Airlines & Terminals

DTW International Airport has two terminals: McNamara and North. Delta and its SkyTeam partners Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Alitalia operate from McNamara Terminal, while all other airlines operate from the North Terminal. Visit the Airlines section for a list of DTW airline terminal locations and contact information.

When you arrive at DTW, follow the signs toward the terminal/baggage claim. If you wish to grab a bite to eat or browse one of DTW’s many shops before leaving the airport, we recommend stopping PRIOR to leaving the TSA-screened area as food and shopping options are limited outside of security.

If you have baggage to collect, take the elevator/escalator down one level to Baggage Claim. At the bottom of the escalators, check overhead monitors to find the Baggage Carousel for your flight. All baggage carousels at DTW are shared among airlines, so be sure to look for your arriving flight (listed in alphabetical order by the city you last departed).