “Wayne County Airport Authority”. Deposits collected on Badges and keys will be forfeited if they are not returned within six (6) months from the date of separation/deactivation.

Badge Returns

All badges must be returned to Security when access is no longer required. This includes at the completion of the project and upon completion of the contractor portion of the project. Badges may not be held for warranty work. Refunds of the Badge deposit will be initiated upon return of Badges (allow 3-5 weeks for processing). All refunds will be returned to the Badged company only. Refunds cannot be returned to an individual or to another contractor. Badges must be returned to Security within six (6) months of deactivation, to be valid for refund. Failure to return a Badge within that period will result in forfeiture of the deposit. A completed Separation Form must be submitted for badge return.

Contract Security Service Request

Contract Security Officer services may be required to monitor any access point or fence line during construction. The contractor must utilize the Airport’s Contract Security Service at the contractor’s expense and the request must be made at least 48 hours in advance, by completing the Contract Security Officer Service Request Form.

Contractor Vehicle Access

All vehicles driving on the Air Operations Area (AOA) must display a valid vehicle permit at all times. These permits are issued by Airport Security.