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Traveling with Children

Play Area Locations

McNamara Play Area

At the McNamara Terminal, you will find children's play areas located near gates B20 and C4. 

At the Evans Terminal, the children's play area can be found near gate D16.

Unaccompanied Minors

Arrangements for children traveling without an adult should be made through the appropriate airline. If you need to pick up an arriving unaccompanied minor, please see the airline ticket agent at the ticket counter for further instructions.

Learn more about unaccompanied minors

Family Restrooms

Family restrooms can be found throughout the terminals and are equipped with a toilet, bench, baby changing table and a diaper dispenser.

Family Restroom Locations

McNamara Terminal

  • Concourse A, near Gates A8, A12, A20, A28, A34, A46, A60, A68, A72
  • Concourse B, near Gates B3, B15
  • Concourse C, near Gates C7, C16
  • Central Link

Evans Terminal

  • Concourse D, near Gates D8, D10, D16, D23, D26
  • Ticket Lobby near each Passenger Screening location
  • Baggage Claim