Security Fees

Badge Processing: $50

Badge issuance fee for a 1st time applicant.

Badge Renewal Fee: $25

Badge renewal is required yearly, prior to expiration along with a short security refresher training.

Renewal Late Fee: $25

Failure to renew your ID Badge prior to its expiration will result in the assessment of a $25 late fee (in addition to the normal Badge renewal fee) and the requirement to undergo recurrent security training. Payment of the fee and completion of the training must be fulfilled prior to re-issuance of the Badge.

Badge Reprinting Fee: $5

This fee will be charged when an individual fails to renew the Custom’s hologram prior to badge renewal. Fee will also be charged for new picture requests and damaged badges deemed intentional by management.

Badge Replacement: $100, 200 & $300 

Badge replacement fees are progressive, based on number of badges lost. $20 of the fee covers the processing, the remainder is a deposit, refundable upon return of the badge.

1st Replacement - $100 ($20 processing fee, $80 deposit)
2nd Replacement - $200 ($20 processing fee, $180 deposit)
3rd Replacement - $300 - issuance is at the discretion of the Airport ($20 processing fee, $280 deposit)

Contractor Badge Deposit / Replacement: $300 

Contractor Badges require a $300 deposit (refundable). Photo ID Badges have a $50 initial processing fee(non-refundable) and non-photo have a $20 processing fee (non-refundable) for each Badge. Deposits are refundable upon return of the Badge within 6 months of completion of the construction project or upon deactivation of the Badge.

Failure to Return Badge: $100

This fee will be charged when an individual fails to return their ID Badge to the Airport within 90 days of separation.

Failure to Notify: $100

This fee will be charged for failing to notify Airport Security when an individual no longer requires access. This will occur for any badge that has been deactivated because it expired and the individual failed to renew the badge within 30 days.  

Employee Parking

Parking in the South Employee Lot (SEL) or North Employee Lot (NEL) is $45.00 per employee per month.