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Capital Projects

State of Michigan Act 90 (which provided for the establishment of Airport Authority’s) Section 259.115 requires preparation of an O&M Budget which itemizes current operational expenses and a budget which outlines capital outlay necessary for the operation and development of the airport. 

The capital budget is established as a five-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The CIP for FY 2021 - FY 2025 was approved by the Airport Authority Board at $660,104,000 with the total cost for projects in the CIP of $868,856,000. The CIP includes projects in the following categories: Airfield; Cargo, Hangar & Commercial Development; Power Plants & Electrical Distribution System; Fleet & Equipment; Parking & Ground Transportation Facilities: Bridges & Roadways; Security & Communications; Support Facilities; Site Redevelopment & Demolitions; Terminals; Water, Sanitary & Stormwater Systems & Other Projects.  

Projects within the CIP are typically funded by General Airport Revenue Bonds (GARB), backed by the revenue of signatory airlines operating at DTW, and by FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants, where eligible and awarded.