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Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program is for anyone with a physical, mental or neurological disability which may not be immediately obvious. Passengers with a hidden disability, who are traveling through Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW), may choose to discreetly identify themselves by displaying a Sunflower lanyard or wristband. The Sunflower symbol alerts airport workers that special attention or additional assistance may be needed.

The Sunflower program is not intended to replace existing procedures or programs. Displaying the symbol does not permit travelers to move ahead of others in lines. Customers must still notify their airline if they need a wheelchair or other accommodations while traveling. Also, travelers may always request assistance through screening checkpoints by speaking with a TSA officer upon arrival at the airport or by calling the TSA Cares helpline (855-787-2227) prior to their trip.

DTW customers interested in obtaining a Sunflower lanyard or wristband may contact the Airport Authority by emailing Community Outreach Programs Manager Matt Virost to arrange for delivery or pick-up during business hours. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program is recognized in more than 160 airports worldwide, including over 50 in the United States.

A green wristband with sunflowers


The Sunflower wristband is made from silicone.

A green lanyard with sunflowers


The Sunflower lanyard has a safety break at the back of the neck.