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DBE / ACDBE Certification

Vendors MUST be certified at the time of contract bid.

Michigan Unified Certification Program (MUCP)
DBE and ACDBE certifications are obtained through one of three Michigan certifying agencies of the MUCP. The MUCP and certifying agencies internet links are as follows:


DBEs and ACDBEs may be certified by only one MUCP agency, however the certification will be honored by all federal DOT grant recipients in the state of Michigan (49CFR § 26.83 (b) (2)). A firm must be certified by a MUCP agency before the Airport Authority awards a contract in order for the firm’s work to be credited toward the achievement of a DBE or ACDBE goal set by the Airport Authority.

If you wish to become a concessionaire, ACDBE certification can be obtained by submitting an application to Wayne County Human Relations Business Inclusion.