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* Flight information provided for future 8 hour period.
15 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberTOScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Air Canada4695Chicago - ORD5:47 AM5:47 AMScheduledD5
Air France3587London10:29 PM10:34 PMActiveA50
AirTran2612Baltimore6:00 AM6:06 AMScheduled 
ANA7349Chicago - ORD5:47 AM5:47 AMScheduledD5
Copa Airlines1626Chicago - ORD5:47 AM5:47 AMScheduledD5
Copa Airlines8376Newark6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD2
Delta Air Lines56London10:29 PM10:34 PMActiveA50
ExpressJet4279Newark6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD2
KLM6156London10:29 PM10:34 PMActiveA50
SAS8754Chicago - ORD5:47 AM5:47 AMScheduledD5
Shuttle America3446Chicago - ORD5:47 AM5:47 AMScheduledD5
Southwest Airlines612Baltimore6:00 AM6:06 AMScheduled 
United Airlines3446Chicago - ORD5:47 AM5:47 AMScheduledD5
United Airlines4279Newark6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD2
Virgin Atlantic4016London10:29 PM10:34 PMActiveA50

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