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Residential Sound Insulation Program

The Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP) was an approved recommendation of the NCP, developed during the 1992 Part 150 Noise Study. By participating with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), WCAA provided eligible homeowners with the benefits of sound insulation treatments designed to reduce the intrusion of aircraft generated noise. 

Over the life of the RSIP more than 2,400 residential homes located in the communities of Romulus, Huron Township, Taylor, Westland, and Dearborn Heights were provided sound insulation treatments to reduce the impacts of aircraft noise. Improvements typically included doors and windows which were acoustically designed and constructed to reduce noise, as well as installing additional insulation in attics, new furnaces, & central air conditioning, and caulking around crevices and windows. Seven schools in five communities were provided sound insulation treatments such as windows, doors, air conditioning, and carpet to improve the learning environment. Homes closer to the Airport and most affected by the noise (70 DNL) were eligible for acquisition at the appraised value. Under the program, 265 homes were acquired. From 1997 - 2006 over $122 million was spent on Noise Compatibility Measures. Over $64,000,000 of that was provided by the FAA. 

The Program was completed in November 2006 and is officially closed.

For questions or concerns about the Noise Compatibility Program, you may reach the Noise Program Manager at (734) 942-3222.