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* Flight information provided for future 8 hour period.
190 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberTOScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Aeromexico5223Los Angeles8:08 PM8:08 PMActive 
Aeromexico5678Milwaukee8:14 PM8:12 PMLanded 
Aeromexico5667Buffalo8:25 PM8:15 PMLanded 
Air France5796Toronto8:00 PM8:00 PMLanded 
Air France9359Las Vegas8:00 PM7:51 PMActive 
Air France2765New York - JFK8:00 PM7:55 PMLanded 
Air France9188Hartford8:00 PM7:54 PMLanded 
Air France8830New York - LGA8:00 PM7:56 PMLanded 
Air France9261Columbus8:00 PM7:52 PMLanded 
Air France2286Philadelphia8:05 PM8:02 PMLanded 
Air France9482Chattanooga8:05 PM8:02 PMLanded 
Air France2088Memphis8:05 PM7:59 PMLanded 
Air France2576Los Angeles8:08 PM8:08 PMActive 
Air France2856Greensboro/High Point8:10 PM8:05 PMLanded 
Air France8935Washington - IAD8:10 PM8:07 PMLanded 
Air France5850Raleigh/Durham8:11 PM8:08 PMLanded 
Air France3364Milwaukee8:14 PM8:12 PMLanded 
Air France2588Fort Myers8:15 PM8:08 PMLanded 
Air France2908Moline8:15 PM8:15 PMLanded 
Air France2866Pittsburgh8:21 PM9:13 PMLanded 
Air France2110Tampa8:21 PM8:07 PMLanded 
Air France5916Traverse City8:21 PM8:16 PMLanded 
Air France2598Austin8:21 PM8:14 PMActive 
Air France2928Tulsa8:22 PM8:13 PMLanded 
Air France2864Akron8:26 PM8:26 PMLanded 
Air France8958Madison8:28 PM8:19 PMLanded 
Air France6886Orlando8:30 PM8:26 PMLanded 
Air France8630Lansing8:32 PM8:25 PMLanded 
Air France377Paris9:35 PM9:18 PMActive 
Air France3665London10:14 PM10:17 PMActive 
Alitalia3404New York - JFK8:00 PM7:55 PMLanded 
Alitalia2633Paris9:35 PM9:18 PMActive 
American Airlines2088Philadelphia8:25 PM8:48 PMLandedD25
Compass Airlines5711Austin8:21 PM8:14 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines1495Hartford8:00 PM7:54 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1195New York - JFK8:00 PM7:55 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1821Toronto8:00 PM8:00 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1220Washington - DCA8:00 PM7:59 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1917Las Vegas8:00 PM7:51 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines188New York - LGA8:00 PM7:56 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5185Columbus8:00 PM7:52 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines53Sao Paulo8:02 PM7:57 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines5436Chattanooga8:05 PM8:02 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1930Memphis8:05 PM7:59 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1749Philadelphia8:05 PM8:02 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5141Cleveland8:06 PM8:01 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1845Los Angeles8:08 PM8:08 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines3668Greensboro/High Point8:10 PM8:05 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines7425Sault Ste. Marie8:10 PM8:13 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5432Washington - IAD8:10 PM8:07 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1210Raleigh/Durham8:11 PM8:08 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5307Houston8:13 PM8:09 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines4442Milwaukee8:14 PM8:12 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4770Moline8:15 PM8:15 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1541Fort Myers8:15 PM8:08 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4959Wilkes-Barre8:15 PM8:08 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines7386Escanaba8:15 PM8:07 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5054Lexington8:15 PM8:13 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4040Indianapolis8:18 PM8:13 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5711Austin8:21 PM8:14 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines1375Tampa8:21 PM8:07 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3991Traverse City8:21 PM8:16 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines2656Pittsburgh8:21 PM9:13 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5365Tulsa8:22 PM8:13 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3656Buffalo8:25 PM8:15 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3717Akron8:26 PM8:26 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3730Norfolk8:28 PM8:24 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines870Madison8:28 PM8:19 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines7435Pellston8:29 PM8:22 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines2245Orlando8:30 PM8:26 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5019Lansing8:32 PM8:25 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5196Kalamazoo8:34 PM8:29 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines6299New Orleans8:38 PM8:29 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines138Amsterdam8:45 PM8:34 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines8573Paris9:35 PM9:18 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines7406Binghamton9:50 PM9:41 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines18London10:14 PM10:17 PMActive 
Endeavor Air3668Greensboro/High Point8:10 PM8:05 PMLanded 
Endeavor Air4040Indianapolis8:18 PM8:13 PMLanded 
Endeavor Air3991Traverse City8:21 PM8:16 PMLanded 
Endeavor Air3656Buffalo8:25 PM8:15 PMLanded 
Endeavor Air3717Akron8:26 PM8:26 PMLanded 
Endeavor Air3730Norfolk8:28 PM8:24 PMLanded 
ExpressJet5185Columbus8:00 PM7:52 PMLanded 
ExpressJet5436Chattanooga8:05 PM8:02 PMLanded 
ExpressJet5141Cleveland8:06 PM8:01 PMLanded 
ExpressJet5432Washington - IAD8:10 PM8:07 PMLanded 
ExpressJet5307Houston8:13 PM8:09 PMActive 
ExpressJet5054Lexington8:15 PM8:13 PMLanded 
ExpressJet4959Wilkes-Barre8:15 PM8:08 PMLanded 
ExpressJet5365Tulsa8:22 PM8:13 PMLanded 
ExpressJet5019Lansing8:32 PM8:25 PMLanded 
ExpressJet5196Kalamazoo8:34 PM8:29 PMLanded 
FedEx505Memphis8:20 PM8:47 PMLanded 
GoJet Airlines6299New Orleans8:38 PM8:29 PMActive 
Gol8005Sao Paulo8:02 PM7:57 PMActive 
KLM7250Toronto8:00 PM8:00 PMLanded 
KLM5535New York - JFK8:00 PM7:55 PMLanded 
KLM5411New York - LGA8:00 PM7:56 PMLanded 
KLM6550Las Vegas8:00 PM7:51 PMActive 
KLM5686Washington - DCA8:00 PM7:59 PMLanded 
KLM5412Hartford8:00 PM7:54 PMLanded 
KLM5425Columbus8:00 PM7:52 PMLanded 
KLM6940Chattanooga8:05 PM8:02 PMLanded 
KLM6498Philadelphia8:05 PM8:02 PMLanded 
KLM6584Memphis8:05 PM7:59 PMLanded 
KLM5580Cleveland8:06 PM8:01 PMLanded 
KLM6248Los Angeles8:08 PM8:08 PMActive 
KLM5782Greensboro/High Point8:10 PM8:05 PMLanded 
KLM5652Washington - IAD8:10 PM8:07 PMLanded 
KLM6786Raleigh/Durham8:11 PM8:08 PMLanded 
KLM5606Houston8:13 PM8:09 PMActive 
KLM5304Milwaukee8:14 PM8:12 PMLanded 
KLM5772Wilkes-Barre8:15 PM8:08 PMLanded 
KLM5509Lexington8:15 PM8:13 PMLanded 
KLM5214Fort Myers8:15 PM8:08 PMLanded 
KLM5796Moline8:15 PM8:15 PMLanded 
KLM5130Indianapolis8:18 PM8:13 PMLanded 
KLM5597Pittsburgh8:21 PM9:13 PMLanded 
KLM5944Tampa8:21 PM8:07 PMLanded 
KLM7376Austin8:21 PM8:14 PMActive 
KLM5514Traverse City8:21 PM8:16 PMLanded 
KLM7106Tulsa8:22 PM8:13 PMLanded 
KLM5903Buffalo8:25 PM8:15 PMLanded 
KLM5485Akron8:26 PM8:26 PMLanded 
KLM5260Madison8:28 PM8:19 PMLanded 
KLM5446Norfolk8:28 PM8:24 PMLanded 
KLM5576Orlando8:30 PM8:26 PMLanded 
KLM5948Lansing8:32 PM8:25 PMLanded 
KLM5488Kalamazoo8:34 PM8:29 PMLanded 
KLM5702New Orleans8:38 PM8:29 PMActive 
KLM6048Amsterdam8:45 PM8:34 PMActive 
KLM6078London10:14 PM10:17 PMActive 
SkyWest Airlines7425Sault Ste. Marie8:10 PM8:13 PMLanded 
SkyWest Airlines4442Milwaukee8:14 PM8:12 PMLanded 
SkyWest Airlines4770Moline8:15 PM8:15 PMLanded 
SkyWest Airlines7386Escanaba8:15 PM8:07 PMLanded 
SkyWest Airlines7435Pellston8:29 PM8:22 PMLanded 
SkyWest Airlines7406Binghamton9:50 PM9:41 PMActive 
Spirit Airlines689Fort Myers8:22 PM11:05 PMScheduledD14
TAROM9514Paris9:35 PM9:18 PMActive 
Virgin Atlantic2734Washington - DCA8:00 PM7:59 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4315Toronto8:00 PM8:00 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic3120New York - JFK8:00 PM7:55 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2713Hartford8:00 PM7:54 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5701Las Vegas8:00 PM7:51 PMActive 
Virgin Atlantic5793Columbus8:00 PM7:52 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2737New York - LGA8:00 PM7:56 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2745Philadelphia8:05 PM8:02 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2870Chattanooga8:05 PM8:02 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4589Memphis8:05 PM7:59 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5116Cleveland8:06 PM8:01 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5709Los Angeles8:08 PM8:08 PMActive 
Virgin Atlantic4424Washington - IAD8:10 PM8:07 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5829Greensboro/High Point8:10 PM8:05 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2470Raleigh/Durham8:11 PM8:08 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5635Houston8:13 PM8:09 PMActive 
Virgin Atlantic5869Milwaukee8:14 PM8:12 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5494Wilkes-Barre8:15 PM8:08 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2015Moline8:15 PM8:15 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic3345Fort Myers8:15 PM8:08 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5833Lexington8:15 PM8:13 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5639Indianapolis8:18 PM8:13 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2480Traverse City8:21 PM8:16 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5739Pittsburgh8:21 PM9:13 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5603Austin8:21 PM8:14 PMActive 
Virgin Atlantic5817Tampa8:21 PM8:07 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5781Tulsa8:22 PM8:13 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4371Buffalo8:25 PM8:15 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2404Akron8:26 PM8:26 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2017Norfolk8:28 PM8:24 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5555Madison8:28 PM8:19 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic3123Orlando8:30 PM8:26 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2441Lansing8:32 PM8:25 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2908Kalamazoo8:34 PM8:29 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic3639New Orleans8:38 PM8:29 PMActive 
Virgin Atlantic4018London10:14 PM10:17 PMActive 
Virgin Australia6639New York - LGA8:00 PM7:56 PMLanded 
Virgin Australia6538Los Angeles8:08 PM8:08 PMActive 
WestJet6395Columbus8:00 PM7:52 PMLanded 
WestJet7011Hartford8:00 PM7:54 PMLanded 
WestJet6464Toronto8:00 PM8:00 PMLanded 
WestJet6318Washington - DCA8:00 PM7:59 PMLanded 
WestJet6958Philadelphia8:05 PM8:02 PMLanded 
WestJet6389Cleveland8:06 PM8:01 PMLanded 
WestJet6880Washington - IAD8:10 PM8:07 PMLanded 
WestJet6670Houston8:13 PM8:09 PMActive 
WestJet7051Milwaukee8:14 PM8:12 PMLanded 
WestJet6626Austin8:21 PM8:14 PMActive 
WestJet6669Pittsburgh8:21 PM9:13 PMLanded 

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