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* Flight information provided for future 8 hour period.
160 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberTOScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Aeromexico5127Chicago - ORD9:50 PM9:47 PMLandedA8
Air France5998Green Bay9:30 PM9:28 PMLandedA5
Air France9478Saginaw9:30 PM9:31 PMLandedA23
Air France377Paris9:35 PM9:37 PMActive 
Air France3462Portland9:40 PM9:39 PMActiveB7
Air France5788Manchester9:40 PM9:34 PMActiveB11
Air France9606State College9:45 PM9:42 PMLandedC22
Air France2354Norfolk9:45 PM9:45 PMActiveB20
Air France2848Rochester9:45 PM9:51 PMLandedA72
Air France2188Newburgh9:45 PM9:41 PMActiveC7
Air France9264Newark9:45 PM9:52 PMActiveA77
Air France5728Pittsburgh9:55 PM9:48 PMLandedA29
Air France7092Nashville9:55 PM9:54 PMActiveA15
Air France5668Baltimore9:55 PM9:51 PMActiveA10
Air France3665London10:18 PM10:18 PMActiveA40
Alaska Airlines5624Minneapolis9:50 PM9:46 PMActiveA21
Alitalia2633Paris9:35 PM9:37 PMActive 
China Southern Airlines1015Minneapolis9:50 PM9:46 PMActiveA21
Compass Airlines5725Newark9:45 PM9:52 PMActiveA77
Copa Airlines5262Newark9:06 PM8:58 PMLandedD6
Delta Air Lines3654Washington - DCA9:28 PM9:27 PMLandedA11
Delta Air Lines6199Buffalo9:30 PM9:29 PMLandedB12
Delta Air Lines2349Green Bay9:30 PM9:28 PMLandedA5
Delta Air Lines3655Saginaw9:30 PM9:31 PMLandedA23
Delta Air Lines3381Louisville9:30 PM9:26 PMLandedC15
Delta Air Lines2616Atlanta9:30 PM9:27 PMActiveA31
Delta Air Lines4174Toronto9:35 PM9:30 PMLandedA71
Delta Air Lines4487South Bend9:35 PM9:41 PMLandedB18
Delta Air Lines3924Indianapolis9:35 PM9:32 PMLandedB3
Delta Air Lines8573Paris9:35 PM9:37 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines138Amsterdam9:35 PM9:27 PMActiveA50
Delta Air Lines1958Orlando9:37 PM9:32 PMActiveA68
Delta Air Lines4967Manchester9:40 PM9:34 PMActiveB11
Delta Air Lines4503Milwaukee9:40 PM9:38 PMLandedB6
Delta Air Lines3833Portland9:40 PM9:39 PMActiveB7
Delta Air Lines1776New York - LGA9:40 PM10:34 PMActiveA21
Delta Air Lines5060Kalamazoo9:40 PM9:37 PMLandedC8
Delta Air Lines3454Lexington9:45 PM9:47 PMActiveC14
Delta Air Lines5918Akron9:45 PM9:40 PMLandedC25
Delta Air Lines2595Raleigh/Durham9:45 PM10:03 PMActiveA34
Delta Air Lines1362Rochester9:45 PM9:51 PMLandedA72
Delta Air Lines4931Norfolk9:45 PM9:45 PMActiveB20
Delta Air Lines3322Lansing9:45 PM9:54 PMLandedC9
Delta Air Lines5725Newark9:45 PM9:52 PMActiveA77
Delta Air Lines2477Hartford9:45 PM9:44 PMActiveA47
Delta Air Lines5409Chicago - MDW9:45 PM9:41 PMLandedA53
Delta Air Lines3921Newburgh9:45 PM9:41 PMActiveC7
Delta Air Lines3810State College9:45 PM9:42 PMLandedC22
Delta Air Lines3861Binghamton9:45 PM9:45 PMActiveC24
Delta Air Lines5996Columbus9:45 PM9:42 PMLandedA69
Delta Air Lines4084Ithaca9:45 PM9:42 PMLandedB21
Delta Air Lines1822Boston9:45 PM9:44 PMActiveA12
Delta Air Lines2390Grand Rapids9:50 PM9:48 PMLandedA45
Delta Air Lines512Minneapolis9:50 PM9:46 PMActiveA21
Delta Air Lines1785Chicago - ORD9:50 PM9:47 PMLandedA8
Delta Air Lines2656Pittsburgh9:55 PM9:48 PMLandedA29
Delta Air Lines1436Baltimore9:55 PM9:51 PMActiveA10
Delta Air Lines1565Nashville9:55 PM9:54 PMActiveA15
Delta Air Lines18London10:18 PM10:18 PMActiveA40
Endeavor Air3654Washington - DCA9:28 PM9:27 PMLandedA11
Endeavor Air3655Saginaw9:30 PM9:31 PMLandedA23
Endeavor Air3924Indianapolis9:35 PM9:32 PMLandedB3
Endeavor Air4174Toronto9:35 PM9:30 PMLandedA71
Endeavor Air3833Portland9:40 PM9:39 PMActiveB7
Endeavor Air3810State College9:45 PM9:42 PMLandedC22
Endeavor Air3861Binghamton9:45 PM9:45 PMActiveC24
Endeavor Air4084Ithaca9:45 PM9:42 PMLandedB21
Endeavor Air3921Newburgh9:45 PM9:41 PMActiveC7
Endeavor Air3454Lexington9:45 PM9:47 PMActiveC14
ExpressJet4229Newark9:06 PM8:58 PMLandedD6
ExpressJet4967Manchester9:40 PM9:34 PMActiveB11
ExpressJet5060Kalamazoo9:40 PM9:37 PMLandedC8
ExpressJet4931Norfolk9:45 PM9:45 PMActiveB20
ExpressJet5409Chicago - MDW9:45 PM9:41 PMLandedA53
FedEx1932Newark10:51 PM10:51 PMActive 
FedEx1611Indianapolis11:08 PM11:08 PMScheduled 
FedEx1218Memphis11:19 PM11:19 PMScheduled 
GoJet Airlines6199Buffalo9:30 PM9:29 PMLandedB12
KLM5276Atlanta9:30 PM9:27 PMActiveA31
KLM5386Green Bay9:30 PM9:28 PMLandedA5
KLM7890Saginaw9:30 PM9:31 PMLandedA23
KLM5820Buffalo9:30 PM9:29 PMLandedB12
KLM5496South Bend9:35 PM9:41 PMLandedB18
KLM6048Amsterdam9:35 PM9:27 PMActiveA50
KLM7250Toronto9:35 PM9:30 PMLandedA71
KLM7268Portland9:40 PM9:39 PMActiveB7
KLM5554Manchester9:40 PM9:34 PMActiveB11
KLM5488Kalamazoo9:40 PM9:37 PMLandedC8
KLM5509Lexington9:45 PM9:47 PMActiveC14
KLM6786Raleigh/Durham9:45 PM10:03 PMActiveA34
KLM5742Chicago - MDW9:45 PM9:41 PMLandedA53
KLM5616Rochester9:45 PM9:51 PMLandedA72
KLM6648Norfolk9:45 PM9:45 PMActiveB20
KLM5412Hartford9:45 PM9:44 PMActiveA47
KLM5960Binghamton9:45 PM9:45 PMActiveC24
KLM5532Newark9:45 PM9:52 PMActiveA77
KLM5780Ithaca9:45 PM9:42 PMLandedB21
KLM6632Newburgh9:45 PM9:41 PMActiveC7
KLM5912State College9:45 PM9:42 PMLandedC22
KLM7939Minneapolis9:50 PM9:46 PMActiveA21
KLM6936Nashville9:55 PM9:54 PMActiveA15
KLM6460Baltimore9:55 PM9:51 PMActiveA10
KLM5597Pittsburgh9:55 PM9:48 PMLandedA29
KLM6078London10:18 PM10:18 PMActiveA40
Shuttle America3381Louisville9:30 PM9:26 PMLandedC15
Shuttle America3322Lansing9:45 PM9:54 PMLandedC9
Shuttle America5996Columbus9:45 PM9:42 PMLandedA69
Shuttle America5918Akron9:45 PM9:40 PMLandedC25
SkyWest Airlines4487South Bend9:35 PM9:41 PMLandedB18
SkyWest Airlines4503Milwaukee9:40 PM9:38 PMLandedB6
Swift Air2461Ottawa11:10 PM11:10 PMScheduled 
TAROM9514Paris9:35 PM9:37 PMActive 
United Airlines4229Newark9:06 PM8:58 PMLandedD6
UPS1487Rockford10:20 PM10:20 PMActive 
UPS1481Louisville10:41 PM10:41 PMActive 
Virgin Atlantic2733Washington - DCA9:28 PM9:27 PMLandedA11
Virgin Atlantic2431Green Bay9:30 PM9:28 PMLandedA5
Virgin Atlantic2010Saginaw9:30 PM9:31 PMLandedA23
Virgin Atlantic5609Buffalo9:30 PM9:29 PMLandedB12
Virgin Atlantic5811Atlanta9:30 PM9:27 PMActiveA31
Virgin Atlantic5687Louisville9:30 PM9:26 PMLandedC15
Virgin Atlantic5695Indianapolis9:35 PM9:32 PMLandedB3
Virgin Atlantic2023South Bend9:35 PM9:41 PMLandedB18
Virgin Atlantic5785Toronto9:35 PM9:30 PMLandedA71
Virgin Atlantic5583Orlando9:37 PM9:32 PMActiveA68
Virgin Atlantic5565Kalamazoo9:40 PM9:37 PMLandedC8
Virgin Atlantic2012Manchester9:40 PM9:34 PMActiveB11
Virgin Atlantic2022Portland9:40 PM9:39 PMActiveB7
Virgin Atlantic2738New York - LGA9:40 PM10:34 PMActiveA21
Virgin Atlantic5460Milwaukee9:40 PM9:38 PMLandedB6
Virgin Atlantic2470Raleigh/Durham9:45 PM10:03 PMActiveA34
Virgin Atlantic2476State College9:45 PM9:42 PMLandedC22
Virgin Atlantic5953Binghamton9:45 PM9:45 PMActiveC24
Virgin Atlantic2439Ithaca9:45 PM9:42 PMLandedB21
Virgin Atlantic5657Rochester9:45 PM9:51 PMLandedA72
Virgin Atlantic5835Lexington9:45 PM9:47 PMActiveC14
Virgin Atlantic5795Hartford9:45 PM9:44 PMActiveA47
Virgin Atlantic2403Akron9:45 PM9:40 PMLandedC25
Virgin Atlantic2025Newburgh9:45 PM9:41 PMActiveC7
Virgin Atlantic2018Norfolk9:45 PM9:45 PMActiveB20
Virgin Atlantic5793Columbus9:45 PM9:42 PMLandedA69
Virgin Atlantic2881Chicago - MDW9:45 PM9:41 PMLandedA53
Virgin Atlantic4430Newark9:45 PM9:52 PMActiveA77
Virgin Atlantic4224Boston9:45 PM9:44 PMActiveA12
Virgin Atlantic2443Lansing9:45 PM9:54 PMLandedC9
Virgin Atlantic5819Grand Rapids9:50 PM9:48 PMLandedA45
Virgin Atlantic5725Minneapolis9:50 PM9:46 PMActiveA21
Virgin Atlantic4996Chicago - ORD9:50 PM9:47 PMLandedA8
Virgin Atlantic2721Baltimore9:55 PM9:51 PMActiveA10
Virgin Atlantic5739Pittsburgh9:55 PM9:48 PMLandedA29
Virgin Atlantic5689Nashville9:55 PM9:54 PMActiveA15
Virgin Atlantic4018London10:18 PM10:18 PMActiveA40
Virgin Australia6703New York - LGA9:40 PM10:34 PMActiveA21
WestJet6554Washington - DCA9:28 PM9:27 PMLandedA11
WestJet6365Toronto9:35 PM9:30 PMLandedA71
WestJet6583Milwaukee9:40 PM9:38 PMLandedB6
WestJet7011Hartford9:45 PM9:44 PMActiveA47
WestJet7129Columbus9:45 PM9:42 PMLandedA69
WestJet6930Baltimore9:55 PM9:51 PMActiveA10
WestJet6669Pittsburgh9:55 PM9:48 PMLandedA29

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