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* Flight information provided for future 8 hour period.
174 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberTOScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Air Canada7276Toronto7:00 AM7:10 AMScheduled 
AirTran506Atlanta6:12 AM6:12 AMScheduledD16
AirTran494Atlanta12:02 PM12:02 PMScheduledD20
American Airlines1187Miami6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD32
American Airlines1241Dallas6:35 AM6:35 AMScheduledD28
American Airlines4271Chicago - ORD6:50 AM6:50 AMScheduledD30
American Airlines2405Dallas8:05 AM8:05 AMScheduledD28
American Airlines2810New York - LGA9:10 AM9:10 AMScheduledD30
American Airlines3353Chicago - ORD10:30 AM10:30 AMScheduledD32
American Airlines4284Chicago - ORD11:55 AM11:55 AMScheduledD32
American Airlines3478New York - LGA12:25 PM12:25 PMScheduledD30
American Airlines3757Chicago - ORD1:20 PM1:20 PMScheduledD32
Delta Air Lines2283Atlanta6:30 AM6:40 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1451Orlando7:10 AM7:13 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1892Tampa7:25 AM7:32 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1604Fort Lauderdale7:25 AM7:28 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1829Miami7:31 AM7:35 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines853Fort Myers8:15 AM8:18 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2128Orlando8:20 AM8:23 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1209Indianapolis8:25 AM8:30 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines745San Francisco8:34 AM8:40 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2167Salt Lake City8:35 AM8:40 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1893Atlanta8:35 AM8:39 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3429Buffalo8:35 AM8:42 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5583Raleigh/Durham8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4016Cincinnati8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3473Montreal8:35 AM8:40 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5756Philadelphia8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4095Elmira8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1459Las Vegas8:36 AM8:39 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines23West Palm Beach8:40 AM8:44 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1238Washington - DCA8:40 AM8:50 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3526Providence8:40 AM8:50 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1135Hartford8:41 AM8:48 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5012San Antonio8:42 AM8:47 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3286Austin8:45 AM8:51 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5777Monterrey8:45 AM8:52 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2423Seattle8:45 AM8:49 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6121Columbus8:45 AM8:50 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines711Cancun8:45 AM8:47 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3575Norfolk8:45 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5982Myrtle Beach8:45 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6339Washington - IAD8:46 AM8:50 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1748New York - LGA8:47 AM8:49 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1706Los Angeles8:49 AM8:54 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1511Denver8:50 AM8:53 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1437Baltimore8:50 AM8:53 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3662Albany8:50 AM8:57 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3990Grand Rapids8:50 AM8:59 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines7320Chicago - ORD8:50 AM9:00 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4476South Bend8:51 AM9:01 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1959Tampa8:55 AM8:58 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4027Ottawa9:00 AM9:03 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6167Charleston9:00 AM9:07 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2076Fort Lauderdale9:15 AM9:20 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines48Minneapolis10:00 AM10:04 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1175Atlanta10:00 AM10:04 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2523Boston10:05 AM10:08 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines557Mexico City10:15 AM10:18 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2028Orlando11:00 AM11:02 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3365Sault Ste. Marie11:46 AM11:48 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5747Chicago - MDW11:55 AM12:05 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5342Grand Rapids11:59 AM12:04 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2092Fort Lauderdale11:59 AM12:09 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6342Dayton11:59 AM12:07 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3744Toronto12:00 PM12:10 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3819State College12:00 PM12:04 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1598Milwaukee12:00 PM12:05 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1948New York - LGA12:00 PM12:04 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5032Green Bay12:00 PM12:10 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5252San Antonio12:00 PM12:10 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1082Atlanta12:00 PM12:10 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2317Las Vegas12:01 PM12:03 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2177Fort Myers12:04 PM12:06 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines583Shanghai12:04 PM12:04 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2229Miami12:05 PM12:11 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3983Appleton12:05 PM12:12 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3771Akron12:05 PM12:11 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6032Columbus12:05 PM12:15 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4091South Bend12:05 PM12:15 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3801Saginaw12:06 PM12:16 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3454Jacksonville12:06 PM12:11 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1183Madison12:08 PM12:18 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1117Newark12:10 PM12:20 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5971Nashville12:10 PM12:20 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4675Lansing12:10 PM12:17 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1204Philadelphia12:10 PM12:18 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3712Des Moines12:11 PM12:16 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2581Boston12:11 PM12:13 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1220Houston12:12 PM12:22 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1621Tampa12:13 PM12:16 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4020Kalamazoo12:13 PM12:16 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5064Savannah12:15 PM12:23 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3615Washington - IAD12:15 PM12:25 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3450Rochester12:15 PM12:20 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3702Westchester County12:15 PM12:20 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1409Dallas12:15 PM12:20 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1636Baltimore12:15 PM12:18 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2335Salt Lake City12:15 PM12:18 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1905Orlando12:15 PM12:19 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4485Kansas City12:15 PM12:25 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5041Saint Louis12:17 PM12:20 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3731Albany12:17 PM12:22 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5099Burlington12:20 PM12:28 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6125Traverse City12:20 PM12:25 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1719Los Angeles12:20 PM12:22 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1282Raleigh/Durham12:21 PM12:28 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4146Cincinnati12:23 PM12:28 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4483Chicago - ORD12:23 PM12:33 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5461Elmira12:25 PM12:30 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3991Indianapolis12:25 PM12:34 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3643Syracuse12:25 PM12:28 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3796Cedar Rapids12:26 PM12:31 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5335Birmingham12:26 PM12:36 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3792Moline12:26 PM12:29 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5180Huntsville12:30 PM12:33 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1476Minneapolis12:30 PM12:32 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6090Norfolk12:30 PM12:32 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5058Evansville12:30 PM12:40 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4132Lexington12:30 PM12:34 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6171Charleston12:30 PM12:35 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3935Montreal12:30 PM12:34 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6242New York - JFK12:30 PM12:40 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3605Omaha12:30 PM12:40 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4106Middletown12:35 PM12:45 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2244Washington - DCA12:35 PM12:39 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1094Providence12:36 PM12:39 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4119Cleveland12:36 PM12:42 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5560Charlotte12:37 PM12:47 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6083Manchester12:40 PM12:43 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6274Pittsburgh12:40 PM12:47 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1645Denver12:40 PM12:43 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5059Portland12:41 PM12:46 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6134Richmond12:43 PM12:53 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines189Beijing12:52 PM12:54 PMScheduled 
JetBlue Airways2036Boston10:25 AM10:25 AMScheduledD15
Southwest Airlines1858Denver6:45 AM6:45 AMScheduledD21
Southwest Airlines546Nashville7:00 AM7:00 AMScheduledD20
Southwest Airlines4357Las Vegas7:25 AM7:25 AMScheduledD23
Southwest Airlines343Chicago - MDW7:30 AM7:30 AMScheduledD19
Southwest Airlines2616Baltimore8:00 AM8:00 AMScheduledD21
Southwest Airlines1535Saint Louis9:00 AM9:00 AMScheduledD23
Southwest Airlines694Chicago - MDW10:35 AM10:35 AMScheduledD23
Southwest Airlines2689Baltimore11:35 AM11:35 AMScheduledD23
Spirit Airlines316New York - LGA6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD11
Spirit Airlines851Myrtle Beach6:05 AM6:05 AMScheduledD5
Spirit Airlines111Las Vegas6:20 AM6:20 AMScheduled 
Spirit Airlines417Fort Lauderdale7:00 AM7:00 AMScheduledD14
Spirit Airlines939Houston7:30 AM7:30 AMScheduledD11
Spirit Airlines801Orlando7:55 AM7:55 AMScheduledD12
Spirit Airlines313Dallas8:50 AM8:50 AMScheduledD14
Spirit Airlines605Fort Myers9:50 AM9:50 AMScheduledD11
Spirit Airlines639Tampa10:53 AM10:53 AMScheduledD12
Spirit Airlines511Las Vegas11:17 AM11:17 AMScheduledD11
Spirit Airlines285Cancun12:40 PM12:40 PMScheduledD12
United Airlines3839Chicago - ORD6:45 AM6:45 AMScheduledD2
United Airlines3475Chicago - ORD8:00 AM8:00 AMScheduledD6
United Airlines463Houston8:20 AM8:20 AMScheduledD8
United Airlines3711Denver8:49 AM8:49 AMScheduledD4
United Airlines3667Chicago - ORD9:49 AM9:49 AMScheduledD6
United Airlines5686Washington - IAD10:03 AM10:03 AMScheduledD1
United Airlines4297Newark10:17 AM10:17 AMScheduledD2
United Airlines4383Houston11:30 AM11:30 AMScheduledD6
US Airways4710Charlotte5:00 AM5:00 AMScheduledD26
US Airways3760Washington - DCA6:10 AM6:10 AMScheduledD24
US Airways2015Charlotte6:40 AM6:40 AMScheduledD18
US Airways824Philadelphia7:10 AM7:10 AMScheduledD25
US Airways570Phoenix7:30 AM7:30 AMScheduledD26
US Airways1983Charlotte8:20 AM8:20 AMScheduledD24
US Airways2786Charlotte10:16 AM10:16 AMScheduledD26
US Airways597Phoenix11:20 AM11:20 AMScheduledD18
US Airways1827Philadelphia11:25 AM11:25 AMScheduledD25
US Airways4581Charlotte11:54 AM11:54 AMScheduledD26
US Airways3343Washington - DCA12:20 PM12:20 PMScheduledD24

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