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DTW Airport ID Badges


Appointments are required for MOST badge-related functions. Walk-ins are still accepted for the following transactions ONLY:

  • Badge Separation drop-off
  • Badge reprints (damaged or inoperable badges)
  • Adding Customs Seal or Escort Authority icon to badge
  • AOA Vehicle Permit pick-up
  • Badge color change
  • Name change (legal, personal name change)
  • Found lost badge

ALL other badge-related matters require an appointment. Use the link below to schedule an appointment at the DTW Security Credentials Badging Office:

**Make only ONE appointment for your Badging-related matter. Multiple appointments are subject to cancellation.**

Airport Security

Airport Security is responsible for the issuance of Airport Identification Badges to employees, assigning and maintaining access to security sensitive areas of the Airport, issuing vehicle permits and validating vehicle insurance requirements. The Security Credentials Office verifies that badge applicants have undergone and cleared the required security background checks and ensures that badge holders understand the security rules and procedures related to the possession and use of an Airport ID Badge. The Airport Credentials Office is located at Building 610, The Public Safety Headquarters Building, at the end of the East Service Drive. Parking when conducting business at the Credentials Office is available across the street in the designated Visitor Parking area.

Badge Application

Individuals who require unescorted access to Security Sensitive Areas of the Airport must possess a DTW-issued photo ID badge. Badge issuance is limited to those individuals who have cleared all of the background checks and have a frequent and recurring need for access.

Airport ID Badge applicants are required to complete a Badge Application. The application must be filled out completely, properly signed, correctly dated, and submitted to the Credentials Office for processing. Application will be reviewed by the Credentials Office for accuracy. Only the original copy of a completed Badge Application will be accepted. 

Airlines, tenants and vendors are charged a processing fee for each application processed. Billing invoices are generated monthly and mailed to each company. Contractor requirements differ.


All badge applicants must present two (2) valid forms of identification or documentation when applying for or renewing an Airport ID Badge. At least one ID must be issued by a Government Authority and at least one must include a photo. The documentation must be able to verify the applicant’s identity as well as employment eligibility. 

Background Checks

Individuals applying for or renewing an Airport ID Badge must undergo several background checks which include but are not limited to;

  • FBI fingerprint-based criminal history records check (CHRC)
  • Security Threat Assessment (STA)
  • Wants and Warrants Check

All background checks must come back cleared before issuance of the Airport Photo ID Badge. Allow 2–5 days for background results to be returned. In some cases, it may take up to 14 days.

The Airport will suspend the unescorted access privileges of any individual with an outstanding arrest warrant.

The Airport will deny issuance of an Airport ID Badge to any employee who is currently being charged with, or has been convicted of, one of the TSA disqualifying crimes within the last ten (10) years or any other condition(s) that threatens the safety and security of the public or the Airport. 

A copy of the CHRC is made available to the employee upon request and payment of request fee.

Security Training

Badge applicants must be able to comprehend the Airport’s security rules and procedures and possess the ability to perform the responsibilities associated with unescorted access privileges. Training is conducted at the Credentials Office, Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Employees will undergo a self-paced interactive computerized security training program.

Applicants must have their background cleared before attending the required computer-based training. The training certifies that applicant’s understanding of the information presented. If an applicant fails training, they are permitted to retake the training as soon as the next business day. A request to retake the training must be made in writing, by an Authorized Signer, and will be approved on a case-by-case basis. Questions regarding this request or any other special arrangements must be directed to Security.

Depending on your employment requirements, you may need to attend some, or all of the following training courses. Please note that all completion times listed are approximate and may vary with each individual.

  • Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) – 1 hour
  • Ramp Training – 30 mins
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – 15 mins
  • Insider Threat – 20 mins
  • Movement Area – 45 mins
  • Physical Vehicle Inspection – 15 mins
  • Authorized Signer – 25 mins


It is the responsibility of each individual to renew his/her Badge by the expiration. Airport ID Badges expire annually, at the end of the individual’s birth month, and can be renewed up to one month prior to expiration. Individuals are required to bring two (2) valid pieces of identification with them when they renew. One must be issued by a Government Authority and one must include a photo. Individuals will need documentation that proves both identity and employment eligibility. Badge renewal is not possible unless the proper documentation is presented. A Badge Renewal Form will need to be completed and can be filled out at the time of renewal.

All employees are required to take the 15-minute Security Training upon renewal. Contractors and vendors with the ramp icon must take the 30-minute Ramp Training. Authorized Signers will have an additional 25-minute Authorized Signer Training. Allow adequate time to complete all required training.

Failure to renew an Airport ID Badge prior to the expiration date will result in the deactivation of badge access. To reactivate/renew an expired badge (within 30 days of expiration), the following will be required: a badge application signed off by your company’s Authorized Signer, a late fee charged to the individual, a mandatory Security Training (approximately 1 hour).

The badge renewal processing fee for each badge renewed is billed to the company at the end of each month. Contractors must pay at the time of badge renewal.

Badge Replacement

Badges that have been lost or stolen must be reported immediately to Airport Security. This notification will allow Security to disable the lost or stolen Badge in the Security Card Access System so the Badge cannot be used to gain access.

Individuals may request a replacement badge by filling out a Badge Replacement Form, having it signed by the Authorized Signer for the company, and paying the associated fee.

Badge Return

Badges must be returned to Security when an individual no longer requires access to security sensitive areas. These reasons include resignation, termination, retirement, lay-off, strike, medical or maternity leave. Contractor Badges are valid only for the construction project for which they were issued.

Badges that are returned to a company upon a individual’s separation are to be attached to a Separation Form, then turned in to the Credentials Office.

In cases when an Airport ID Badge is not retrieved from the individual at the time of separation, the Credentials Office must be notified immediately. Contact the Credentials Office at (734) 942-3606 during normal hours or the 24/7 Airport Response Center (ARC) at (734) 942-5304.

Failure to notify the Credentials Office about an unaccounted-for Airport ID Badge is a violation of the Airport Security Program and may result in administration penalty. A Failure to Return Fee will be charged if the Airport ID Badge is not returned to the Credentials Office within 90 days of the separation/deactivation date and is nonrefundable.