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* Flight information provided for future 8 hour period.
114 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberTOScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Aer Lingus6071Chicago - ORD1:45 PM1:39 PMLandedD1
Aeromexico5467Atlanta1:47 PM1:48 PMActiveA4
Aeromexico4029Buffalo1:51 PM1:40 PMLandedA67
Aeromexico627Monterrey2:35 PM3:02 PMActive 
Aeromexico5665Atlanta2:50 PM2:49 PMActiveA36
AeroMexico Connect627Monterrey2:35 PM3:02 PMActive 
Air Canada4455Chicago - ORD1:45 PM1:39 PMLandedD1
Air France8925Atlanta1:47 PM1:48 PMActiveA4
Air New Zealand6570Houston2:51 PM2:48 PMActiveD6
Air Wisconsin4201Philadelphia1:10 PM1:07 PMLandedD30
Alitalia3503Atlanta2:50 PM2:49 PMActiveA36
American Airlines4201Philadelphia1:10 PM1:07 PMLandedD30
ANA7349Chicago - ORD1:45 PM1:39 PMLandedD1
Austrian7722Chicago - ORD1:45 PM1:39 PMLandedD1
Brussels Airlines9059Dulles2:45 PM2:43 PMActiveD4
Delta Air Lines2231New York - LGA1:45 PM2:11 PMActiveA2
Delta Air Lines4527Columbus1:45 PM1:42 PMLandedB8
Delta Air Lines3541Cincinnati1:45 PM1:43 PMLandedB5
Delta Air Lines4605Houston1:45 PM1:45 PMActiveA57
Delta Air Lines7406Pellston1:45 PM1:41 PMLandedB6
Delta Air Lines3560Madison1:46 PM1:41 PMLandedC6
Delta Air Lines6228Elmira1:47 PM1:53 PMLandedA53
Delta Air Lines1372Atlanta1:47 PM1:48 PMActiveA4
Delta Air Lines5557Greenville1:48 PM2:56 PMActiveA51
Delta Air Lines866Boston1:49 PM1:48 PMActiveA8
Delta Air Lines7410Sault Ste. Marie1:50 PM1:48 PMLandedB2
Delta Air Lines4113Lexington1:50 PM1:45 PMLandedC1
Delta Air Lines6240Buffalo1:51 PM1:40 PMLandedA67
Delta Air Lines865Hartford1:51 PM1:48 PMActiveA21
Delta Air Lines2138Grand Rapids1:55 PM1:50 PMLandedA19
Delta Air Lines3640Indianapolis1:55 PM1:51 PMLandedA23
Delta Air Lines1476Minneapolis1:58 PM1:54 PMActiveA70
Delta Air Lines3302Newark1:59 PM2:04 PMActiveA31
Delta Air Lines621Philadelphia2:00 PM1:54 PMActiveA3
Delta Air Lines3469Burlington2:00 PM1:57 PMActiveC9
Delta Air Lines4833Memphis2:05 PM2:00 PMActiveA63
Delta Air Lines4269Birmingham2:10 PM2:19 PMActiveA69
Delta Air Lines4951Cleveland2:10 PM2:06 PMLandedB7
Delta Air Lines1590Charlotte2:15 PM2:11 PMActiveA9
Delta Air Lines6199Manchester2:15 PM2:10 PMActiveA73
Delta Air Lines3923Pittsburgh2:15 PM2:09 PMLandedA33
Delta Air Lines3675Westchester County2:20 PM2:12 PMActiveC7
Delta Air Lines1191Providence2:34 PM2:25 PMActiveA47
Delta Air Lines1704Fort Lauderdale2:34 PM2:36 PMActiveA27
Delta Air Lines325Atlanta2:50 PM2:49 PMActiveA36
Endeavor Air4113Lexington1:50 PM1:45 PMLandedC1
Endeavor Air3640Indianapolis1:55 PM1:51 PMLandedA23
Endeavor Air3302Newark1:59 PM2:04 PMActiveA31
Endeavor Air3469Burlington2:00 PM1:57 PMActiveC9
Endeavor Air3923Pittsburgh2:15 PM2:09 PMLandedA33
Endeavor Air3675Westchester County2:20 PM2:12 PMActiveC7
ExpressJet5557Greenville1:48 PM2:56 PMActiveA51
Frontier Airlines1669Orlando1:25 PM1:20 PMActiveD16
GoJet Airlines6228Elmira1:47 PM1:53 PMLandedA53
GoJet Airlines6240Buffalo1:51 PM1:40 PMLandedA67
GoJet Airlines4269Birmingham2:10 PM2:19 PMActiveA69
GoJet Airlines6199Manchester2:15 PM2:10 PMActiveA73
Jet Airways (India)8394Atlanta2:50 PM2:49 PMActiveA36
KLM5425Columbus1:45 PM1:42 PMLandedB8
KLM5662Houston1:45 PM1:45 PMActiveA57
KLM6865Madison1:46 PM1:41 PMLandedC6
KLM7312Elmira1:47 PM1:53 PMLandedA53
KLM7662Greenville1:48 PM2:56 PMActiveA51
KLM5863Buffalo1:51 PM1:40 PMLandedA67
KLM5935Hartford1:51 PM1:48 PMActiveA21
KLM6262Indianapolis1:55 PM1:51 PMLandedA23
KLM6240Minneapolis1:58 PM1:54 PMActiveA70
KLM5650Burlington2:00 PM1:57 PMActiveC9
KLM7680Memphis2:05 PM2:00 PMActiveA63
KLM5498Birmingham2:10 PM2:19 PMActiveA69
KLM6866Cleveland2:10 PM2:06 PMLandedB7
KLM6712Manchester2:15 PM2:10 PMActiveA73
KLM5597Pittsburgh2:15 PM2:09 PMLandedA33
KLM5096Charlotte2:15 PM2:11 PMActiveA9
KLM5524Providence2:34 PM2:25 PMActiveA47
KLM7616Atlanta2:50 PM2:49 PMActiveA36
Lufthansa7473Chicago - ORD1:45 PM1:39 PMLandedD1
Mesa Airlines6058Dulles2:45 PM2:43 PMActiveD4
Mesa Airlines6279Houston2:51 PM2:48 PMActiveD6
Republic Airlines3547Newark2:15 PM2:11 PMActiveD2
SAS8830Chicago - ORD1:45 PM1:39 PMLandedD1
SAS3932Dulles2:45 PM2:43 PMActiveD4
SkyWest Airlines4605Houston1:45 PM1:45 PMActiveA57
SkyWest Airlines5401Chicago - ORD1:45 PM1:39 PMLandedD1
SkyWest Airlines3541Cincinnati1:45 PM1:43 PMLandedB5
SkyWest Airlines4527Columbus1:45 PM1:42 PMLandedB8
SkyWest Airlines7406Pellston1:45 PM1:41 PMLandedB6
SkyWest Airlines3560Madison1:46 PM1:41 PMLandedC6
SkyWest Airlines7410Sault Ste. Marie1:50 PM1:48 PMLandedB2
SkyWest Airlines4833Memphis2:05 PM2:00 PMActiveA63
SkyWest Airlines4951Cleveland2:10 PM2:06 PMLandedB7
South African Airways7471Dulles2:45 PM2:43 PMActiveD4
Southwest Airlines4944Atlanta2:50 PM2:47 PMActiveD21
Spirit Airlines1009Philadelphia2:20 PM2:11 PMActiveD15
TAP Portugal8573Newark2:15 PM2:11 PMActiveD2
United Airlines5401Chicago - ORD1:45 PM1:39 PMLandedD1
United Airlines3547Newark2:15 PM2:11 PMActiveD2
United Airlines6058Dulles2:45 PM2:43 PMActiveD4
United Airlines6279Houston2:51 PM2:48 PMActiveD6
Virgin Atlantic5761Atlanta1:47 PM1:48 PMActiveA4
Virgin Atlantic3112Boston1:49 PM1:48 PMActiveA8
Virgin Atlantic4430Newark1:59 PM2:04 PMActiveA31
Virgin Atlantic2744Philadelphia2:00 PM1:54 PMActiveA3
Virgin Atlantic5739Pittsburgh2:15 PM2:09 PMLandedA33
Virgin Atlantic5481Fort Lauderdale2:34 PM2:36 PMActiveA27
Virgin Atlantic3128Providence2:34 PM2:25 PMActiveA47
Virgin Atlantic5801Atlanta2:50 PM2:49 PMActiveA36
Virgin Australia6660New York - LGA1:45 PM2:11 PMActiveA2
WestJet7092Columbus1:45 PM1:42 PMLandedB8
WestJet7124Houston1:45 PM1:45 PMActiveA57
WestJet7058Hartford1:51 PM1:48 PMActiveA21
WestJet7166Philadelphia2:00 PM1:54 PMActiveA3
WestJet7076Cleveland2:10 PM2:06 PMLandedB7
WestJet7174Pittsburgh2:15 PM2:09 PMLandedA33

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