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Wayne County Airport Authority Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program

Before starting the application for SBE certification, let’s confirm you are ready. Use the checklist below to review required application elements and to prepare for the application process.

SBE Program Application Checklist

  • Business in operation for a minimum of one (1) year with signed federal taxes filed and ready for upload
  • Gross receipts available for the last three (3) years
  • Taxes filed and available for any affiliate firms and partners
  • Full-time physical business headquarters located within the ATA
  • Proof of physical headquarters location (ex., deed, lease, utility bill)
  • W-9 form, if applicable
  • EIN number available
  • NAICS codes available (click here to check your codes)

IMPORTANT SBE APPLICATION INFORMATION – WCAA Vendors must complete the application process using our Diversity Compliance System, click here

No LOG-IN REQUIRED. Go directly to the APPLY FOR/RENEW CERTIFICATION button to get started.


2. The link takes you here to start your application.

NOTE: Training sign-up link in the top right corner.

Training is recommended, but it is not required. Please make sure to give yourself ample time to complete the training and application process if your company plans to bid on an upcoming solicitation with the WCAA. Clicking on the training link takes you outside the Detroit Metro/Willow Run site. Click on the “Our Main Site” link to return.

WCAA SBE Certifications are valid for a period of 3 years and may be renewed provided the eligibility requirements are still met and a new application is submitted. To ensure compliance with the WCAA Procurement Ordinance, the Airport Authority will monitor Small Business Enterprise (SBE) participation on non-federally funded contracts and require the submittal of SBE Participation Progress Reports to facilitate the tracking of funds paid to Airport Authority certified SBEs.
SBE Participation – Progress Report

Most questions/concerns can be addressed directly by clicking the "Contact Support" button in the application
portal. For further information on the Small Business Enterprise Program or application assistance, contact the
Business Diversity Unit at (734) 955-5785 or email us [email protected].