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Wayne County Airport Authority was established under State of Michigan Senate Bill 690, which was signed into law on March 26, 2002, and became effective April 24, 2002. The Authority is responsible for the management and operation of Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport and Willow Run Airport - including the power to plan, promote, extend, maintain, acquire, purchase, construct, improve, repair, enlarge, and operate both Airports.

The Authority is managed by an independent, seven-member Board of Directors. Four members are appointed by the Wayne County Executive; two members are appointed by the Governor; and one member is appointed by the Wayne County Commission. Terms of the appointments range from two to eight years.

The Authority has established guidelines for competitive bidding of contracts, including provisions to ensure maximum participation of disadvantaged businesses, minority businesses and other targeted business enterprises.

The Authority has developed ethical standards that preclude transactions that would create conflicts of interest involving Board members and employees. The Authority also includes an Audit Committee, which can order audits of any and all Airport activities.