The Airport Credentials Office is responsible for the issuance of Airport Identification Badges to employees, assigning and maintaining access to security sensitive areas of the Airport, issuing vehicle permits and validating vehicle insurance requirements.  The Credentials Office verifies that badge applicants have undergone and cleared the required security background checks and ensures that badge holders understand the security rules and procedures related to the possession and use of an Airport ID Badge.
Air carriers and tenants who hold a lease/contract with the Airport are considered participants with the Wayne County Airport Authority and do not require a sponsorship for badge issuance.  Participants who contract with other companies to perform a service which requires unescorted access to a security sensitive area may be permitted, under the authority/sponsorship of an Airline or Tenant or Government Agency, to obtain an Airport Photo ID Badge.  Companies that do not have a direct contractual relationship with the Airport, but still require access to the Airport must be sponsored by an Airline, Tenant, or Participant of the Airport Authority. The Sponsor must identify the “business need” of why an individual needs unescorted access to a security sensitive area of the Airport.
Government agencies that have jurisdiction at the Airport are not required to have a sponsor.

Guidelines for Sponsorship – The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to be approved for ID Badge issuance:

1. Sponsorship Letter - The company must submit a Sponsorship Letter from all companies you are servicing or working for and the letter(s) should contain:

  • The type of service or operation that the company is providing
  • Length of the contract or service
  • List of areas, doors, and gates that you will require access to
  • Contact name and phone number of the individual(s) who oversee the company contract or service. 

2. Letter of Introduction – You must submit a formal Letter of Introduction containing the nature of work you are providing at the Airport, the companies you are working for and contact information for your company (address, email, phone, etc.)

3. Insurance – You must provide a valid insurance certificate (Accord Form) indicating an insurance policy with a minimum of $5 million in liability coverage if your employees will require access to drive unescorted on the Airfield. (Click on “Vehicle Permits”  for further information)

In light of increased security, all Airport Badging / Access Control policies and Procedures are under continuous review, and subject to revision. Please continue to visit this site for updated policies and procedures.