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* Flight information provided for future 8 hour period.
606 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberTOScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Aer Lingus6074Chicago - ORD10:30 AM10:23 AMLandedD6
Aer Lingus6075Chicago - ORD1:51 PM1:51 PMScheduledD6
Aer Lingus6076Chicago - ORD4:55 PM4:55 PMScheduledD6
Aeroflot4102New York - JFK10:15 AM10:11 AMLandedA19
Aeroflot4121New York - JFK3:45 PM Scheduled 
Aeromexico5250Chicago - ORD12:27 PM12:26 PMActiveA21
Aeromexico5127Chicago - ORD3:33 PM Scheduled 
Aeromexico5467Atlanta3:39 PM Scheduled 
Aeromexico5281Milwaukee3:40 PM Scheduled 
Air Berlin4705Chicago - ORD2:40 PM2:40 PMScheduledD32
Air Canada7272Toronto10:10 AM12:48 PMScheduledD9
Air Canada2633Chicago - ORD10:30 AM10:23 AMLandedD6
Air Canada4978Chicago - ORD1:51 PM1:51 PMScheduledD6
Air Canada7274Toronto2:40 PM2:47 PMScheduledD9
Air Canada4744Chicago - ORD3:39 PM5:34 PMScheduledD6
Air Canada4560Denver4:30 PM4:30 PMScheduled 
Air Canada2680Chicago - ORD4:55 PM4:55 PMScheduledD6
Air Europa3414New York - JFK3:45 PM Scheduled 
Air France5637Atlanta1:45 PM Scheduled 
Air France2102Salt Lake City3:25 PM Scheduled 
Air France5666Boston3:30 PM Scheduled 
Air France2369Atlanta3:39 PM Scheduled 
Air France6091New York - JFK3:45 PM Scheduled 
Air France6808Saginaw3:55 PM Scheduled 
Air France5910San Francisco3:57 PM Scheduled 
Air France2700Lansing4:00 PM Scheduled 
Air France2682New York - LGA5:25 PM Scheduled 
Air France2542Minneapolis5:30 PM Scheduled 
Air France3608Frankfurt5:43 PM Scheduled 
Air Georgian7272Toronto10:10 AM12:48 PMScheduledD9
Air Georgian7274Toronto2:40 PM2:47 PMScheduledD9
Air India8646Frankfurt5:15 PM Scheduled 
AirTran4143Chicago - MDW10:30 AM10:29 AMLandedD23
AirTran72Atlanta1:15 PM1:15 PMScheduledD20
AirTran216Atlanta3:50 PM3:50 PMScheduledD20
AirTran5505Chicago - MDW4:20 PM4:20 PMScheduledD23
Alaska Airlines5440Seattle12:05 PM12:18 PMActiveA76
Alaska Airlines5569Los Angeles12:10 PM12:05 PMActiveA68
Alaska Airlines4079Chicago - ORD12:15 PM12:16 PMActiveD32
Alaska Airlines5243Minneapolis12:15 PM12:10 PMActiveA10
Alaska Airlines5559Seattle3:23 PM Scheduled 
Alaska Airlines5806Minneapolis3:40 PM Scheduled 
Alaska Airlines4174Chicago - ORD3:40 PM3:40 PMScheduledD32
Alaska Airlines5568Los Angeles3:49 PM Scheduled 
Alaska Airlines793Seattle5:20 PM5:20 PMScheduledD17
Alaska Airlines5028Minneapolis5:30 PM Scheduled 
Alaska Airlines4060Chicago - ORD6:00 PM6:00 PMScheduledD32
Alitalia3409Atlanta10:00 AM9:56 AMLandedA25
Alitalia3503Atlanta12:05 PM12:07 PMActiveA27
Alitalia3404New York - JFK12:07 PM12:06 PMActiveA66
Alitalia3247Chicago - ORD12:27 PM12:26 PMActiveA21
Alitalia3446Boston3:30 PM Scheduled 
Alitalia3385Atlanta3:39 PM Scheduled 
Alitalia5972New York - JFK3:45 PM Scheduled 
American Airlines453Charlotte10:15 AM10:09 AMLandedD25
American Airlines3353Chicago - ORD10:45 AM10:39 AMLandedD32
American Airlines2235Phoenix11:18 AM11:21 AMActiveD30
American Airlines557Philadelphia11:25 AM11:17 AMActiveD25
American Airlines5404Charlotte11:55 AM11:48 AMActiveD24
American Airlines279Dallas12:00 PM11:59 AMActiveD28
American Airlines3138Chicago - ORD12:15 PM12:16 PMActiveD32
American Airlines3478New York - LGA12:15 PM12:07 PMActiveD30
American Airlines4513Philadelphia1:36 PM1:36 PMScheduledD24
American Airlines3592New York - LGA1:45 PM1:45 PMScheduledD30
American Airlines853Charlotte1:45 PM1:45 PMScheduledD25
American Airlines7204Montreal2:00 PM2:00 PMScheduled 
American Airlines3624Chicago - ORD2:40 PM2:40 PMScheduledD32
American Airlines43Dallas2:50 PM3:25 PMScheduledD28
American Airlines765Charlotte3:25 PM3:25 PMScheduledD25
American Airlines3114Chicago - ORD3:40 PM3:40 PMScheduledD32
American Airlines2848Chicago - ORD4:35 PM4:35 PMScheduledD32
American Airlines3631New York - LGA4:40 PM4:40 PMScheduledD30
American Airlines4506Philadelphia4:52 PM4:52 PMScheduledD24
American Airlines1867Charlotte5:05 PM5:05 PMScheduledD26
American Airlines1269Dallas5:40 PM5:40 PMScheduledD28
American Airlines547Phoenix5:45 PM5:45 PMScheduledD25
American Airlines4505Philadelphia5:55 PM5:55 PMScheduledD24
American Airlines4230Chicago - ORD6:00 PM6:00 PMScheduledD32
ANA7717Chicago - ORD10:30 AM10:23 AMLandedD6
ANA7719Chicago - ORD1:51 PM1:51 PMScheduledD6
ANA7351Chicago - ORD3:39 PM5:34 PMScheduledD6
Austrian7722Chicago - ORD1:51 PM1:51 PMScheduledD6
AVIANCA2231Washington - IAD10:10 AM10:06 AMLandedD4
British Airways1797Chicago - ORD10:45 AM10:39 AMLandedD32
British Airways6902Dallas12:00 PM11:59 AMActiveD28
British Airways5476Chicago - ORD12:15 PM12:16 PMActiveD32
British Airways1754Chicago - ORD2:40 PM2:40 PMScheduledD32
British Airways7792Dallas2:50 PM3:25 PMScheduledD28
British Airways1624Chicago - ORD3:40 PM3:40 PMScheduledD32
British Airways5410Chicago - ORD4:35 PM4:35 PMScheduledD32
British Airways8417Chicago - ORD6:00 PM6:00 PMScheduledD32
Brussels Airlines9059Washington - IAD2:30 PM2:30 PMScheduled 
Cathay Pacific7783Chicago - ORD12:15 PM12:16 PMActiveD32
Chautauqua Airlines6151Charleston12:11 PM12:07 PMActiveC14
Chautauqua Airlines6123Washington - IAD12:28 PM12:36 PMScheduledC27
Chautauqua Airlines6108Columbus12:31 PM12:40 PMScheduledC11
Chautauqua Airlines6081Syracuse12:32 PM12:23 PMActiveC9
Chautauqua Airlines6375Manchester12:37 PM12:35 PMActiveC15
Chautauqua Airlines6085Knoxville12:40 PM12:42 PMScheduledC23
Chautauqua Airlines6130Greenville12:42 PM12:50 PMScheduledC21
Chautauqua Airlines6173Columbus3:22 PM Scheduled 
Chautauqua Airlines6053Washington - IAD3:24 PM Scheduled 
Chautauqua Airlines6095Indianapolis3:25 PM Scheduled 
Chautauqua Airlines6143Lexington3:30 PM Scheduled 
Chautauqua Airlines6122Rochester3:40 PM Scheduled 
Chautauqua Airlines6058Louisville3:45 PM Scheduled 
China Eastern Airlines8886Beijing1:10 PM1:10 PMScheduledA64
China Southern Airlines1019Beijing1:10 PM1:10 PMScheduledA64
China Southern Airlines1194Seattle3:23 PM Scheduled 
China Southern Airlines1268New York - JFK3:45 PM Scheduled 
Compass Airlines5720Madison12:02 PM1:10 PMScheduledA71
Copa Airlines1350Newark10:06 AM9:56 AMLanded 
Copa Airlines1762Chicago - ORD10:30 AM10:23 AMLandedD6
Copa Airlines5298Houston11:20 AM11:13 AMActive 
Copa Airlines5262Newark11:50 AM11:49 AMActive 
Copa Airlines8391Chicago - ORD1:51 PM1:51 PMScheduledD6
Copa Airlines5119Newark2:40 PM2:40 PMScheduled 
Copa Airlines2588Houston2:44 PM2:44 PMScheduled 
Copa Airlines1098Chicago - ORD3:39 PM5:34 PMScheduledD6
Copa Airlines8387Chicago - ORD4:55 PM4:55 PMScheduledD6
Copa Airlines1904Houston5:48 PM5:48 PMScheduled 
CSA3031New York - JFK3:45 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines52Minneapolis10:00 AM10:17 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1175Atlanta10:00 AM9:56 AMLandedA25
Delta Air Lines2048New York - LGA10:05 AM9:59 AMLandedA78
Delta Air Lines2128Orlando10:15 AM10:14 AMActiveA68
Delta Air Lines2561New York - JFK10:15 AM10:11 AMLandedA19
Delta Air Lines3808Dallas11:55 AM11:59 AMActiveA63
Delta Air Lines5074Green Bay12:00 PM11:54 AMActiveB6
Delta Air Lines1948New York - LGA12:00 PM11:56 AMActiveA9
Delta Air Lines1437Baltimore12:00 PM11:57 AMActiveA45
Delta Air Lines1804Fort Lauderdale12:01 PM11:58 AMActiveA6
Delta Air Lines3592Escanaba12:01 PM11:55 AMActiveC12
Delta Air Lines3380Sioux Falls12:01 PM11:58 AMActiveB8
Delta Air Lines4757Pellston12:02 PM11:56 AMActiveC8
Delta Air Lines5720Madison12:02 PM1:10 PMScheduledA71
Delta Air Lines4690Sault Ste. Marie12:02 PM12:02 PMActiveC10
Delta Air Lines4447Chicago - MDW12:02 PM11:59 AMActiveA11
Delta Air Lines2317Las Vegas12:03 PM12:21 PMActiveA56
Delta Air Lines4195Erie12:04 PM11:58 AMActiveB16
Delta Air Lines1096Atlanta12:05 PM12:07 PMActiveA27
Delta Air Lines1349Seattle12:05 PM12:18 PMActiveA76
Delta Air Lines4954Greensboro/High Point12:05 PM12:02 PMActiveB19
Delta Air Lines739Indianapolis12:05 PM12:02 PMActiveA72
Delta Air Lines2357Milwaukee12:05 PM12:01 PMActiveA29
Delta Air Lines5169Montreal12:05 PM12:03 PMActiveB18
Delta Air Lines5325Grand Rapids12:05 PM12:03 PMActiveA51
Delta Air Lines3795South Bend12:05 PM12:00 PMActiveB3
Delta Air Lines3827Buffalo12:06 PM12:30 PMScheduledB1
Delta Air Lines6203New York - JFK12:07 PM12:06 PMActiveA66
Delta Air Lines2028Orlando12:08 PM12:04 PMActiveA50
Delta Air Lines1719Los Angeles12:10 PM12:05 PMActiveA68
Delta Air Lines3767Fort Wayne12:10 PM12:01 PMActiveC4
Delta Air Lines1997Kansas City12:10 PM12:08 PMActiveA7
Delta Air Lines5448Omaha12:10 PM12:08 PMActiveA67
Delta Air Lines6151Charleston12:11 PM12:07 PMActiveC14
Delta Air Lines1480Charlotte12:12 PM12:10 PMActiveA2
Delta Air Lines6211Norfolk12:15 PM12:13 PMActiveA69
Delta Air Lines4151Saginaw12:15 PM12:08 PMActiveA55
Delta Air Lines1361Fort Myers12:15 PM12:15 PMActiveA8
Delta Air Lines3293Traverse City12:15 PM12:11 PMActiveA15
Delta Air Lines2393Minneapolis12:15 PM12:10 PMActiveA10
Delta Air Lines1703Tampa12:15 PM12:10 PMActiveA49
Delta Air Lines1422Hartford12:15 PM12:10 PMActiveA70
Delta Air Lines3371Burlington12:15 PM12:12 PMActiveA61
Delta Air Lines3399Des Moines12:16 PM12:10 PMActiveB12
Delta Air Lines4902Lexington12:16 PM12:08 PMActiveB2
Delta Air Lines2335Salt Lake City12:17 PM12:22 PMActiveA74
Delta Air Lines5311Kalamazoo12:18 PM12:14 PMActiveC2
Delta Air Lines5082Huntsville12:18 PM12:14 PMActiveB21
Delta Air Lines2508Newark12:18 PM12:15 PMActiveA19
Delta Air Lines3445Cleveland12:20 PM12:15 PMActiveA53
Delta Air Lines517Memphis12:20 PM12:11 PMActiveA17
Delta Air Lines2523Boston12:20 PM12:17 PMActiveA4
Delta Air Lines3744Toronto12:20 PM12:19 PMActiveC16
Delta Air Lines3819State College12:21 PM12:29 PMScheduledC5
Delta Air Lines5265Elmira12:21 PM12:12 PMActiveA57
Delta Air Lines5015Roanoke12:22 PM12:19 PMActiveB11
Delta Air Lines5260Portland12:25 PM12:18 PMActiveB5
Delta Air Lines1470Philadelphia12:26 PM1:10 PMScheduledA78
Delta Air Lines3953Lansing12:27 PM12:25 PMActiveC7
Delta Air Lines1908Chicago - ORD12:27 PM12:26 PMActiveA21
Delta Air Lines2274Raleigh/Durham12:28 PM12:26 PMActiveA46
Delta Air Lines6123Washington - IAD12:28 PM12:36 PMScheduledC27
Delta Air Lines5104Savannah12:29 PM12:24 PMActiveA59
Delta Air Lines971San Francisco12:30 PM12:30 PMActiveA1
Delta Air Lines2244Washington - DCA12:30 PM12:28 PMActiveA5
Delta Air Lines6251Cincinnati12:30 PM12:28 PMActiveA47
Delta Air Lines6108Columbus12:31 PM12:40 PMScheduledC11
Delta Air Lines3388Louisville12:31 PM12:27 PMActiveC18
Delta Air Lines6081Syracuse12:32 PM12:23 PMActiveC9
Delta Air Lines4228Akron12:32 PM12:24 PMActiveC33
Delta Air Lines3292Little Rock12:35 PM12:34 PMActiveB7
Delta Air Lines5337Pittsburgh12:36 PM12:34 PMActiveB15
Delta Air Lines5207Richmond12:36 PM12:40 PMScheduledA73
Delta Air Lines5208Houston12:36 PM12:38 PMScheduledA60
Delta Air Lines5005Westchester County12:37 PM12:39 PMScheduledB10
Delta Air Lines6375Manchester12:37 PM12:35 PMActiveC15
Delta Air Lines3296Oklahoma City12:39 PM12:34 PMActiveA31
Delta Air Lines6085Knoxville12:40 PM12:42 PMScheduledC23
Delta Air Lines5324Providence12:40 PM12:50 PMScheduledA35
Delta Air Lines3568Wausau12:41 PM12:35 PMActiveC6
Delta Air Lines6130Greenville12:42 PM12:50 PMScheduledC21
Delta Air Lines275Tokyo12:51 PM12:55 PMScheduledA40
Delta Air Lines189Beijing1:10 PM1:10 PMScheduledA64
Delta Air Lines2557Atlanta1:45 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines2148New York - LGA1:48 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines630Atlanta2:45 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines4917Charlotte3:15 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines1621Tampa3:20 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines1144Washington - DCA3:20 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines4027Ottawa3:20 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines4137Montreal3:20 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines3597Albany3:20 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines3743Cedar Rapids3:21 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines3891Bloomington-Normal3:22 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines6173Columbus3:22 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines733Seattle3:23 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines5461Moline3:24 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines6053Washington - IAD3:24 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines6095Indianapolis3:25 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines5451Wilkes-Barre3:25 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines4996Allentown3:25 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines855Salt Lake City3:25 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines5099Syracuse3:25 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines5217Kalamazoo3:29 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines4904Middletown3:30 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines3518Evansville3:30 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines6143Lexington3:30 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines7310Norfolk3:30 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines1722Boston3:30 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines5282Cincinnati3:30 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines5296Westchester County3:30 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines5320Houston3:30 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines2248New York - LGA3:32 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines3627Marquette3:33 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines1493Chicago - ORD3:33 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines4064State College3:34 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines3761Ithaca3:35 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines1217Las Vegas3:35 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines5366Chicago - MDW3:35 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines3898Richmond3:35 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines3327Pittsburgh3:35 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines4721South Bend3:35 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines6243Buffalo3:35 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines5203Newark3:36 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines700Saint Louis3:36 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines3398Knoxville3:38 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines200Atlanta3:39 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines2536Grand Rapids3:40 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines6122Rochester3:40 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines3393Baltimore3:40 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines2544Minneapolis3:40 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines1284Milwaukee3:40 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines5129Toronto3:40 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines159Seoul3:41 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines4887Appleton3:42 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines1957Madison3:42 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines3291Duluth3:45 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines5083Green Bay3:45 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines6058Louisville3:45 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines1204Hartford3:45 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines5590Elmira3:45 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines3366New York - JFK3:45 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines7367Alpena3:46 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines2586Nashville3:47 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines1905Orlando3:49 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines789Los Angeles3:49 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines1707Raleigh/Durham3:50 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines2385New Orleans3:51 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines5055Burlington3:52 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines2320Philadelphia3:53 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines3657Saginaw3:55 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines629Nagoya3:56 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines1145San Francisco3:57 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines4065Lansing4:00 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines132Amsterdam5:01 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines1548New York - LGA5:25 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines2235Minneapolis5:30 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines86Frankfurt5:43 PM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines2287Atlanta5:45 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air4277Kingman11:49 AM11:49 AMActive 
Endeavor Air3808Dallas11:55 AM11:59 AMActiveA63
Endeavor Air3380Sioux Falls12:01 PM11:58 AMActiveB8
Endeavor Air3592Escanaba12:01 PM11:55 AMActiveC12
Endeavor Air4195Erie12:04 PM11:58 AMActiveB16
Endeavor Air3795South Bend12:05 PM12:00 PMActiveB3
Endeavor Air3827Buffalo12:06 PM12:30 PMScheduledB1
Endeavor Air3767Fort Wayne12:10 PM12:01 PMActiveC4
Endeavor Air3293Traverse City12:15 PM12:11 PMActiveA15
Endeavor Air4151Saginaw12:15 PM12:08 PMActiveA55
Endeavor Air3371Burlington12:15 PM12:12 PMActiveA61
Endeavor Air3399Des Moines12:16 PM12:10 PMActiveB12
Endeavor Air3445Cleveland12:20 PM12:15 PMActiveA53
Endeavor Air3744Toronto12:20 PM12:19 PMActiveC16
Endeavor Air3819State College12:21 PM12:29 PMScheduledC5
Endeavor Air3953Lansing12:27 PM12:25 PMActiveC7
Endeavor Air3388Louisville12:31 PM12:27 PMActiveC18
Endeavor Air4228Akron12:32 PM12:24 PMActiveC33
Endeavor Air3292Little Rock12:35 PM12:34 PMActiveB7
Endeavor Air3296Oklahoma City12:39 PM12:34 PMActiveA31
Endeavor Air3568Wausau12:41 PM12:35 PMActiveC6
Endeavor Air4137Montreal3:20 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air4027Ottawa3:20 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air3597Albany3:20 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air3743Cedar Rapids3:21 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air3891Bloomington-Normal3:22 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air3518Evansville3:30 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air3627Marquette3:33 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air4064State College3:34 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air3761Ithaca3:35 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air3898Richmond3:35 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air3327Pittsburgh3:35 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air3398Knoxville3:38 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air3393Baltimore3:40 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air3291Duluth3:45 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air3366New York - JFK3:45 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air3657Saginaw3:55 PM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air4065Lansing4:00 PM Scheduled 
Envoy Air3353Chicago - ORD10:45 AM10:39 AMLandedD32
Envoy Air3478New York - LGA12:15 PM12:07 PMActiveD30
Envoy Air3138Chicago - ORD12:15 PM12:16 PMActiveD32
Envoy Air3592New York - LGA1:45 PM1:45 PMScheduledD30
Envoy Air3624Chicago - ORD2:40 PM2:40 PMScheduledD32
Envoy Air3114Chicago - ORD3:40 PM3:40 PMScheduledD32
Envoy Air2848Chicago - ORD4:35 PM4:35 PMScheduledD32
Envoy Air3631New York - LGA4:40 PM4:40 PMScheduledD30
Etihad Airways3048Chicago - ORD6:00 PM6:00 PMScheduledD32
ExpressJet4246Newark10:06 AM9:56 AMLanded 
ExpressJet5739Washington - IAD10:10 AM10:06 AMLandedD4
ExpressJet4383Houston11:20 AM11:13 AMActive 
ExpressJet4297Newark11:50 AM11:49 AMActive 
ExpressJet5074Green Bay12:00 PM11:54 AMActiveB6
ExpressJet5325Grand Rapids12:05 PM12:03 PMActiveA51
ExpressJet5169Montreal12:05 PM12:03 PMActiveB18
ExpressJet4954Greensboro/High Point12:05 PM12:02 PMActiveB19
ExpressJet5448Omaha12:10 PM12:08 PMActiveA67
ExpressJet4902Lexington12:16 PM12:08 PMActiveB2
ExpressJet5311Kalamazoo12:18 PM12:14 PMActiveC2
ExpressJet5082Huntsville12:18 PM12:14 PMActiveB21
ExpressJet5265Elmira12:21 PM12:12 PMActiveA57
ExpressJet5015Roanoke12:22 PM12:19 PMActiveB11
ExpressJet5260Portland12:25 PM12:18 PMActiveB5
ExpressJet5104Savannah12:29 PM12:24 PMActiveA59
ExpressJet5207Richmond12:36 PM12:40 PMScheduledA73
ExpressJet5337Pittsburgh12:36 PM12:34 PMActiveB15
ExpressJet5208Houston12:36 PM12:38 PMScheduledA60
ExpressJet5005Westchester County12:37 PM12:39 PMScheduledB10
ExpressJet5324Providence12:40 PM12:50 PMScheduledA35
ExpressJet5760Washington - IAD2:30 PM2:30 PMScheduled 
ExpressJet4917Charlotte3:15 PM Scheduled 
ExpressJet5461Moline3:24 PM Scheduled 
ExpressJet5451Wilkes-Barre3:25 PM Scheduled 
ExpressJet4996Allentown3:25 PM Scheduled 
ExpressJet5099Syracuse3:25 PM Scheduled 
ExpressJet5217Kalamazoo3:29 PM Scheduled 
ExpressJet4904Middletown3:30 PM Scheduled 
ExpressJet5320Houston3:30 PM Scheduled 
ExpressJet5296Westchester County3:30 PM Scheduled 
ExpressJet5282Cincinnati3:30 PM Scheduled 
ExpressJet5366Chicago - MDW3:35 PM Scheduled 
ExpressJet5203Newark3:36 PM Scheduled 
ExpressJet5129Toronto3:40 PM Scheduled 
ExpressJet4887Appleton3:42 PM Scheduled 
ExpressJet5083Green Bay3:45 PM Scheduled 
ExpressJet5590Elmira3:45 PM Scheduled 
ExpressJet5055Burlington3:52 PM Scheduled 
Frontier Airlines910Trenton5:35 PM5:35 PMScheduledD16
GoJet Airlines6203New York - JFK12:07 PM12:06 PMActiveA66
GoJet Airlines6211Norfolk12:15 PM12:13 PMActiveA69
GoJet Airlines6251Cincinnati12:30 PM12:28 PMActiveA47
GoJet Airlines3667Chicago - ORD1:51 PM1:51 PMScheduledD6
GoJet Airlines6243Buffalo3:35 PM Scheduled 
Gol8140New York - LGA10:05 AM9:59 AMLandedA78
Gol8060Orlando10:15 AM10:14 AMActiveA68
Gol8050Las Vegas12:03 PM12:21 PMActiveA56
Gol8144Seattle12:05 PM12:18 PMActiveA76
Gol8056Los Angeles12:10 PM12:05 PMActiveA68
Gol8310Tampa12:15 PM12:10 PMActiveA49
Gol8306Salt Lake City12:17 PM12:22 PMActiveA74
Gol8042Boston12:20 PM12:17 PMActiveA4
Gol8294Philadelphia12:26 PM1:10 PMScheduledA78
Gol8292Chicago - ORD12:27 PM12:26 PMActiveA21
Gol8148San Francisco12:30 PM12:30 PMActiveA1
Gol8308Saint Louis3:36 PM Scheduled 
Gulf Air4130Dallas12:00 PM11:59 AMActiveD28
Gulf Air6536Dallas2:50 PM3:25 PMScheduledD28
Gulf Air6655Chicago - ORD3:40 PM3:40 PMScheduledD32
Gulf Air6609Chicago - ORD6:00 PM6:00 PMScheduledD32
Iberia7008Chicago - ORD4:35 PM4:35 PMScheduledD32
JAL7351Chicago - ORD10:45 AM10:39 AMLandedD32
JAL7349Chicago - ORD12:15 PM12:16 PMActiveD32
KLM7147Atlanta12:05 PM12:07 PMActiveA27
KLM5298New York - JFK12:07 PM12:06 PMActiveA66
KLM6567Minneapolis12:15 PM12:10 PMActiveA10
KLM5276Atlanta2:45 PM Scheduled 
KLM5838Charlotte3:15 PM Scheduled 
KLM8082Montreal3:20 PM Scheduled 
KLM6790Washington - DCA3:20 PM Scheduled 
KLM6472Tampa3:20 PM Scheduled 
KLM8372Ottawa3:20 PM Scheduled 
KLM5637Albany3:20 PM Scheduled 
KLM5588Cedar Rapids3:21 PM Scheduled 
KLM7404Columbus3:22 PM Scheduled 
KLM5926Bloomington-Normal3:22 PM Scheduled 
KLM6548Seattle3:23 PM Scheduled 
KLM8449Moline3:24 PM Scheduled 
KLM5844Washington - IAD3:24 PM Scheduled 
KLM5545Wilkes-Barre3:25 PM Scheduled 
KLM5055Syracuse3:25 PM Scheduled 
KLM6636Allentown3:25 PM Scheduled 
KLM5303Salt Lake City3:25 PM Scheduled 
KLM6668Indianapolis3:25 PM Scheduled 
KLM6799Kalamazoo3:29 PM Scheduled 
KLM5060Boston3:30 PM Scheduled 
KLM5592Westchester County3:30 PM Scheduled 
KLM5606Houston3:30 PM Scheduled 
KLM5900Evansville3:30 PM Scheduled 
KLM5509Lexington3:30 PM Scheduled 
KLM7617Cincinnati3:30 PM Scheduled 
KLM5978Middletown3:30 PM Scheduled 
KLM5411New York - LGA3:32 PM Scheduled 
KLM8360Marquette3:33 PM Scheduled 
KLM7243Chicago - ORD3:33 PM Scheduled 
KLM5478State College3:34 PM Scheduled 
KLM5404Ithaca3:35 PM Scheduled 
KLM6698Las Vegas3:35 PM Scheduled 
KLM5646Richmond3:35 PM Scheduled 
KLM5597Pittsburgh3:35 PM Scheduled 
KLM6860Chicago - MDW3:35 PM Scheduled 
KLM5964Buffalo3:35 PM Scheduled 
KLM5622South Bend3:35 PM Scheduled 
KLM5050Newark3:36 PM Scheduled 
KLM6628Saint Louis3:36 PM Scheduled 
KLM5822Knoxville3:38 PM Scheduled 
KLM7141Atlanta3:39 PM Scheduled 
KLM6598Rochester3:40 PM Scheduled 
KLM8026Toronto3:40 PM Scheduled 
KLM5262Baltimore3:40 PM Scheduled 
KLM5008Milwaukee3:40 PM Scheduled 
KLM6716Grand Rapids3:40 PM Scheduled 
KLM6240Minneapolis3:40 PM Scheduled 
KLM7520Appleton3:42 PM Scheduled 
KLM5191Madison3:42 PM Scheduled 
KLM6652Louisville3:45 PM Scheduled 
KLM5653New York - JFK3:45 PM Scheduled 
KLM5735Duluth3:45 PM Scheduled 
KLM5521Green Bay3:45 PM Scheduled 
KLM7312Elmira3:45 PM Scheduled 
KLM5119Hartford3:45 PM Scheduled 
KLM5178Nashville3:47 PM Scheduled 
KLM7074Orlando3:49 PM Scheduled 
KLM6248Los Angeles3:49 PM Scheduled 
KLM5190Raleigh/Durham3:50 PM Scheduled 
KLM5702New Orleans3:51 PM Scheduled 
KLM5650Burlington3:52 PM Scheduled 
KLM5339Philadelphia3:53 PM Scheduled 
KLM5811Saginaw3:55 PM Scheduled 
KLM7292San Francisco3:57 PM Scheduled 
KLM7963Lansing4:00 PM Scheduled 
KLM6018Amsterdam5:01 PM Scheduled 
KLM6804New York - LGA5:25 PM Scheduled 
KLM6537Minneapolis5:30 PM Scheduled 
KLM6142Frankfurt5:43 PM Scheduled 
KLM5766Atlanta5:45 PM Scheduled 
Korean Air7274Seoul3:41 PM Scheduled 
Lufthansa7473Chicago - ORD3:39 PM5:34 PMScheduledD6
Lufthansa7525Chicago - ORD4:55 PM4:55 PMScheduledD6
Lufthansa443Frankfurt5:15 PM Scheduled 
Mesa Airlines5404Charlotte11:55 AM11:48 AMActiveD24
Qantas4890Chicago - ORD10:45 AM10:39 AMLandedD32
Qantas4743Dallas12:00 PM11:59 AMActiveD28
Qantas4888Chicago - ORD12:15 PM12:16 PMActiveD32
Qantas4894Chicago - ORD2:40 PM2:40 PMScheduledD32
Qantas4752Dallas2:50 PM3:25 PMScheduledD28
Qantas4848Chicago - ORD3:40 PM3:40 PMScheduledD32
Qantas4850Chicago - ORD4:35 PM4:35 PMScheduledD32
Qantas3295Chicago - ORD6:00 PM6:00 PMScheduledD32
Qatar Airways5260Dallas2:50 PM3:25 PMScheduledD28
Qatar Airways5347Chicago - ORD6:00 PM6:00 PMScheduledD32
Republic Airlines5743Philadelphia1:36 PM1:36 PMScheduledD24
Republic Airlines5766Philadelphia4:52 PM4:52 PMScheduledD24
Republic Airlines5717Philadelphia5:55 PM5:55 PMScheduledD24
Republic Airlines4230Chicago - ORD6:00 PM6:00 PMScheduledD32
Royal Jordanian268Montreal2:00 PM2:00 PMScheduled 
Royal Jordanian4547Phoenix5:45 PM5:45 PMScheduledD25
SAS8838Chicago - ORD1:51 PM1:51 PMScheduledD6
SAS3932Washington - IAD2:30 PM2:30 PMScheduled 
SAS6853Newark2:40 PM2:40 PMScheduled 
SAS8754Chicago - ORD3:39 PM5:34 PMScheduledD6
Shuttle America3476Newark2:40 PM2:40 PMScheduled 
Shuttle America7310Norfolk3:30 PM Scheduled 
Shuttle America3454Chicago - ORD3:39 PM5:34 PMScheduledD6
SkyWest Airlines4757Pellston12:02 PM11:56 AMActiveC8
SkyWest Airlines4690Sault Ste. Marie12:02 PM12:02 PMActiveC10
SkyWest Airlines4447Chicago - MDW12:02 PM11:59 AMActiveA11
SkyWest Airlines5623Houston2:44 PM2:44 PMScheduled 
SkyWest Airlines4721South Bend3:35 PM Scheduled 
SkyWest Airlines7367Alpena3:46 PM Scheduled 
SkyWest Airlines6271Denver4:30 PM4:30 PMScheduled 
South African Airways7471Washington - IAD2:30 PM2:30 PMScheduled 
Southwest Airlines2143Chicago - MDW10:30 AM10:29 AMLandedD23
Southwest Airlines529Phoenix10:40 AM10:36 AMActiveD21
Southwest Airlines641Baltimore11:40 AM11:37 AMLandedD23
Southwest Airlines5072Atlanta1:15 PM1:15 PMScheduledD20
Southwest Airlines1522Chicago - MDW2:00 PM2:00 PMScheduledD23
Southwest Airlines1367Las Vegas3:50 PM3:50 PMScheduledD21
Southwest Airlines5216Atlanta3:50 PM3:50 PMScheduledD20
Southwest Airlines3505Chicago - MDW4:20 PM4:20 PMScheduledD23
Southwest Airlines2854Nashville5:25 PM5:25 PMScheduledD21
Spirit Airlines511Las Vegas11:10 AM11:04 AMActiveD11
Spirit Airlines605Fort Myers11:40 AM11:41 AMActiveD12
Spirit Airlines851Myrtle Beach12:29 PM12:29 PMScheduledD11
Spirit Airlines899Orlando2:00 PM2:00 PMScheduledD12
Spirit Airlines804Minneapolis3:00 PM3:00 PMScheduledD11
Spirit Airlines985New Orleans3:35 PM3:30 PMScheduledD14
Spirit Airlines188New York - LGA3:57 PM3:57 PMScheduledD11
Spirit Airlines913Kansas City4:15 PM4:15 PMScheduledD12
SWISS3245Chicago - ORD10:30 AM10:23 AMLandedD6
SWISS3247Chicago - ORD4:55 PM4:55 PMScheduledD6
TAP Portugal6303Philadelphia11:25 AM11:17 AMActiveD25
TAP Portugal8573Newark2:40 PM2:40 PMScheduled 
Trans States Airlines3400Chicago - ORD10:30 AM10:23 AMLandedD6
Trans States Airlines3348Chicago - ORD4:55 PM4:55 PMScheduledD6
Turkish Airlines8661Toronto2:40 PM2:47 PMScheduledD9
United Airlines4246Newark10:06 AM9:56 AMLanded 
United Airlines5739Washington - IAD10:10 AM10:06 AMLandedD4
United Airlines8129Toronto10:10 AM12:48 PMScheduledD9
United Airlines3400Chicago - ORD10:30 AM10:23 AMLandedD6
United Airlines4383Houston11:20 AM11:13 AMActive 
United Airlines4297Newark11:50 AM11:49 AMActive 
United Airlines3667Chicago - ORD1:51 PM1:51 PMScheduledD6
United Airlines5760Washington - IAD2:30 PM2:30 PMScheduled 
United Airlines8139Toronto2:40 PM2:47 PMScheduledD9
United Airlines3476Newark2:40 PM2:40 PMScheduled 
United Airlines5623Houston2:44 PM2:44 PMScheduled 
United Airlines3454Chicago - ORD3:39 PM5:34 PMScheduledD6
United Airlines6271Denver4:30 PM4:30 PMScheduled 
United Airlines3348Chicago - ORD4:55 PM4:55 PMScheduledD6
United Airlines9197Frankfurt5:15 PM Scheduled 
United Airlines1092Houston5:48 PM5:48 PMScheduled 
US Airways453Charlotte10:15 AM10:09 AMLandedD25
US Airways8163Chicago - ORD10:45 AM10:39 AMLandedD32
US Airways2235Phoenix11:18 AM11:21 AMActiveD30
US Airways557Philadelphia11:25 AM11:17 AMActiveD25
US Airways5404Charlotte11:55 AM11:48 AMActiveD24
US Airways279Dallas12:00 PM11:59 AMActiveD28
US Airways8226Chicago - ORD12:15 PM12:16 PMActiveD32
US Airways8267New York - LGA12:15 PM12:07 PMActiveD30
US Airways5743Philadelphia1:36 PM1:36 PMScheduledD24
US Airways853Charlotte1:45 PM1:45 PMScheduledD25
US Airways8316New York - LGA1:45 PM1:45 PMScheduledD30
US Airways7888Montreal2:00 PM2:00 PMScheduled 
US Airways6497Chicago - ORD2:40 PM2:40 PMScheduledD32
US Airways43Dallas2:50 PM3:25 PMScheduledD28
US Airways765Charlotte3:25 PM3:25 PMScheduledD25
US Airways6413Chicago - ORD3:40 PM3:40 PMScheduledD32
US Airways3567Chicago - ORD4:35 PM4:35 PMScheduledD32
US Airways8427New York - LGA4:40 PM4:40 PMScheduledD30
US Airways5766Philadelphia4:52 PM4:52 PMScheduledD24
US Airways1867Charlotte5:05 PM5:05 PMScheduledD26
US Airways547Phoenix5:45 PM5:45 PMScheduledD25
US Airways5717Philadelphia5:55 PM5:55 PMScheduledD24
US Airways8078Chicago - ORD6:00 PM6:00 PMScheduledD32
Vietnam Airlines3064Frankfurt5:43 PM Scheduled 
Virgin Atlantic4664New York - JFK10:15 AM10:11 AMLandedA19
Virgin Atlantic4824New York - JFK12:07 PM12:06 PMActiveA66
Virgin Atlantic4458Newark12:18 PM12:15 PMActiveA19
Virgin Atlantic4244Boston12:20 PM12:17 PMActiveA4
Virgin Atlantic4418Washington - IAD12:28 PM12:36 PMScheduledC27
Virgin Atlantic5803Atlanta2:45 PM Scheduled 
Virgin Atlantic4426Washington - IAD3:24 PM Scheduled 
Virgin Atlantic4262Boston3:30 PM Scheduled 
Virgin Atlantic4514Newark3:36 PM Scheduled 
Virgin Atlantic5805Atlanta3:39 PM Scheduled 
Virgin Atlantic4600New York - JFK3:45 PM Scheduled 
Virgin Atlantic5645Minneapolis5:30 PM Scheduled 
Virgin Atlantic5809Atlanta5:45 PM Scheduled 
Virgin Australia6735New York - LGA10:05 AM9:59 AMLandedA78
Virgin Australia6732New York - LGA12:00 PM11:56 AMActiveA9
Virgin Australia6601Los Angeles12:10 PM12:05 PMActiveA68
Virgin Australia6737New York - LGA1:48 PM Scheduled 
Virgin Australia6739New York - LGA3:32 PM Scheduled 
Virgin Australia6536Los Angeles3:49 PM Scheduled 
Virgin Australia6721New York - LGA5:25 PM Scheduled 
WestJet6920Baltimore12:00 PM11:57 AMActiveA45
WestJet7060Milwaukee12:05 PM12:01 PMActiveA29
WestJet7025Omaha12:10 PM12:08 PMActiveA67
WestJet7039Hartford12:15 PM12:10 PMActiveA70
WestJet6383Cleveland12:20 PM12:15 PMActiveA53
WestJet6301Toronto12:20 PM12:19 PMActiveC16
WestJet6316Philadelphia12:26 PM1:10 PMScheduledA78
WestJet6403Washington - IAD12:28 PM12:36 PMScheduledC27
WestJet6941Washington - DCA12:30 PM12:28 PMActiveA5
WestJet6388Columbus12:31 PM12:40 PMScheduledC11
WestJet6414Pittsburgh12:36 PM12:34 PMActiveB15
WestJet6372Oklahoma City12:39 PM12:34 PMActiveA31
WestJet6912Washington - DCA3:20 PM Scheduled 
WestJet7121Columbus3:22 PM Scheduled 
WestJet6392Washington - IAD3:24 PM Scheduled 
WestJet6803Pittsburgh3:35 PM Scheduled 
WestJet7059Milwaukee3:40 PM Scheduled 
WestJet6347Baltimore3:40 PM Scheduled 
WestJet6389Toronto3:40 PM Scheduled 
WestJet7045Hartford3:45 PM Scheduled 
WestJet6448Philadelphia3:53 PM Scheduled 

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