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* Flight information provided for future 8 hour period.
68 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberTOScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Aer Lingus5307Boston6:15 AM6:15 AMScheduledD17
Aer Lingus6074Chicago - ORD7:35 AM7:35 AMScheduledD4
Aeromexico5655Atlanta6:20 AM ScheduledA46
Aeromexico5652Atlanta7:25 AM ScheduledA64
Air Canada7360Toronto7:00 AM ScheduledD5
Air Canada5391Chicago - ORD7:35 AM7:35 AMScheduledD4
Air China7436Newark6:10 AM6:10 AMScheduledD6
Air Georgian7360Toronto7:00 AM ScheduledD5
Air New Zealand6309Houston6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD5
Alaska Airlines8004Chicago - ORD6:05 AM6:05 AMScheduledD30
American Airlines1923Miami5:25 AM5:25 AMScheduledD26
American Airlines1241Dallas6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD24
American Airlines399Chicago - ORD6:05 AM6:05 AMScheduledD30
American Airlines1953Charlotte6:30 AM6:30 AMScheduledD25
American Airlines4728Philadelphia6:45 AM6:45 AMScheduledD10
American Airlines495Phoenix7:15 AM7:15 AMScheduledD32
American Airlines2215Dallas7:46 AM7:46 AMScheduledD28
ANA7129Dulles5:45 AM5:45 AMScheduledD5B
ANA7719Chicago - ORD7:35 AM7:35 AMScheduledD4
Atlas Air131Cincinnati12:44 AM2:09 AMLanded 
AVIANCA2061Dulles5:45 AM5:45 AMScheduledD5B
British Airways5617Chicago - ORD6:05 AM6:05 AMScheduledD30
Copa Airlines8320Dulles5:45 AM5:45 AMScheduledD5B
Copa Airlines8391Chicago - ORD7:35 AM7:35 AMScheduledD4
Delta Air Lines2283Atlanta6:20 AM ScheduledA46
Delta Air Lines1640Atlanta7:25 AM ScheduledA64
Delta Air Lines1728Orlando7:30 AM ScheduledA50
Delta Air Lines1604Fort Lauderdale7:45 AM ScheduledA10
Emirates6296Boston6:15 AM6:15 AMScheduledD17
Etihad Airways3048Chicago - ORD6:05 AM6:05 AMScheduledD30
FedEx653Memphis7:48 AM Scheduled 
Frontier Airlines623Denver6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD16
Frontier Airlines1881Phoenix7:00 AM7:00 AMScheduledD16
Gulf Air4273Dallas7:46 AM7:46 AMScheduledD28
Iberia9009Miami5:25 AM5:25 AMScheduledD26
IFL Group521Pontiac4:35 AM4:45 AMScheduled 
JAL5895Boston6:15 AM6:15 AMScheduledD17
JetBlue Airways1836Boston6:15 AM6:15 AMScheduledD17
JetBlue Airways1589Fort Lauderdale7:15 AM7:15 AMScheduledD17
LATAM Airlines8626Miami5:25 AM5:25 AMScheduledD26
LATAM Airlines Argentina6356Miami5:25 AM5:25 AMScheduledD26
LATAM Airlines Brasil2143Miami5:25 AM5:25 AMScheduledD26
Mesa Airlines6320Dulles5:45 AM5:45 AMScheduledD5B
Mesa Airlines6054Houston6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD5
Qantas4748Dallas6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD24
Qantas4386Chicago - ORD6:05 AM6:05 AMScheduledD30
Qantas4753Dallas7:46 AM7:46 AMScheduledD28
Qatar Airways5500Philadelphia6:45 AM6:45 AMScheduledD10
Qatar Airways5260Dallas7:46 AM7:46 AMScheduledD28
Republic Airlines3418Newark6:10 AM6:10 AMScheduledD6
Republic Airlines4728Philadelphia6:45 AM6:45 AMScheduledD10
South African Airways7497Dulles5:45 AM5:45 AMScheduledD5B
Southwest Airlines4949Denver5:30 AM5:30 AMScheduledD21
Southwest Airlines4611Baltimore6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD23
Southwest Airlines5664Atlanta6:15 AM6:15 AMScheduledD20
Southwest Airlines4757Chicago - MDW6:50 AM6:50 AMScheduledD19
Southwest Airlines5780Nashville7:10 AM7:10 AMScheduledD21
Southwest Airlines4036Saint Louis7:55 AM7:55 AMScheduledD23
Spirit Airlines316New York - LGA6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD14
Spirit Airlines111Las Vegas6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD11
Spirit Airlines417Fort Lauderdale6:30 AM6:30 AMScheduledD15
Spirit Airlines605Fort Myers6:35 AM6:35 AMScheduledD12
Spirit Airlines939Houston7:15 AM7:15 AMScheduledD8
United Airlines6320Dulles5:45 AM5:45 AMScheduledD5B
United Airlines6054Houston6:00 AM6:00 AMScheduledD5
United Airlines3418Newark6:10 AM6:10 AMScheduledD6
United Airlines8150Toronto7:00 AM ScheduledD5
United Airlines1891Chicago - ORD7:35 AM7:35 AMScheduledD4

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