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* Flight information provided for future 8 hour period.
151 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberTOScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Aeromexico5667Buffalo9:50 PM9:46 PMLandedA2
Air France377Paris9:40 PM9:34 PMActive 
Air France9465Buffalo9:50 PM9:46 PMLandedA2
Air France2688Nashville9:53 PM9:48 PMActiveA12
Air France2404Dayton9:54 PM9:52 PMLandedC8
Air France9082Cincinnati9:54 PM10:14 PMActiveC5
Air France7081Traverse City9:55 PM9:50 PMLandedA47
Air France5680Raleigh/Durham9:55 PM9:50 PMActiveA66
Air France2858Lexington9:59 PM9:54 PMLandedA55
Air France5668Baltimore10:00 PM9:55 PMActiveA9
Air France9048Rochester10:04 PM10:03 PMActiveC22
Air France2848Rochester10:04 PM10:03 PMActiveC22
Air France6812Green Bay10:05 PM9:58 PMLandedA57
Air France8630Lansing10:05 PM9:59 PMLandedA51
Air France2918Providence10:05 PM10:03 PMActiveA20
Air France8958Madison10:05 PM10:04 PMActiveA27
Air France3332Middletown10:06 PM10:00 PMActiveA29
Air France2886Appleton10:06 PM10:04 PMActiveA43
Air France9353State College10:12 PM10:09 PMActiveC23
Air France2864Akron10:14 PM10:11 PMActiveC11
Air France3665London10:19 PM10:33 PMActiveA30
Alitalia2633Paris9:40 PM9:34 PMActive 
Atlas Air192Cincinnati12:32 AM12:45 AMScheduled 
Compass Airlines5699Louisville9:51 PM9:45 PMLandedA77
Delta Air Lines3574New York - LGA9:20 PM9:50 PMCanceledB8
Delta Air Lines8573Paris9:40 PM9:34 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines138Amsterdam9:45 PM9:44 PMActiveA50
Delta Air Lines2449Washington - DCA9:50 PM9:50 PMActiveA17
Delta Air Lines895Newark9:50 PM9:47 PMActiveA7
Delta Air Lines7400Binghamton9:50 PM9:46 PMActiveC4
Delta Air Lines2655Buffalo9:50 PM9:46 PMLandedA2
Delta Air Lines5699Louisville9:51 PM9:45 PMLandedA77
Delta Air Lines1565Nashville9:53 PM9:48 PMActiveA12
Delta Air Lines3703Cincinnati9:54 PM10:14 PMActiveC5
Delta Air Lines4799Dayton9:54 PM9:52 PMLandedC8
Delta Air Lines2637Raleigh/Durham9:55 PM9:50 PMActiveA66
Delta Air Lines4702Saginaw9:55 PM10:03 PMLandedA61
Delta Air Lines244Boston9:55 PM9:53 PMActiveA72
Delta Air Lines1747Traverse City9:55 PM9:50 PMLandedA47
Delta Air Lines1822New York - LGA9:58 PM9:54 PMActiveA5
Delta Air Lines3665Lexington9:59 PM9:54 PMLandedA55
Delta Air Lines1569Grand Rapids9:59 PM9:58 PMLandedA74
Delta Air Lines4235Columbus9:59 PM11:20 PMScheduledA61
Delta Air Lines3861Kalamazoo10:00 PM9:55 PMLandedA53
Delta Air Lines2656Pittsburgh10:00 PM10:41 PMActiveA3
Delta Air Lines350Indianapolis10:00 PM9:52 PMLandedA31
Delta Air Lines100Chicago - ORD10:00 PM9:58 PMActiveA21
Delta Air Lines1436Baltimore10:00 PM9:55 PMActiveA9
Delta Air Lines3575Norfolk10:00 PM10:35 PMActiveB8
Delta Air Lines4525Milwaukee10:01 PM10:01 PMActiveA25
Delta Air Lines7413Marquette10:04 PM10:00 PMActiveC6
Delta Air Lines4162Rochester10:04 PM10:03 PMActiveC22
Delta Air Lines715Providence10:05 PM10:03 PMActiveA20
Delta Air Lines4145Lansing10:05 PM9:59 PMLandedA51
Delta Air Lines870Madison10:05 PM10:04 PMActiveA27
Delta Air Lines1699Green Bay10:05 PM9:58 PMLandedA57
Delta Air Lines3828Middletown10:06 PM10:00 PMActiveA29
Delta Air Lines3928Appleton10:06 PM10:04 PMActiveA43
Delta Air Lines1495Hartford10:07 PM10:04 PMActiveA19
Delta Air Lines2157Philadelphia10:10 PM10:11 PMActiveA4
Delta Air Lines7422Ithaca10:11 PM10:07 PMActiveC2
Delta Air Lines3695State College10:12 PM10:09 PMActiveC23
Delta Air Lines3908Akron10:14 PM10:11 PMActiveC11
Delta Air Lines18London10:19 PM10:33 PMActiveA30
Endeavor Air3574New York - LGA9:20 PM9:50 PMCanceledB8
Endeavor Air3703Cincinnati9:54 PM10:14 PMActiveC5
Endeavor Air3665Lexington9:59 PM9:54 PMLandedA55
Endeavor Air3861Kalamazoo10:00 PM9:55 PMLandedA53
Endeavor Air3575Norfolk10:00 PM10:35 PMActiveB8
Endeavor Air4162Rochester10:04 PM10:03 PMActiveC22
Endeavor Air4145Lansing10:05 PM9:59 PMLandedA51
Endeavor Air3828Middletown10:06 PM10:00 PMActiveA29
Endeavor Air3928Appleton10:06 PM10:04 PMActiveA43
Endeavor Air3695State College10:12 PM10:09 PMActiveC23
Endeavor Air3908Akron10:14 PM10:11 PMActiveC11
FedEx1611Indianapolis10:55 PM10:52 PMActive 
FedEx1932Newark10:55 PM10:49 PMActive 
FedEx1218Memphis11:05 PM11:17 PMScheduled 
KLM6048Amsterdam9:45 PM9:44 PMActiveA50
KLM5820Buffalo9:50 PM9:46 PMLandedA2
KLM6936Nashville9:53 PM9:48 PMActiveA12
KLM5450Dayton9:54 PM9:52 PMLandedC8
KLM5084Cincinnati9:54 PM10:14 PMActiveC5
KLM5190Raleigh/Durham9:55 PM9:50 PMActiveA66
KLM5514Traverse City9:55 PM9:50 PMLandedA47
KLM5509Lexington9:59 PM9:54 PMLandedA55
KLM5262Baltimore10:00 PM9:55 PMActiveA9
KLM5597Pittsburgh10:00 PM10:41 PMActiveA3
KLM5616Rochester10:04 PM10:03 PMActiveC22
KLM5732Lansing10:05 PM9:59 PMLandedA51
KLM5386Green Bay10:05 PM9:58 PMLandedA57
KLM5260Madison10:05 PM10:04 PMActiveA27
KLM5684Providence10:05 PM10:03 PMActiveA20
KLM5976Middletown10:06 PM10:00 PMActiveA29
KLM7766Appleton10:06 PM10:04 PMActiveA43
KLM5119Hartford10:07 PM10:04 PMActiveA19
KLM5912State College10:12 PM10:09 PMActiveC23
KLM5485Akron10:14 PM10:11 PMActiveC11
KLM6078London10:19 PM10:33 PMActiveA30
Shuttle America5667Indianapolis9:20 PM9:38 PMScheduledA75
Shuttle America4235Columbus9:59 PM11:20 PMScheduledA61
SkyWest Airlines7400Binghamton9:50 PM9:46 PMActiveC4
SkyWest Airlines4799Dayton9:54 PM9:52 PMLandedC8
SkyWest Airlines4702Saginaw9:55 PM10:03 PMLandedA61
SkyWest Airlines4525Milwaukee10:01 PM10:01 PMActiveA25
SkyWest Airlines7413Marquette10:04 PM10:00 PMActiveC6
SkyWest Airlines7422Ithaca10:11 PM10:07 PMActiveC2
TAROM9514Paris9:40 PM9:34 PMActive 
UPS1487Rockford10:15 PM10:03 PMActive 
UPS1481Louisville10:29 PM10:20 PMActive 
Virgin Atlantic4482Newark9:50 PM9:47 PMActiveA7
Virgin Atlantic2735Washington - DCA9:50 PM9:50 PMActiveA17
Virgin Atlantic5609Buffalo9:50 PM9:46 PMLandedA2
Virgin Atlantic5687Louisville9:51 PM9:45 PMLandedA77
Virgin Atlantic5689Nashville9:53 PM9:48 PMActiveA12
Virgin Atlantic5621Cincinnati9:54 PM10:14 PMActiveC5
Virgin Atlantic5625Dayton9:54 PM9:52 PMLandedC8
Virgin Atlantic2010Saginaw9:55 PM10:03 PMLandedA61
Virgin Atlantic2480Traverse City9:55 PM9:50 PMLandedA47
Virgin Atlantic2470Raleigh/Durham9:55 PM9:50 PMActiveA66
Virgin Atlantic4224Boston9:55 PM9:53 PMActiveA72
Virgin Atlantic2446New York - LGA9:58 PM9:54 PMActiveA5
Virgin Atlantic5619Columbus9:59 PM11:20 PMScheduledA61
Virgin Atlantic5819Grand Rapids9:59 PM9:58 PMLandedA74
Virgin Atlantic4337Lexington9:59 PM9:54 PMLandedA55
Virgin Atlantic5641Indianapolis10:00 PM9:52 PMLandedA31
Virgin Atlantic5647Chicago - ORD10:00 PM9:58 PMActiveA21
Virgin Atlantic2720Baltimore10:00 PM9:55 PMActiveA9
Virgin Atlantic2908Kalamazoo10:00 PM9:55 PMLandedA53
Virgin Atlantic5739Pittsburgh10:00 PM10:41 PMActiveA3
Virgin Atlantic5857Milwaukee10:01 PM10:01 PMActiveA25
Virgin Atlantic5653Rochester10:04 PM10:03 PMActiveC22
Virgin Atlantic5555Madison10:05 PM10:04 PMActiveA27
Virgin Atlantic2021Providence10:05 PM10:03 PMActiveA20
Virgin Atlantic2431Green Bay10:05 PM9:58 PMLandedA57
Virgin Atlantic2913Lansing10:05 PM9:59 PMLandedA51
Virgin Atlantic5489Appleton10:06 PM10:04 PMActiveA43
Virgin Atlantic2450Middletown10:06 PM10:00 PMActiveA29
Virgin Atlantic2713Hartford10:07 PM10:04 PMActiveA19
Virgin Atlantic2746Philadelphia10:10 PM10:11 PMActiveA4
Virgin Atlantic2476State College10:12 PM10:09 PMActiveC23
Virgin Atlantic2403Akron10:14 PM10:11 PMActiveC11
Virgin Atlantic4018London10:19 PM10:33 PMActiveA30
Virgin Australia6639New York - LGA9:58 PM9:54 PMActiveA5
WestJet6333Washington - DCA9:50 PM9:50 PMActiveA17
WestJet6563Columbus9:59 PM11:20 PMScheduledA61
WestJet6669Pittsburgh10:00 PM10:41 PMActiveA3
WestJet6450Baltimore10:00 PM9:55 PMActiveA9
WestJet6339Milwaukee10:01 PM10:01 PMActiveA25
WestJet7011Hartford10:07 PM10:04 PMActiveA19
WestJet6809Philadelphia10:10 PM10:11 PMActiveA4

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