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Security Rules & Procedures

The following document contains security procedures and regulations derived from the Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA) Ordinances and the Airport Security Program. It is every employee’s responsibility to be familiar with, and to comply to, the Airport Security Rules and Procedures.

Administrative Penalties

To improve compliance with security rules and procedures, the Airport Authority will issue an administrative penalty to any individual(s) responsible for a security violation. Pursuant to Section 22 of the WCAA Airport Ordinances and the Security Rules and Procedures, violators will be required to pay an administrative penalty (monetary fine) and undergo security retraining. Security violations that are more serious or flagrant in nature, or involve numerous infractions, may result in a thirty (30) day Airport ID Badge suspension (in addition to the administrative penalty fee and retraining) or a permanent revocation of unescorted access privileges. Thirty (30) day suspensions and permanent revocations may be appealed.

Administrative Penalty Procedure

Administrative Penalty Appeal Form