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Authority to Purchase for Detroit Metropolitan and Willow Run Airports

Wayne County Airport Authority Procurement and Contracting Ordinance

All procurement activities at the Airport Authority are governed by the Wayne County Airport Authority Procurement and Contracting Ordinance.

Procurement Office - FAQ

The Airport Authority’s Procurement and Contracting Ordinance and State laws establish the legal authority for the operation of the Procurement Department. The Airport Authority’s Board holds the legal authority to award contracts in excess of $100,000. The Chief Executive Officer has been delegated the authority to award most contracts at or below $100,000. The Director of Procurement has been delegated the responsibility for the daily operation of the Procurement Department. The Airport Authority’s Procurement and Contracting Ordinance prohibits the actual purchase of any item or service without the proper authority, as evidenced by a contract or purchase order issued by the Airport Authority's Procurement Department. Therefore, the Airport Authority will not be responsible for payment of orders placed by anyone outside the Procurement Department. Orders placed without the proper authority will not be paid by the Wayne County Airport Authority.

The mission of Procurement is to meet the needs of our internal and external customers by: providing procurement support and advice to departments; providing accurate information to departments, citizens and vendors; and procuring goods and services that are of the best values so all departments may provide the most valuable and economical services.

The Procurement Department website is located at website provides links to formal and informal solicitations, anticipated bidding opportunities, descriptions of programs, forms, applications, and much more. For questions regarding the Procurement Department website, please contact Procurement at (734) 247-7900.

All formal competitive solicitations are posted on the Michigan Intergovernmental Trade Network website at Vendors with paid registration on MITN should receive notification of RFPs, RFBs and RFQs in the commodity/service classes for which the vendors have registered. Any vendor that does not have a paid registration on MITN will have to search the MITN website for available solicitations, or request a copy when visiting the Procurement Office.

Notices of formal competitive solicitations are also posted in the Procurement Office. Where applicable, notices are published in the Detroit News. When a wider distribution is deemed necessary for any type of solicitation, additional publications may be used to circulate the required information.
Finally, a listing of upcoming business opportunities can be found here or by selecting “Anticipated Bidding Opportunities.”

The Wayne County Airport Authority utilizes the following methods of purchasing: formal Request for Proposals (RFP), formal Request for Bids (RFB), formal Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and informal Solicitation for Quotes (SFQ). Formal solicitations,(RFPs, RFBs and RFQs),require posting of a public notice, submission of a sealed bid or proposal, public bid or proposal opening and an award by the proper authority.Formal RFPs, RFBs and RFQs are for purchases in excess of $50,000. Although a sealed bid technique is not used for informal requests for quotation, SFQs are made on a competitive basis by securing quotes from at least three (3) vendors whenever possible.

The Wayne County Airport Authority normally contracts for two types of purchases; one-time and term. One-time contracts may include goods and/or services and require a firm price for a fixed quantity. Term contracts may include goods and/or services to be delivered and/or performed on an as-needed basis, at fixed unit prices or fixed discount schedules. Term contracts are generally for estimated quantities of materials or services.

The Procurement Office of the Wayne County Airport Authority is located in the Michael Berry Administration Building at DTW's North Terminal. For a map of the Airport, click here.

The mailing address of the Procurement Office is:
Michael Berry Administration Building – Procurement Department
11050 Rogell Drive, Bldg #602
Detroit, Michigan 48242

The Procurement Office is open for business from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, except observed holidays.

Sales representatives are a valuable source of information in obtaining bids, specifications, state of the art advancements and product improvements. Sales representatives also assist in resolving problems in delivery, billing and payment difficulties, etc. The Wayne County Airport Authority values these visits. However, the Procurement Department recommends calling (734) 247-7900 for appointments in order to ensure staff availability.

Parking is available in the Big Blue Deck Parking Structure.
Pull a parking ticket at the entrance to the Blue Deck, and take it with you. Parking will be validated at the Airport Authority Administration reception desk upon check-in. After parking, proceed to Level 4 and take the pedestrian bridge over to the North Terminal. The Airport Authority’s offices are located in the new Michael Berry Administration Building, located at the north end of DTW’s North Terminal, near the Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter and adjacent TSA screening checkpoint.

Please note: Visitors must not leave vehicles unattended at the terminal curb front.

The Airport Credentials Office is located at Building 610 at the end of the East Service Drive. Parking when conducting business at the Credentials Office is available across the street in the designated visitor parking area. For more information on the Credentials Office please click here.

The Airport Authority shares a bidder’s list and a solicitation posting website with a number of Michigan governmental entities on the Michigan Intergovernmental Trade Network (MITN) website.

Vendors must self register and maintain their company’s information on the MITN website at Two registration options are available to vendors on MITN. The free service provides access to all solicitations. The paid service requires a small fee and allows for automatic notification by email or facsimile whenever a solicitation for specified commodities and services becomes available.

All bids and proposals shall be submitted as specified in the RFP, RFB or RFQ document and delivered to the Wayne County Airport Authority Procurement Office.

Location of the Procurement Office

Michael Berry Administration Building – Procurement Department
11050 Rogell Drive, Bldg #602
Detroit, Michigan 48242-5004

All bids and proposals must be received and stamped in the Procurement Office before the due date and time stated. Bids and proposals received after the designated time will be returned unopened and will not be considered. Sealed envelopes containing bids or proposals must state clearly on the outside the vendor's name and address, the bid/proposal number, name of the bid/proposal and the date and time of the deadline for the bid/proposal. If you have further questions on submitting a bid/proposal, please contact the Procurement Office at (734) 247-7900 or

To learn which other companies have requested a copy of the solicitation document and/or attended a Pre-Bid or Pre-Proposal Meeting, contact the Procurement Office at (734)247-7900.

When concession opportunities at the airport become available, Procurement will issue a Request for Proposal on the Michigan Intergovernmental Trade Network website, located at company may also review the list of Anticipated Bidding Opportunities located on Procurement’s web page at

The Wayne County Airport Authority does not pay sales tax. The Tax Exemption number is: 38-6004523.

Vendors should always state on the bid form the number of days required for product delivery or indicate the specific date upon which delivery will be made. The time required for delivery may be an important consideration in determining which company shall be awarded the bid. Successful bidders will be expected to deliver the materials and/or services within the specified time. If delivery dates cannot be met, Procurement must be notified immediately. The Procurement Department will decide what action should be taken.

Vendors are advised that the Airport Authority requires proper labeling and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on all products covered by the Hazard Communication Act- 29 CFR1910.1200. It is the vendor's responsibility to determine which products are covered by the act and to provide MSDS with the initial shipment. It is also the vendor's responsibility to provide any updates or revisions of MSDS as these updates become available for any products sold and/or delivered to the Airport Authority.

The Wayne County Airport Authority will allow for the correction or withdrawal of in advertently erroneous bids before bid opening. After bid opening, corrections or withdrawals shall only be permitted to the extent that the bidder can show, by clear and convincing evidence that a mistake of a non-judgmental character was made. Further information on errors and withdrawals is available by contacting the Procurement Office at (734)247-7900.

Pre-Bid or Pre-Proposal Meetings may be offered and/or required on some solicitations. Notice of a Pre-Bid or Pre-Proposal Meeting will be stated on the Notice Page of the solicitation. The meeting will occur on the date and time specified in the Notice Page.

Registration to attend a Pre-Bid or Pre-Proposal Meeting is not required; however, it is recommended. To register for a Pre-Bid or Pre-Proposal Meeting, call the Procurement Office at (734) 247-7900.

To learn the status of a solicitation, contact the Procurement Department at (734) 247-7900.

Unless otherwise stated on the Notice Page, all formal bids and proposals are opened publicly on the date and time specified on the Notice Page. This public opening will usually occur in the Michael Berry Administration Building located at 11050 Rogell Drive, Bldg. #602 Detroit, Michigan 48242.

A designated Procurement representative will preside over bid and proposal openings. Other representatives of the Airport Authority may also be in attendance. The designated Procurement representative shall read total bid price, as well as any other information deemed pertinent. Formal proposals are publicly acknowledged. A cordial invitation is extended to bidders, proposers, sales staff, the press and the interested public to be present at the bid opening. No decisions of award or rejections are made during the bid opening. No discussions relating to the bids are entered into during the opening.

The Wayne County Airport Authority reserves the right to reject any or all bids or proposals.

Notification of contract award is posted on the MITN website at Copies of formal bid tabulations are also available upon request to any vendor after the award has been made. However, bid results will not be given out over the telephone. Bids and proposals are public information and therefore may be inspected under the Freedom of Information Act after the award has been made by scheduling an appointment and visiting the Procurement Office.

All formal bids and proposals are evaluated by the Director of Procurement or the designated Procurement representative, as well as the Requesting Department (end user). For bids, the award is made to the lowest responsive (conforms in all material respects) and responsible (has the capability to perform and the integrity and reliability which will assure good faith performance) bidder. For proposals, the award is made to the proposer whose proposal is deemed most advantageous to the Airport Authority based upon the evaluation criteria. After the award has been made, the Procurement Department will issue a purchase order to the successful bidder/proposer.

All shipments to the Wayne County Airport Authority must be made to the locations designated on the purchase order. Deliveries may be required to different Departments in various locations.

All purchases are made F.O.B. Destination, unless otherwise specified. The Airport Authority's title to goods occurs upon satisfactory delivery and acceptance at the delivery point shown on the purchase order.

The purchase order number must appear on the shipping or delivery ticket, as well as on the invoice. Failure to meet specified delivery schedules may result in cancellation of the order.

A delivery normally must be made in the exact quantity called for on the purchase order. Partial deliveries, however, are required and/or accepted in some instances. The Airport Authority will make payment on partial deliveries when (1) a contract for the supply of goods, commodities, or contractual services extends over a period of months; and (2) authorization for payment is made by the receiving Department. In the case of any partial delivery, the shipping ticket and invoices must indicate the actual quantity being delivered and not the total quantity ordered by the Airport Authority.

In order to receive payment for goods or services furnished to the Wayne County Airport Authority, the vendor is required to submit an invoice to:

The Wayne County Airport Authority
Airport Finance Accounts Payable

Michael Berry Administration Building
11050 Rogell Drive, Bldg. #602
Detroit, MI 48242-5004

Invoices should not be sent to the Requesting Department (end user) or to Purchasing. Submitting the invoice anywhere other than to the Finance Department may delay payment. Invoices must show:

  1. Purchase order number;
  2. Complete descriptions of the goods or services furnished;
  3. Quantity;
  4. Unit prices and extensions;
  5. The discount terms;
  6. Name of Department to which shipment was made.
  7. The vendor's invoice number.

Once the vendor submits a valid invoice (see question above) to the Wayne County Airport Authority Finance Accounts Payable Department, the invoice is matched with the Airport Authority's receiving report and a copy of the purchase order. The Airport Authority’s Finance Department then issues a check for the amount due to the vendor. Correct invoices are usually paid within 14 days of receipt.

Vendors experiencing problems with their contract should contact the Procurement Office at (734) 247-7900.