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Employee Parking

Employee parking is available to government, airline, tenant and concession employees. Parking is a privilege for employees while actively working in the terminals and is to be used for business purposes only. All vehicles are subject to search and tow.

Access into the lots require a DTW ID Badge or other Airport-issued access media. Only Authorized Signers can request parking. The initial request can be made on the Badge Application. Any changes after the initial application process will require the submission of an Employee Parking Change Request. Parking is requested on an individual basis and can be denied by the company or Credentials Office. The company is charged a fee associated with each employee’s parking privilege.

If you cannot gain access to employee lots by utilizing your ID Badge, do not piggyback. Call the number on the back of the badge for assistance. Do not walk into the lot without prior authorization from Airport Security.

The North Employee Parking Lot is for employees that work at the Evans Terminal and is located on the West Service Drive off the Goddard Road Extension near Vining. 

The South Employee Parking Lot is for employees that work at the McNamara Terminal or the Westin Hotel and is located off Eureka Road between Middlebelt Road and Wayne Road.