Picking Up

If you are headed to Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) to pick-up an arriving customer, be sure to get the traveler’s:

 -     Airline name

 -     Flight number

 -     City from which they will arrive in Detroit (especially important for customers making stops en route)

Visit the Airlines page to confirm the terminal location for your traveler’s airline, and keep-up with their latest flight status.

Since only ticketed passengers are permitted beyond TSA passenger screening checkpoints, and since motorists may not leave their vehicles unattended at the curb, coordinate a meeting place beforehand with your ride and/or arriving party.

Remember, motorists are not allowed to idle at terminal curbs or along airport roadways. Also, unattended vehicles at the curb—even if left for just a moment—are strictly prohibited and will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

Short Term Parking

Short term parking for customers who are picking-up arriving passengers is conveniently located inside the garages attached to each terminal.

Cell Phone Lots

If you arrive at the airport with time to spare but would rather not park and wait inside the terminal, take advantage of the airport’s cell phone waiting lots. These free lots, located at each end of the airport, provide a convenient place close to the terminals for motorists to idle while waiting for their party to arrive. Arriving passengers can contact their ride from their cell phone after they have claimed their bags and are ready for pick-up at the terminal curb.

International Arrivals

If you are picking-up a traveler arriving on an international flight, please note that it may take up to one hour from the time a flight arrives until the first passengers have cleared U.S. Customs & Border Protection inspection. View more information regarding international arrivals