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* Flight information provided for future 8 hour period.
300 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberTOScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Aeromexico5675Los Angeles5:49 PM5:49 PMActiveA3
Aeromexico5654Atlanta8:40 PM9:00 PMScheduledA78
Aeromexico5667Buffalo9:55 PM ScheduledA8
Air Canada7364Toronto6:35 PM7:29 PMActiveD9
Air Canada4949Chicago - ORD6:51 PM6:51 PMScheduledD2
Air France2771Pittsburgh5:25 PM5:23 PMLandedA71
Air France2495Baltimore5:25 PM5:30 PMLandedA77
Air France2102Salt Lake City5:29 PM5:41 PMActiveA12
Air France2846Cleveland5:35 PM5:34 PMLandedA57
Air France2811Lexington5:35 PM5:33 PMLandedA73
Air France2842Philadelphia5:40 PM7:01 PMActiveA53
Air France2857Chicago - MDW5:40 PM6:34 PMActiveA63
Air France2418San Francisco5:40 PM6:04 PMActiveA6
Air France3642Munich5:42 PM5:36 PMActiveA36
Air France9620Elmira5:45 PM5:41 PMLandedA69
Air France2870Louisville5:45 PM6:19 PMLandedC11
Air France2534Los Angeles5:49 PM5:49 PMActiveA3
Air France3509Atlanta5:50 PM7:05 PMActiveA11
Air France2137Milwaukee5:50 PM5:47 PMLandedC6
Air France9200Las Vegas5:55 PM7:19 PMActiveA20
Air France8476Orlando5:55 PM5:54 PMActiveA76
Air France9423Hartford5:55 PM5:49 PMLandedA29
Air France2804Seattle6:01 PM5:58 PMActiveA10
Air France8538Cincinnati6:01 PM5:58 PMLandedC9
Air France3605Paris6:16 PM6:15 PMActiveA28
Air France3591Rome6:21 PM6:15 PMActiveA24
Air France8962Tampa6:23 PM6:23 PMActiveA60
Air France8704Burlington8:10 PM8:25 PMScheduledB3
Air France9506Bloomington8:23 PM8:45 PMScheduledC4
Air France9381Birmingham8:35 PM ScheduledC14
Air France9330Bangor8:38 PM ScheduledA43
Air France3727Atlanta8:40 PM9:00 PMScheduledA78
Air France2688Nashville9:55 PM ScheduledA29
Air France2854Buffalo9:55 PM ScheduledA8
Air France2878Albany10:10 PM ScheduledA45
Air France2886Appleton10:13 PM11:22 PMScheduledA47
Air France5668Baltimore10:25 PM ScheduledA10
Air Georgian7364Toronto6:35 PM7:29 PMActiveD9
Air New Zealand6309Houston5:26 PM5:26 PMActiveD6
Air Wisconsin4005Washington - DCA5:20 PM5:44 PMLandedD26
Air Wisconsin3953Philadelphia6:05 PM6:02 PMLandedD24
Alaska Airlines6057Charlotte5:15 PM ActiveD24
Alaska Airlines4732New York - LGA5:15 PM6:13 PMActiveD30
Alitalia5813Minneapolis5:25 PM5:27 PMLandedA15
Alitalia3446Boston5:25 PM5:23 PMLandedA74
Alitalia5822Salt Lake City5:29 PM5:41 PMActiveA12
Alitalia3178Chicago - ORD5:35 PM8:05 PMScheduledA68
Alitalia5821San Francisco5:40 PM6:04 PMActiveA6
Alitalia3433Los Angeles5:49 PM5:49 PMActiveA3
Alitalia3503Atlanta5:50 PM7:05 PMActiveA11
Alitalia5812Milwaukee5:50 PM5:47 PMLandedC6
Alitalia5809Las Vegas5:55 PM7:19 PMActiveA20
Alitalia5811Orlando5:55 PM5:54 PMActiveA76
Alitalia5820Seattle6:01 PM5:58 PMActiveA10
Alitalia7607Rome6:21 PM6:15 PMActiveA24
Alitalia5823Tampa6:23 PM6:23 PMActiveA60
American Airlines4203New York - LGA5:15 PM6:13 PMActiveD30
American Airlines5435Charlotte5:15 PM ActiveD24
American Airlines4005Washington - DCA5:20 PM5:44 PMLandedD26
American Airlines620Phoenix5:45 PM5:44 PMActiveD25
American Airlines3953Philadelphia6:05 PM6:02 PMLandedD24
American Airlines1051Chicago - ORD6:50 PM7:15 PMActiveD17
American Airlines2185Chicago - ORD6:57 PM10:30 PMScheduledD30
Asiana Airlines6441Chicago - ORD6:51 PM6:51 PMScheduledD2
British Airways5530Chicago - ORD6:57 PM10:30 PMScheduledD30
China Eastern Airlines8850Los Angeles5:49 PM5:49 PMActiveA3
Copa Airlines8473Chicago - ORD6:51 PM6:51 PMScheduledD2
Delta Air Lines7362Pellston5:25 PM5:22 PMLandedA51
Delta Air Lines3743Pittsburgh5:25 PM5:23 PMLandedA71
Delta Air Lines5585Raleigh/Durham5:25 PM5:22 PMLandedA67
Delta Air Lines2349New York - LGA5:25 PM5:21 PMLandedA9
Delta Air Lines87Minneapolis5:25 PM5:27 PMLandedA15
Delta Air Lines1622Boston5:25 PM5:23 PMLandedA74
Delta Air Lines2144Washington - DCA5:25 PM5:29 PMLandedA5
Delta Air Lines1637Baltimore5:25 PM5:30 PMLandedA77
Delta Air Lines2017Nashville5:27 PM5:24 PMLandedA21
Delta Air Lines855Salt Lake City5:29 PM5:41 PMActiveA12
Delta Air Lines3728Columbus5:30 PM5:29 PMLandedC7
Delta Air Lines5301Indianapolis5:30 PM5:29 PMLandedB15
Delta Air Lines4514Fort Wayne5:30 PM5:27 PMLandedC2
Delta Air Lines4151Grand Rapids5:30 PM5:25 PMLandedB5
Delta Air Lines5385Houston5:30 PM5:25 PMActiveA59
Delta Air Lines687Saint Louis5:30 PM5:24 PMLandedA70
Delta Air Lines3321Lexington5:35 PM5:33 PMLandedA73
Delta Air Lines2577Newark5:35 PM5:34 PMLandedA45
Delta Air Lines1775Chicago - ORD5:35 PM8:05 PMScheduledA68
Delta Air Lines5263Cleveland5:35 PM5:34 PMLandedA57
Delta Air Lines1247Madison5:35 PM5:29 PMLandedA47
Delta Air Lines2621San Francisco5:40 PM6:04 PMActiveA6
Delta Air Lines2162Philadelphia5:40 PM7:01 PMActiveA53
Delta Air Lines5391Chicago - MDW5:40 PM6:34 PMActiveA63
Delta Air Lines22Munich5:42 PM5:36 PMActiveA36
Delta Air Lines3362Louisville5:45 PM6:19 PMLandedC11
Delta Air Lines5575Elmira5:45 PM5:41 PMLandedA69
Delta Air Lines1223Los Angeles5:49 PM5:49 PMActiveA3
Delta Air Lines4445Milwaukee5:50 PM5:47 PMLandedC6
Delta Air Lines630Atlanta5:50 PM7:05 PMActiveA11
Delta Air Lines4361London5:50 PM6:04 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines1217Las Vegas5:55 PM7:19 PMActiveA20
Delta Air Lines276Orlando5:55 PM5:54 PMActiveA76
Delta Air Lines1702Hartford5:55 PM5:49 PMLandedA29
Delta Air Lines3799Cincinnati6:01 PM5:58 PMLandedC9
Delta Air Lines2299Seattle6:01 PM5:58 PMActiveA10
Delta Air Lines98Paris6:16 PM6:15 PMActiveA28
Delta Air Lines1562Chicago - ORD6:20 PM7:20 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines236Rome6:21 PM6:15 PMActiveA24
Delta Air Lines134Amsterdam6:22 PM6:13 PMActiveA54
Delta Air Lines831Tampa6:23 PM6:23 PMActiveA60
Delta Air Lines759Atlanta7:24 PM7:20 PMActiveA6
Delta Air Lines1237Boston7:58 PM8:01 PMScheduledA76
Delta Air Lines5402Burlington8:10 PM8:25 PMScheduledB3
Delta Air Lines4530Allentown8:12 PM8:34 PMScheduledB2
Delta Air Lines136Amsterdam8:14 PM8:25 PMScheduledA36
Delta Air Lines3859Kalamazoo8:17 PM8:25 PMScheduledC2
Delta Air Lines4562Bloomington8:23 PM8:45 PMScheduledC4
Delta Air Lines5174Wilkes-Barre8:24 PM ScheduledC15
Delta Air Lines946Austin8:26 PM8:36 PMScheduledA29
Delta Air Lines5151Birmingham8:35 PM ScheduledC14
Delta Air Lines3858Bangor8:38 PM ScheduledA43
Delta Air Lines1915Atlanta8:40 PM9:00 PMScheduledA78
Delta Air Lines138Amsterdam9:45 PM9:53 PMScheduledA66
Delta Air Lines7439Binghamton9:50 PM ScheduledC2
Delta Air Lines1372Buffalo9:55 PM ScheduledA8
Delta Air Lines5272Kalamazoo9:55 PM ScheduledA51
Delta Air Lines1565Nashville9:55 PM ScheduledA29
Delta Air Lines1495Hartford10:00 PM ScheduledA53
Delta Air Lines804Albany10:10 PM ScheduledA45
Delta Air Lines2248Boston10:10 PM ScheduledA6
Delta Air Lines1628Appleton10:13 PM11:22 PMScheduledA47
Delta Air Lines793Baltimore10:25 PM ScheduledA10
Emirates6030Boston7:10 PM7:12 PMActiveD15
Endeavor Air3743Pittsburgh5:25 PM5:23 PMLandedA71
Endeavor Air4151Grand Rapids5:30 PM5:25 PMLandedB5
Endeavor Air3728Columbus5:30 PM5:29 PMLandedC7
Endeavor Air3799Cincinnati6:01 PM5:58 PMLandedC9
Endeavor Air3859Kalamazoo8:17 PM8:25 PMScheduledC2
Endeavor Air3858Bangor8:38 PM ScheduledA43
ExpressJet5585Raleigh/Durham5:25 PM5:22 PMLandedA67
ExpressJet5385Houston5:30 PM5:25 PMActiveA59
ExpressJet5301Indianapolis5:30 PM5:29 PMLandedB15
ExpressJet5263Cleveland5:35 PM5:34 PMLandedA57
ExpressJet5391Chicago - MDW5:40 PM6:34 PMActiveA63
ExpressJet5575Elmira5:45 PM5:41 PMLandedA69
ExpressJet5402Burlington8:10 PM8:25 PMScheduledB3
ExpressJet5174Wilkes-Barre8:24 PM ScheduledC15
ExpressJet5151Birmingham8:35 PM ScheduledC14
ExpressJet5272Kalamazoo9:55 PM ScheduledA51
GoJet Airlines4832Chicago - ORD6:51 PM6:51 PMScheduledD2
JetBlue Airways1336Boston7:10 PM7:12 PMActiveD15
KLM5190Raleigh/Durham5:25 PM5:22 PMLandedA67
KLM6780Baltimore5:25 PM5:30 PMLandedA77
KLM6474Boston5:25 PM5:23 PMLandedA74
KLM7220Minneapolis5:25 PM5:27 PMLandedA15
KLM6500Washington - DCA5:25 PM5:29 PMLandedA5
KLM6850Pittsburgh5:25 PM5:23 PMLandedA71
KLM6590New York - LGA5:25 PM5:21 PMLandedA9
KLM5143Nashville5:27 PM5:24 PMLandedA21
KLM5303Salt Lake City5:29 PM5:41 PMActiveA12
KLM7086Indianapolis5:30 PM5:29 PMLandedB15
KLM6568Grand Rapids5:30 PM5:25 PMLandedB5
KLM7858Fort Wayne5:30 PM5:27 PMLandedC2
KLM5425Columbus5:30 PM5:29 PMLandedC7
KLM5662Houston5:30 PM5:25 PMActiveA59
KLM5333Saint Louis5:30 PM5:24 PMLandedA70
KLM7764Lexington5:35 PM5:33 PMLandedA73
KLM5380Madison5:35 PM5:29 PMLandedA47
KLM5050Newark5:35 PM5:34 PMLandedA45
KLM8250Chicago - ORD5:35 PM8:05 PMScheduledA68
KLM5580Cleveland5:35 PM5:34 PMLandedA57
KLM5012San Francisco5:40 PM6:04 PMActiveA6
KLM7954Chicago - MDW5:40 PM6:34 PMActiveA63
KLM5424Philadelphia5:40 PM7:01 PMActiveA53
KLM6047Munich5:42 PM5:36 PMActiveA36
KLM5482Elmira5:45 PM5:41 PMLandedA69
KLM5080Louisville5:45 PM6:19 PMLandedC11
KLM6248Los Angeles5:49 PM5:49 PMActiveA3
KLM7217Atlanta5:50 PM7:05 PMActiveA11
KLM6344Milwaukee5:50 PM5:47 PMLandedC6
KLM5412Hartford5:55 PM5:49 PMLandedA29
KLM6698Las Vegas5:55 PM7:19 PMActiveA20
KLM7074Orlando5:55 PM5:54 PMActiveA76
KLM5750Cincinnati6:01 PM5:58 PMLandedC9
KLM6686Seattle6:01 PM5:58 PMActiveA10
KLM6036Rome6:21 PM6:15 PMActiveA24
KLM6119Amsterdam6:22 PM6:13 PMActiveA54
KLM6472Tampa6:23 PM6:23 PMActiveA60
KLM7011Atlanta7:24 PM7:20 PMActiveA6
KLM5117Boston7:58 PM8:01 PMScheduledA76
KLM5650Burlington8:10 PM8:25 PMScheduledB3
KLM6268Allentown8:12 PM8:34 PMScheduledB2
KLM6034Amsterdam8:14 PM8:25 PMScheduledA36
KLM5488Kalamazoo8:17 PM8:25 PMScheduledC2
KLM6656Bloomington8:23 PM8:45 PMScheduledC4
KLM5772Wilkes-Barre8:24 PM ScheduledC15
KLM5558Austin8:26 PM8:36 PMScheduledA29
KLM6700Birmingham8:35 PM ScheduledC14
KLM6284Bangor8:38 PM ScheduledA43
KLM6048Amsterdam9:45 PM9:53 PMScheduledA66
KLM5820Buffalo9:55 PM ScheduledA8
KLM6936Nashville9:55 PM ScheduledA29
KLM5119Hartford10:00 PM ScheduledA53
KLM5440Albany10:10 PM ScheduledA45
KLM6638Appleton10:13 PM11:22 PMScheduledA47
KLM6460Baltimore10:25 PM ScheduledA10
Lufthansa7525Chicago - ORD6:51 PM6:51 PMScheduledD2
Mesa Airlines6111Houston5:26 PM5:26 PMActiveD6
PSA Airlines5435Charlotte5:15 PM ActiveD24
Qantas4850Chicago - ORD6:57 PM10:30 PMScheduledD30
Qatar Airways4239Boston7:10 PM7:12 PMActiveD15
Republic Airlines3384Newark6:41 PM6:41 PMActiveD4
Royal Jordanian263Chicago - ORD6:20 PM6:52 PMActive 
Royal Jordanian7291Chicago - ORD6:57 PM10:30 PMScheduledD30
SAS8754Chicago - ORD6:51 PM6:51 PMScheduledD2
Shuttle America3321Lexington5:35 PM5:33 PMLandedA73
Shuttle America3362Louisville5:45 PM6:19 PMLandedC11
SkyWest Airlines7362Pellston5:25 PM5:22 PMLandedA51
SkyWest Airlines4514Fort Wayne5:30 PM5:27 PMLandedC2
SkyWest Airlines4445Milwaukee5:50 PM5:47 PMLandedC6
SkyWest Airlines4530Allentown8:12 PM8:34 PMScheduledB2
SkyWest Airlines4562Bloomington8:23 PM8:45 PMScheduledC4
SkyWest Airlines7439Binghamton9:50 PM ScheduledC2
Southwest Airlines1141Atlanta5:50 PM5:58 PMActiveD21
Southwest Airlines828Nashville6:05 PM6:52 PMActiveD23
Southwest Airlines3786Chicago - MDW6:35 PM7:15 PMScheduledD21
Spirit Airlines730Chicago - ORD5:41 PM7:22 PMActiveD10
Spirit Airlines388Fort Lauderdale6:47 PM6:55 PMActiveD14
Spirit Airlines569Atlanta7:15 PM7:13 PMActiveD12
Trans States Airlines4203New York - LGA5:15 PM6:13 PMActiveD30
Turkish Airlines8661Toronto6:35 PM7:29 PMActiveD9
Turkish Airlines8910Boston7:10 PM7:12 PMActiveD15
United Airlines6111Houston5:26 PM5:26 PMActiveD6
United Airlines8053Toronto6:35 PM7:29 PMActiveD9
United Airlines3384Newark6:41 PM6:41 PMActiveD4
United Airlines4832Chicago - ORD6:51 PM6:51 PMScheduledD2
Virgin Atlantic2733Washington - DCA5:25 PM5:29 PMLandedA5
Virgin Atlantic5645Minneapolis5:25 PM5:27 PMLandedA15
Virgin Atlantic2749Raleigh/Durham5:25 PM5:22 PMLandedA67
Virgin Atlantic2720Baltimore5:25 PM5:30 PMLandedA77
Virgin Atlantic5649Pittsburgh5:25 PM5:23 PMLandedA71
Virgin Atlantic4260Boston5:25 PM5:23 PMLandedA74
Virgin Atlantic2446New York - LGA5:25 PM5:21 PMLandedA9
Virgin Atlantic4317Nashville5:27 PM5:24 PMLandedA21
Virgin Atlantic5757Salt Lake City5:29 PM5:41 PMActiveA12
Virgin Atlantic5639Indianapolis5:30 PM5:29 PMLandedB15
Virgin Atlantic5791Columbus5:30 PM5:29 PMLandedC7
Virgin Atlantic5827Grand Rapids5:30 PM5:25 PMLandedB5
Virgin Atlantic5763Saint Louis5:30 PM5:24 PMLandedA70
Virgin Atlantic5775Houston5:30 PM5:25 PMActiveA59
Virgin Atlantic4490Newark5:35 PM5:34 PMLandedA45
Virgin Atlantic4337Lexington5:35 PM5:33 PMLandedA73
Virgin Atlantic5851Madison5:35 PM5:29 PMLandedA47
Virgin Atlantic5116Cleveland5:35 PM5:34 PMLandedA57
Virgin Atlantic5787Chicago - ORD5:35 PM8:05 PMScheduledA68
Virgin Atlantic4596San Francisco5:40 PM6:04 PMActiveA6
Virgin Atlantic2454Chicago - MDW5:40 PM6:34 PMActiveA63
Virgin Atlantic2744Philadelphia5:40 PM7:01 PMActiveA53
Virgin Atlantic2417Elmira5:45 PM5:41 PMLandedA69
Virgin Atlantic5685Louisville5:45 PM6:19 PMLandedC11
Virgin Atlantic5707Los Angeles5:49 PM5:49 PMActiveA3
Virgin Atlantic5809Atlanta5:50 PM7:05 PMActiveA11
Virgin Atlantic108London5:50 PM6:04 PMActive 
Virgin Atlantic5857Milwaukee5:50 PM5:47 PMLandedC6
Virgin Atlantic3123Orlando5:55 PM5:54 PMActiveA76
Virgin Atlantic2311Hartford5:55 PM5:49 PMLandedA29
Virgin Atlantic5699Las Vegas5:55 PM7:19 PMActiveA20
Virgin Atlantic2181Seattle6:01 PM5:58 PMActiveA10
Virgin Atlantic4390Cincinnati6:01 PM5:58 PMLandedC9
Virgin Atlantic5815Tampa6:23 PM6:23 PMActiveA60
Virgin Atlantic5761Atlanta7:24 PM7:20 PMActiveA6
Virgin Atlantic4264Boston7:58 PM8:01 PMScheduledA76
Virgin Atlantic4615Burlington8:10 PM8:25 PMScheduledB3
Virgin Atlantic4346Allentown8:12 PM8:34 PMScheduledB2
Virgin Atlantic5482Kalamazoo8:17 PM8:25 PMScheduledC2
Virgin Atlantic5985Bloomington8:23 PM8:45 PMScheduledC4
Virgin Atlantic5495Wilkes-Barre8:24 PM ScheduledC15
Virgin Atlantic3110Austin8:26 PM8:36 PMScheduledA29
Virgin Atlantic4321Birmingham8:35 PM ScheduledC14
Virgin Atlantic2004Bangor8:38 PM ScheduledA43
Virgin Atlantic5811Atlanta8:40 PM9:00 PMScheduledA78
Virgin Atlantic5609Buffalo9:55 PM ScheduledA8
Virgin Atlantic2908Kalamazoo9:55 PM ScheduledA51
Virgin Atlantic5607Nashville9:55 PM ScheduledA29
Virgin Atlantic2713Hartford10:00 PM ScheduledA53
Virgin Atlantic4224Boston10:10 PM ScheduledA6
Virgin Atlantic5693Albany10:10 PM ScheduledA45
Virgin Atlantic3109Appleton10:13 PM11:22 PMScheduledA47
Virgin Atlantic2721Baltimore10:25 PM ScheduledA10
Virgin Australia6653New York - LGA5:25 PM5:21 PMLandedA9
Virgin Australia6535Los Angeles5:49 PM5:49 PMActiveA3
WestJet6665Washington - DCA5:25 PM5:29 PMLandedA5
WestJet6941Pittsburgh5:25 PM5:23 PMLandedA71
WestJet6333Baltimore5:25 PM5:30 PMLandedA77
WestJet6443Columbus5:30 PM5:29 PMLandedC7
WestJet6336Cleveland5:35 PM5:34 PMLandedA57
WestJet6957Philadelphia5:40 PM7:01 PMActiveA53
WestJet7051Milwaukee5:50 PM5:47 PMLandedC6
WestJet7044Hartford5:55 PM5:49 PMLandedA29
WestJet6371Austin8:26 PM8:36 PMScheduledA29
WestJet6485Hartford10:00 PM ScheduledA53
WestJet6386Baltimore10:25 PM ScheduledA10

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