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Open Enrollment

Health/Dental Insurance

What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is the time of year you can make changes to certain benefits for the next plan year. During Open Enrollment, you have the opportunity to review your current coverage, evaluate your health plan options and make any necessary changes. During the enrollment period, you can enroll in, change or cancel selections for yourself and your dependents for medical and dental.

What choices are available?

You may choose from the following selections or opt-out of WCAA group insurance (if eligible):

  • Medical – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan–PPO, or Health Alliance Plan (HAP)
  • Dental – Golden Dental Plans (DMO) or Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental (Traditional)

What are the effective dates for health/dental?

  • Medical changes/selections chosen during enrollment take effect January 1st.
  • Dental plan changes/selections chosen during enrollment take effect January 1st.

What is cost sharing?

Cost Sharing is a requirement for those participating in WCAA health care. It is the portion due of the monthly amount applicable for providing medical benefits for you and your family. Monthly premiums vary by the number of people eligible for coverage on your health plan.

When do rates change?  

For health and dental, new rates are effective Jan 1st. For those receiving a pension, your cost sharing will be deducted from Feb 1st check, as pension checks cover the prior period. Other retirees receive an invoice from WCAA Accounts Receivable department monthly.


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