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* Flight information provided for future 8 hour period.
45 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberTOScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Aer Lingus6076Chicago - ORD6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduled 
Aer Lingus5307Boston6:15 AM6:15 AMScheduledD15
Aeromexico5291Atlanta6:30 AM6:39 AMScheduled 
Air Canada3590Chicago - ORD6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduled 
AirTran2612Baltimore6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD23
AirTran4414Atlanta6:05 AM6:05 AMScheduledD21
Alaska Airlines4259Chicago - ORD7:00 AM7:00 AMScheduledD32
American Airlines2031Miami6:10 AM6:10 AMScheduledD18
American Airlines3601New York - LGA6:10 AM6:10 AMScheduledD30
American Airlines1483Dallas6:15 AM6:15 AMScheduledD28
American Airlines829Charlotte6:40 AM6:40 AMScheduledD24
American Airlines3571Chicago - ORD7:00 AM7:00 AMScheduledD32
British Airways6916Dallas6:15 AM6:15 AMScheduledD28
British Airways5530Chicago - ORD7:00 AM7:00 AMScheduledD32
Copa Airlines2579Houston5:50 AM5:50 AMScheduledD5
Copa Airlines8473Chicago - ORD6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduled 
Copa Airlines8376Newark6:05 AM6:05 AMScheduledD8
Delta Air Lines2283Atlanta6:30 AM6:39 AMScheduled 
Envoy Air3601New York - LGA6:10 AM6:10 AMScheduledD30
Envoy Air3571Chicago - ORD7:00 AM7:00 AMScheduledD32
ExpressJet6050Chicago - ORD6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet4279Newark6:05 AM6:05 AMScheduledD8
FedEx1611Indianapolis11:07 PM11:07 PMScheduled 
FedEx1932Newark11:07 PM11:07 PMScheduled 
FedEx1218Memphis11:17 PM11:17 PMScheduled 
Iberia4868Miami6:10 AM6:10 AMScheduledD18
JetBlue Airways1836Boston6:15 AM6:15 AMScheduledD15
Qantas4748Dallas6:15 AM6:15 AMScheduledD28
Qantas4886Chicago - ORD7:00 AM7:00 AMScheduledD32
SAS8830Chicago - ORD6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduled 
SkyWest Airlines6425Houston5:50 AM5:50 AMScheduledD5
Southwest Airlines612Baltimore6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD23
Southwest Airlines2414Atlanta6:05 AM6:05 AMScheduledD21
Southwest Airlines534Denver6:40 AM6:48 AMScheduled 
Southwest Airlines542Nashville6:55 AM6:58 AMScheduled 
Spirit Airlines316New York - LGA6:05 AM6:05 AMScheduledD11
Spirit Airlines417Fort Lauderdale6:20 AM6:29 AMScheduledD14
United Airlines6425Houston5:50 AM5:50 AMScheduledD5
United Airlines6050Chicago - ORD6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduled 
United Airlines4279Newark6:05 AM6:05 AMScheduledD8
US Airways2031Miami6:10 AM6:10 AMScheduledD18
US Airways8374New York - LGA6:10 AM6:10 AMScheduledD30
US Airways1483Dallas6:15 AM6:15 AMScheduledD28
US Airways829Charlotte6:40 AM6:40 AMScheduledD24
US Airways8381Chicago - ORD7:00 AM7:00 AMScheduledD32

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