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Baggage Drop Off

Some airlines offer curbside check-in and baggage drop off.  Please check with your airline for baggage services available to you.

Baggage Claim

Upon exiting the aircraft, follow overhead signage to your terminal’s baggage claim area. You can find your baggage claim carousel by confirming flight information located on the electronic Flight Information Displays throughout the baggage claim area.

Special/Oversized Baggage

If you checked oversized or special baggage, you'll find it waiting for you at your Terminal's Baggage Claim Area. For passengers arriving at the McNamara Terminal, the oversized Baggage Claim Area is located behind Carousel 3. Evans Terminal passengers will find oversized baggage in the center of the Baggage Claim Area, next to the elevators.

Baggage Assistance

SkyCap assistance is provided by some airlines to help arriving and departing passengers transport their luggage. Baggage carts are also available for rent in various areas pre-security including the Ground Transportation Centers.

Report Lost Baggage

If a checked bag does not appear on the carousel assigned to your flight, or if you left something on-board the aircraft, contact your airline.

Learn more about lost items.