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* Flight information provided for future 8 hour period.
224 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberTOScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Aer Lingus5307Boston6:15 AM6:15 AMScheduledD15
Aer Lingus6073Chicago - ORD8:00 AM8:00 AMScheduledD2
Aeroflot4102New York - JFK8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Aeromexico5071Monterrey9:00 AM9:14 AMScheduled 
Air Canada4695Chicago - ORD6:10 AM9:30 AMScheduledD6
Air Canada8020Toronto7:45 AM7:51 AMScheduled 
Air Canada2985Chicago - ORD8:00 AM8:00 AMScheduledD2
Air Canada4980Denver8:10 AM8:10 AMScheduledD1
Alaska Airlines4303Chicago - ORD7:00 AM7:00 AMCanceledD30
Alaska Airlines5510Minneapolis7:25 AM7:30 AMScheduled 
Alaska Airlines5016Minneapolis8:35 AM8:38 AMScheduled 
Alaska Airlines5458Seattle8:45 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Alitalia5971New York - JFK8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
American Airlines3301New York - LGA6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD30
American Airlines1125Dallas6:11 AM6:11 AMScheduledD32
American Airlines1421Miami6:40 AM6:40 AMScheduledD28
American Airlines1977Charlotte6:45 AM6:45 AMScheduledD18
American Airlines4605Philadelphia7:00 AM7:12 AMScheduledD26
American Airlines4389Chicago - ORD7:00 AM7:00 AMCanceledD30
American Airlines503Phoenix7:25 AM7:25 AMScheduledD25
American Airlines4477Washington - DCA7:41 AM7:53 AMScheduledD24
American Airlines2065Charlotte8:15 AM8:15 AMScheduledD26
American Airlines2215Dallas8:43 AM8:43 AMScheduledD28
ANA7351Chicago - ORD6:10 AM9:30 AMScheduledD6
ANA7717Chicago - ORD8:00 AM8:00 AMScheduledD2
Asiana Airlines6441Chicago - ORD8:00 AM8:00 AMScheduledD2
British Airways6902Dallas6:11 AM6:11 AMScheduledD32
British Airways1741Chicago - ORD7:00 AM7:00 AMCanceledD30
Compass Airlines5756Monterrey9:00 AM9:14 AMScheduled 
Copa Airlines2579Houston5:50 AM5:54 AMScheduledD4
Copa Airlines5194Newark5:55 AM5:55 AMScheduledD5
Copa Airlines1762Chicago - ORD6:10 AM9:30 AMScheduledD6
Copa Airlines1285Chicago - ORD8:00 AM8:00 AMScheduledD2
Copa Airlines1350Newark8:50 AM8:50 AMScheduledD4
Delta Air Lines2283Atlanta6:00 AM6:09 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1737Baltimore7:10 AM7:18 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2484Philadelphia7:19 AM7:27 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines945Minneapolis7:25 AM7:30 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2228Orlando7:25 AM7:32 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1604Fort Lauderdale7:25 AM7:32 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1218Washington - DCA7:25 AM7:35 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1640Atlanta7:25 AM7:30 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2423Charlotte7:25 AM7:33 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3619Dallas7:25 AM7:31 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4959Pittsburgh7:30 AM7:40 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3370Washington - IAD7:35 AM7:42 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4594Columbus7:35 AM7:45 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines853Fort Myers7:35 AM7:40 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1829Miami7:40 AM7:50 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3444Cincinnati7:40 AM7:50 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1848New York - LGA7:43 AM7:49 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3724Toronto7:45 AM7:54 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5279Buffalo7:45 AM7:55 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2528Chicago - ORD7:55 AM8:05 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2450Boston7:59 AM8:09 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3397Syracuse8:00 AM8:10 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5224Rochester8:01 AM8:11 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1921Phoenix8:20 AM8:26 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2357Milwaukee8:20 AM8:30 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5390Chicago - MDW8:30 AM8:35 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines7369Alpena8:35 AM8:42 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1893Atlanta8:35 AM8:38 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1844Dallas8:35 AM8:43 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1706Los Angeles8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1650Minneapolis8:35 AM8:38 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3804New York - JFK8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1809Salt Lake City8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6249Norfolk8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4553Grand Rapids8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3664Madison8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5011Evansville8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3446Austin8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4961Providence8:36 AM8:43 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3632San Antonio8:40 AM8:46 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4704South Bend8:40 AM8:50 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4328Omaha8:40 AM8:50 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5461Nashville8:40 AM8:50 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5079Kansas City8:40 AM8:50 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1511Denver8:42 AM8:48 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines745San Francisco8:42 AM8:47 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4889Birmingham8:42 AM8:52 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4983Chattanooga8:45 AM8:52 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2365Newark8:45 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3354Greenville8:45 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2312Seattle8:45 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1628New Orleans8:45 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3608Des Moines8:45 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1959Tampa8:46 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1999New York - LGA8:49 AM8:59 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3669Saginaw8:50 AM9:00 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4574Houston8:50 AM9:00 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4597Fort Wayne8:50 AM9:00 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1467Saint Louis8:50 AM9:00 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5463Cleveland8:50 AM9:00 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines833San Diego8:50 AM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines5104Chicago - ORD8:51 AM9:01 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4076Lansing8:51 AM9:01 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3593Hartford8:51 AM9:01 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3585Raleigh/Durham8:55 AM9:05 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3569Indianapolis8:55 AM9:05 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2316Las Vegas8:55 AM9:02 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines651San Jose Cabo8:57 AM9:07 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5756Monterrey9:00 AM9:14 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3619Dallas7:25 AM7:31 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3444Cincinnati7:40 AM7:50 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3724Toronto7:45 AM7:54 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3446Austin8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3664Madison8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3804New York - JFK8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3632San Antonio8:40 AM8:46 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3608Des Moines8:45 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3669Saginaw8:50 AM9:00 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air4076Lansing8:51 AM9:01 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3593Hartford8:51 AM9:01 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3585Raleigh/Durham8:55 AM9:05 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3569Indianapolis8:55 AM9:05 AMScheduled 
Envoy Air3301New York - LGA6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD30
ExpressJet4959Pittsburgh7:30 AM7:40 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5279Buffalo7:45 AM7:55 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet3264Chicago - ORD8:00 AM8:00 AMScheduledD2
ExpressJet5224Rochester8:01 AM8:11 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5390Chicago - MDW8:30 AM8:35 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5011Evansville8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet4961Providence8:36 AM8:43 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5461Nashville8:40 AM8:50 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5079Kansas City8:40 AM8:50 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet4889Birmingham8:42 AM8:52 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet4983Chattanooga8:45 AM8:52 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5463Cleveland8:50 AM9:00 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet4229Newark8:50 AM8:50 AMScheduledD4
ExpressJet5104Chicago - ORD8:51 AM9:01 AMScheduled 
GoJet Airlines3652Denver8:10 AM8:10 AMScheduledD1
GoJet Airlines6249Norfolk8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Gol8298Phoenix8:20 AM8:26 AMScheduled 
Gol8304Salt Lake City8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Gol8052Los Angeles8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Gol8224Minneapolis8:35 AM8:38 AMScheduled 
Gol8218Denver8:42 AM8:48 AMScheduled 
Gol8150San Francisco8:42 AM8:47 AMScheduled 
Gol8146Seattle8:45 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Gol8312Tampa8:46 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Gol8140New York - LGA8:49 AM8:59 AMScheduled 
Gol8116Saint Louis8:50 AM9:00 AMScheduled 
Gol8302San Diego8:50 AM Scheduled 
Gol8290Chicago - ORD8:51 AM9:01 AMScheduled 
Gol8048Las Vegas8:55 AM9:02 AMScheduled 
JAL5895Boston6:15 AM6:15 AMScheduledD15
JAL7349Chicago - ORD7:00 AM7:00 AMCanceledD30
Jazz8020Toronto7:45 AM7:51 AMScheduled 
JetBlue Airways1836Boston6:15 AM6:15 AMScheduledD15
KLM5653New York - JFK8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
LAN Airlines8757Miami6:40 AM6:40 AMScheduledD28
Lan Argentina6356Miami6:40 AM6:40 AMScheduledD28
Qantas4746Dallas6:11 AM6:11 AMScheduledD32
Qantas4882Chicago - ORD7:00 AM7:00 AMCanceledD30
Qantas4753Dallas8:43 AM8:43 AMScheduledD28
Republic Airlines4605Philadelphia7:00 AM7:12 AMScheduledD26
Republic Airlines4389Chicago - ORD7:00 AM7:00 AMCanceledD30
Republic Airlines4477Washington - DCA7:41 AM7:53 AMScheduledD24
Shuttle America3467Newark5:55 AM5:55 AMScheduledD5
Shuttle America5145Chicago - ORD6:10 AM9:30 AMScheduledD6
Shuttle America3370Washington - IAD7:35 AM7:42 AMScheduled 
Shuttle America3397Syracuse8:00 AM8:10 AMScheduled 
Shuttle America4328Omaha8:40 AM8:50 AMScheduled 
Shuttle America3354Greenville8:45 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
SkyWest Airlines4594Columbus7:35 AM7:45 AMScheduled 
SkyWest Airlines4553Grand Rapids8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
SkyWest Airlines7369Alpena8:35 AM8:42 AMScheduled 
SkyWest Airlines4704South Bend8:40 AM8:50 AMScheduled 
SkyWest Airlines4597Fort Wayne8:50 AM9:00 AMScheduled 
SkyWest Airlines4574Houston8:50 AM9:00 AMScheduled 
Southwest Airlines585Atlanta6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD21
Southwest Airlines473Baltimore6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD23
Southwest Airlines1435Phoenix6:15 AM6:15 AMScheduledD19
Southwest Airlines251Denver6:40 AM6:40 AMScheduledD20
Southwest Airlines1079Chicago - MDW6:45 AM6:45 AMScheduledD21
Southwest Airlines220Nashville6:50 AM6:50 AMScheduledD23
Southwest Airlines3943Saint Louis8:40 AM8:48 AMScheduled 
Spirit Airlines316New York - LGA6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD12
Spirit Airlines851Myrtle Beach6:25 AM6:25 AMScheduledD10
Spirit Airlines417Fort Lauderdale6:30 AM6:30 AMScheduledD14
Spirit Airlines111Las Vegas6:58 AM6:58 AMScheduledD11
Spirit Airlines567Atlanta7:00 AM7:00 AMScheduled 
Spirit Airlines939Houston7:25 AM7:25 AMScheduled 
Spirit Airlines313Dallas7:40 AM7:40 AMScheduledD9
TAM Linhas Aereas2377Miami6:40 AM6:40 AMScheduledD28
United Airlines842Houston5:50 AM5:54 AMScheduledD4
United Airlines3467Newark5:55 AM5:55 AMScheduledD5
United Airlines5145Chicago - ORD6:10 AM9:30 AMScheduledD6
United Airlines8150Toronto7:45 AM7:51 AMScheduled 
United Airlines3264Chicago - ORD8:00 AM8:00 AMScheduledD2
United Airlines3652Denver8:10 AM8:10 AMScheduledD1
United Airlines4229Newark8:50 AM8:50 AMScheduledD4
US Airways3301New York - LGA6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD30
US Airways1125Dallas6:11 AM6:11 AMScheduledD32
US Airways1421Miami6:40 AM6:40 AMScheduledD28
US Airways1977Charlotte6:45 AM6:45 AMScheduledD18
US Airways4605Philadelphia7:00 AM7:12 AMScheduledD26
US Airways4389Chicago - ORD7:00 AM7:00 AMCanceledD30
US Airways503Phoenix7:25 AM7:25 AMScheduledD25
US Airways4477Washington - DCA7:41 AM7:53 AMScheduledD24
US Airways2065Charlotte8:15 AM8:15 AMScheduledD26
US Airways2215Dallas8:43 AM8:43 AMScheduledD28
Virgin Atlantic4420Washington - IAD7:35 AM7:42 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic4276Boston7:59 AM8:09 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic4664New York - JFK8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic4406Newark8:45 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Virgin Australia6727New York - LGA7:43 AM7:49 AMScheduled 
Virgin Australia6677Los Angeles8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
Virgin Australia6576New York - LGA8:49 AM8:59 AMScheduled 
WestJet6351Baltimore7:10 AM7:18 AMScheduled 
WestJet6944Philadelphia7:19 AM7:27 AMScheduled 
WestJet6936Washington - DCA7:25 AM7:35 AMScheduled 
WestJet6877Pittsburgh7:30 AM7:40 AMScheduled 
WestJet6544Columbus7:35 AM7:45 AMScheduled 
WestJet6561Washington - IAD7:35 AM7:42 AMScheduled 
WestJet6311Toronto7:45 AM7:54 AMScheduled 
WestJet6502Phoenix8:20 AM8:26 AMScheduled 
WestJet6316Milwaukee8:20 AM8:30 AMScheduled 
WestJet6901Austin8:35 AM8:45 AMScheduled 
WestJet6590San Antonio8:40 AM8:46 AMScheduled 
WestJet6460Houston8:50 AM9:00 AMScheduled 
WestJet6735Cleveland8:50 AM9:00 AMScheduled 
WestJet6511Hartford8:51 AM9:01 AMScheduled 

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