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* Flight information provided for future 8 hour period.
506 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberFROMScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Aer Lingus5306Boston6:19 PM5:59 PMLandedD17
Aer Lingus6079Chicago - ORD9:36 PM9:36 PMScheduledD6
Aer Lingus5308Boston9:52 PM9:42 PMScheduledD17
Aeromexico5547Atlanta12:21 AM ScheduledA46
Aeromexico5069Monterrey6:01 PM5:33 PMLandedA30
Aeromexico5183Atlanta6:20 PM5:52 PMLandedA29
Aeromexico5007Mexico City6:30 PM6:00 PMLandedA34
Aeromexico5851Milwaukee6:48 PM6:24 PMLandedA17
Aeromexico4019Buffalo7:01 PM6:26 PMLandedB6
Aeromexico5864Chicago - ORD7:06 PM6:42 PMLandedA3
Aeromexico4962Dallas7:14 PM6:46 PMLandedA19
Aeromexico4021Los Angeles7:18 PM1:58 PMLandedA64
Aeromexico4025Phoenix7:24 PM7:24 PMActiveA18
Aeromexico5172Atlanta7:40 PM7:33 PMActiveA46
Aeromexico5187Atlanta8:55 PM8:52 PMActiveA8
Aeromexico5066Los Angeles9:07 PM9:00 PMActiveA3
Air Canada7365Toronto6:01 PM5:45 PMLanded 
Air Canada3969Chicago - ORD9:36 PM9:36 PMScheduledD6
Air Canada7367Toronto10:01 PM Scheduled 
Air Europa3307New York - JFK7:13 PM6:43 PMLandedA57
Air Europa3306New York - JFK9:15 PM8:46 PMActiveB1
Air France2570Atlanta12:21 AM ScheduledA46
Air France9362Orlando5:00 PM4:29 PMLandedA70
Air France2581Monterrey6:01 PM5:33 PMLandedA30
Air France2291Minneapolis6:14 PM6:07 PMLandedA67
Air France2470Atlanta6:20 PM5:52 PMLandedA29
Air France8841Saginaw6:20 PM6:01 PMLandedC9
Air France378Paris6:20 PM6:14 PMLanded 
Air France8715Portland6:26 PM6:18 PMLandedA5
Air France2427Cincinnati6:30 PM6:24 PMLandedA55
Air France2571Mexico City6:30 PM6:00 PMLandedA34
Air France6821Des Moines6:31 PM6:11 PMLandedC25
Air France2645Grand Rapids6:32 PM6:13 PMLandedB4
Air France2439Columbus6:40 PM6:21 PMLandedC4
Air France2200Newark6:42 PM6:15 PMLandedB16
Air France2180Lexington6:44 PM6:33 PMLandedC24
Air France2531Miami6:44 PM6:40 PMLandedA70
Air France2475Portland6:44 PM6:17 PMLandedB5
Air France2875Hartford6:45 PM6:22 PMLandedA71
Air France2526Milwaukee6:48 PM6:24 PMLandedA17
Air France2238Kalamazoo6:49 PM6:22 PMLandedB1
Air France2447Kansas City6:52 PM6:39 PMLandedA4
Air France2307Orlando6:53 PM6:26 PMLandedA72
Air France5645New Orleans6:54 PM6:35 PMLandedA66
Air France2467San Francisco6:55 PM6:47 PMLandedA38
Air France5689Denver6:55 PM6:42 PMLandedA68
Air France5797Montreal6:56 PM6:54 PMLandedA47
Air France2130Tampa6:57 PM7:02 PMLandedA60
Air France2821Rochester6:58 PM6:39 PMLandedA59
Air France2465Pittsburgh7:00 PM6:38 PMLandedA49
Air France2497Houston7:00 PM6:29 PMLandedA31
Air France3719Green Bay7:00 PM6:35 PMLandedB8
Air France2995Providence7:00 PM6:35 PMLandedA6
Air France2295Fort Lauderdale7:00 PM6:35 PMLandedA33
Air France2835Buffalo7:01 PM6:26 PMLandedB6
Air France2628Indianapolis7:03 PM6:50 PMLandedC21
Air France2743Traverse City7:03 PM6:46 PMLandedC14
Air France2785Seattle7:04 PM6:50 PMLandedA2
Air France2229Chicago - MDW7:06 PM6:40 PMLandedB18
Air France2399Charlotte7:06 PM6:49 PMLandedB2
Air France5627Fort Myers7:07 PM6:46 PMLandedA18
Air France2301Las Vegas7:08 PM7:05 PMLandedA12
Air France5761San Antonio7:08 PM6:36 PMLandedB11
Air France2805Syracuse7:08 PM6:49 PMLandedC20
Air France2239Middletown7:10 PM6:47 PMLandedC16
Air France2691Madison7:10 PM6:57 PMLandedA35
Air France2123Raleigh/Durham7:11 PM6:45 PMLandedC23
Air France8921New York - JFK7:13 PM6:43 PMLandedA57
Air France2415Louisville7:13 PM6:57 PMLandedC25
Air France2395Toronto7:13 PM6:56 PMLandedB20
Air France5687Dallas7:14 PM6:46 PMLandedA19
Air France9199Elmira7:14 PM7:01 PMLandedA63
Air France2143Boston7:16 PM6:59 PMLandedA40
Air France2921Washington - DCA7:18 PM7:10 PMActiveA34
Air France2376Saint Louis7:18 PM6:59 PMLandedA4
Air France6863Dulles7:19 PM6:51 PMLandedA51
Air France2298Norfolk7:19 PM7:01 PMLandedC11
Air France5791Knoxville7:21 PM7:02 PMLandedB10
Air France5965Cedar Rapids7:22 PM7:13 PMActiveC18
Air France2577Salt Lake City7:23 PM7:10 PMLandedA75
Air France3705Phoenix7:24 PM7:24 PMActiveA18
Air France9532New York - LGA7:24 PM6:56 PMLandedA27
Air France2480Greensboro/High Point7:24 PM7:07 PMLandedC2
Air France2909Cleveland7:24 PM7:04 PMActiveB15
Air France5809Philadelphia7:25 PM7:09 PMLandedA68
Air France2282Baltimore7:29 PM7:19 PMActiveC23
Air France2486Atlanta8:55 PM8:52 PMActiveA8
Air France2755New York - JFK9:15 PM8:46 PMActiveB1
Air France8578Salt Lake City10:34 PM10:29 PMActiveA5
Air Georgian7365Toronto6:01 PM5:45 PMLanded 
Air Georgian7367Toronto10:01 PM Scheduled 
Air New Zealand6561Houston5:04 PM4:37 PMLandedD2
Air New Zealand6560Houston11:23 PM11:10 PMScheduledD4
Air Wisconsin4297Philadelphia8:06 PM7:45 PMActiveD26
Alaska Airlines8459Chicago - ORD5:18 PM5:34 PMLandedD24
Alaska Airlines8417Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMScheduledD32
Alaska Airlines4427Chicago - ORD11:59 PM ScheduledD30
Alitalia5837Orlando5:00 PM4:29 PMLandedA70
Alitalia2632Paris6:20 PM6:14 PMLanded 
Alitalia3179Atlanta8:55 PM8:52 PMActiveA8
American Airlines3780Chicago - ORD5:18 PM5:34 PMLandedD24
American Airlines1656Charlotte6:25 PM6:08 PMLandedD25
American Airlines301Dallas6:34 PM6:20 PMLandedD24
American Airlines4297Philadelphia8:06 PM7:45 PMActiveD26
American Airlines4637New York - LGA8:27 PM8:08 PMActiveD9
American Airlines3216Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMScheduledD32
American Airlines4497Washington - DCA9:24 PM9:24 PMScheduledD10
American Airlines2067Charlotte9:52 PM9:45 PMScheduledD28
American Airlines1418Dallas10:06 PM10:20 PMScheduledD26
American Airlines5070Philadelphia10:08 PM10:08 PMScheduledD18
American Airlines424Phoenix10:12 PM10:19 PMActiveD30
American Airlines1984Miami10:38 PM10:29 PMScheduledD24
American Airlines2583Dallas11:56 PM ScheduledD32
American Airlines2943Chicago - ORD11:59 PM ScheduledD30
ANA7128Dulles6:45 PM7:36 PMActiveD6
ANA7348Chicago - ORD9:36 PM9:36 PMScheduledD6
Austrian7721Chicago - ORD9:36 PM9:36 PMScheduledD6
AVIANCA2230Dulles6:45 PM7:36 PMActiveD6
AVIANCA2060Dulles11:47 PM11:47 PMScheduledD5
British Airways4793Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMScheduledD32
Brussels Airlines9601Toronto6:01 PM5:45 PMLanded 
Brussels Airlines9058Dulles6:45 PM7:36 PMActiveD6
Cathay Pacific7554Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMScheduledD32
China Eastern Airlines8887Beijing6:00 PM5:57 PMLandedA36
China Eastern Airlines4196New York - JFK7:13 PM6:43 PMLandedA57
China Eastern Airlines8819Los Angeles9:07 PM9:00 PMActiveA3
China Southern Airlines1020Beijing6:00 PM5:57 PMLandedA36
Copa Airlines2595Dulles6:45 PM7:36 PMActiveD6
Delta Air Lines1290Atlanta12:21 AM ScheduledA46
Delta Air Lines2001Orlando5:00 PM4:29 PMLandedA70
Delta Air Lines188Beijing6:00 PM5:57 PMLandedA36
Delta Air Lines749Monterrey6:01 PM5:33 PMLandedA30
Delta Air Lines53Minneapolis6:14 PM6:07 PMLandedA67
Delta Air Lines8572Paris6:20 PM6:14 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4767Saginaw6:20 PM6:01 PMLandedC9
Delta Air Lines1227Atlanta6:20 PM5:52 PMLandedA29
Delta Air Lines2198Portland6:26 PM6:18 PMLandedA5
Delta Air Lines3298Cincinnati6:30 PM6:24 PMLandedA55
Delta Air Lines512Mexico City6:30 PM6:00 PMLandedA34
Delta Air Lines4114Des Moines6:31 PM6:11 PMLandedC25
Delta Air Lines5473Grand Rapids6:32 PM6:13 PMLandedB4
Delta Air Lines4546Columbus6:40 PM6:21 PMLandedC4
Delta Air Lines6245Newark6:42 PM6:15 PMLandedB16
Delta Air Lines896Miami6:44 PM6:40 PMLandedA70
Delta Air Lines4653Lexington6:44 PM6:33 PMLandedC24
Delta Air Lines6231Portland6:44 PM6:17 PMLandedB5
Delta Air Lines744Hartford6:45 PM6:22 PMLandedA71
Delta Air Lines2543Milwaukee6:48 PM6:24 PMLandedA17
Delta Air Lines6196Kalamazoo6:49 PM6:22 PMLandedB1
Delta Air Lines3672Manchester6:50 PM6:30 PMLandedA45
Delta Air Lines758Kansas City6:52 PM6:39 PMLandedA4
Delta Air Lines2517Orlando6:53 PM6:26 PMLandedA72
Delta Air Lines1667New Orleans6:54 PM6:35 PMLandedA66
Delta Air Lines745San Francisco6:55 PM6:47 PMLandedA38
Delta Air Lines1645Denver6:55 PM6:42 PMLandedA68
Delta Air Lines3656Montreal6:56 PM6:54 PMLandedA47
Delta Air Lines1132Tampa6:57 PM7:02 PMLandedA60
Delta Air Lines2770Rochester6:58 PM6:39 PMLandedA59
Delta Air Lines6263Green Bay7:00 PM6:35 PMLandedB8
Delta Air Lines720Fort Lauderdale7:00 PM6:35 PMLandedA33
Delta Air Lines1191Providence7:00 PM6:35 PMLandedA6
Delta Air Lines3349Pittsburgh7:00 PM6:38 PMLandedA49
Delta Air Lines775Houston7:00 PM6:29 PMLandedA31
Delta Air Lines4754Buffalo7:01 PM6:26 PMLandedB6
Delta Air Lines3544Traverse City7:03 PM6:46 PMLandedC14
Delta Air Lines6275Indianapolis7:03 PM6:50 PMLandedC21
Delta Air Lines2875Seattle7:04 PM6:50 PMLandedA2
Delta Air Lines5902Chicago - ORD7:06 PM6:42 PMLandedA3
Delta Air Lines6192Chicago - MDW7:06 PM6:40 PMLandedB18
Delta Air Lines5555Charlotte7:06 PM6:49 PMLandedB2
Delta Air Lines2177Fort Myers7:07 PM6:46 PMLandedA18
Delta Air Lines4812San Antonio7:08 PM6:36 PMLandedB11
Delta Air Lines3725Syracuse7:08 PM6:49 PMLandedC20
Delta Air Lines1490Las Vegas7:08 PM7:05 PMLandedA12
Delta Air Lines4635Madison7:10 PM6:57 PMLandedA35
Delta Air Lines4582Middletown7:10 PM6:47 PMLandedC16
Delta Air Lines6210Raleigh/Durham7:11 PM6:45 PMLandedC23
Delta Air Lines4073New York - JFK7:13 PM6:43 PMLandedA57
Delta Air Lines5597Toronto7:13 PM6:56 PMLandedB20
Delta Air Lines6280Louisville7:13 PM6:57 PMLandedC25
Delta Air Lines6188Elmira7:14 PM7:01 PMLandedA63
Delta Air Lines2779Dallas7:14 PM6:46 PMLandedA19
Delta Air Lines2257Boston7:16 PM6:59 PMLandedA40
Delta Air Lines713Saint Louis7:18 PM6:59 PMLandedA4
Delta Air Lines2752Los Angeles7:18 PM7:08 PMActiveA64
Delta Air Lines138Washington - DCA7:18 PM7:10 PMActiveA34
Delta Air Lines4857Wilkes-Barre7:18 PM7:53 PMActiveC20
Delta Air Lines1212Los Angeles7:18 PM1:58 PMLandedA64
Delta Air Lines3683Dulles7:19 PM6:51 PMLandedA51
Delta Air Lines3374Norfolk7:19 PM7:01 PMLandedC11
Delta Air Lines3692Knoxville7:21 PM7:02 PMLandedB10
Delta Air Lines4679Cedar Rapids7:22 PM7:13 PMActiveC18
Delta Air Lines4480Allentown7:23 PM7:04 PMLandedC6
Delta Air Lines1071Salt Lake City7:23 PM7:10 PMLandedA75
Delta Air Lines4525Nashville7:23 PM7:06 PMLandedB19
Delta Air Lines4614Greensboro/High Point7:24 PM7:07 PMLandedC2
Delta Air Lines4443Cleveland7:24 PM7:04 PMActiveB15
Delta Air Lines2807New York - LGA7:24 PM6:56 PMLandedA27
Delta Air Lines2888Phoenix7:24 PM7:24 PMActiveA18
Delta Air Lines2595Philadelphia7:25 PM7:09 PMLandedA68
Delta Air Lines6258Baltimore7:29 PM7:19 PMActiveC23
Delta Air Lines2553Atlanta7:40 PM7:33 PMActiveA46
Delta Air Lines1417Atlanta8:55 PM8:52 PMActiveA8
Delta Air Lines1876Los Angeles9:07 PM9:00 PMActiveA3
Delta Air Lines4101New York - JFK9:15 PM8:46 PMActiveB1
Delta Air Lines2880Orlando9:23 PM9:15 PMActiveA66
Delta Air Lines1840Las Vegas9:25 PM9:39 PMActiveA36
Delta Air Lines1901Salt Lake City10:34 PM10:29 PMActiveA5
Delta Air Lines859Minneapolis11:07 PM ScheduledA31
Emirates6029Boston6:19 PM5:59 PMLandedD17
Emirates6649Fort Lauderdale10:52 PM10:50 PMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3298Cincinnati6:30 PM6:24 PMLandedA55
Endeavor Air4114Des Moines6:31 PM6:11 PMLandedC25
Endeavor Air3672Manchester6:50 PM6:30 PMLandedA45
Endeavor Air3656Montreal6:56 PM6:54 PMLandedA47
Endeavor Air3349Pittsburgh7:00 PM6:38 PMLandedA49
Endeavor Air3725Syracuse7:08 PM6:49 PMLandedC20
Endeavor Air4073New York - JFK7:13 PM6:43 PMLandedA57
Endeavor Air3683Dulles7:19 PM6:51 PMLandedA51
Endeavor Air3374Norfolk7:19 PM7:01 PMLandedC11
Endeavor Air3692Knoxville7:21 PM7:02 PMLandedB10
Endeavor Air4101New York - JFK9:15 PM8:46 PMActiveB1
Envoy Air3780Chicago - ORD5:18 PM5:34 PMLandedD24
Etihad Airways3521Chicago - ORD5:18 PM5:34 PMLandedD24
Etihad Airways3473Dallas10:06 PM10:20 PMScheduledD26
ExpressJet5473Grand Rapids6:32 PM6:13 PMLandedB4
ExpressJet5555Charlotte7:06 PM6:49 PMLandedB2
ExpressJet5597Toronto7:13 PM6:56 PMLandedB20
FedEx505Memphis6:12 PM6:08 PMLanded 
Finnair4053Chicago - ORD11:59 PM ScheduledD30
Frontier Airlines1664Orlando7:15 PM7:01 PMLandedD16
Frontier Airlines626Denver11:35 PM1:03 AMScheduledD16
GoJet Airlines6245Newark6:42 PM6:15 PMLandedB16
GoJet Airlines6231Portland6:44 PM6:17 PMLandedB5
GoJet Airlines6196Kalamazoo6:49 PM6:22 PMLandedB1
GoJet Airlines6263Green Bay7:00 PM6:35 PMLandedB8
GoJet Airlines6275Indianapolis7:03 PM6:50 PMLandedC21
GoJet Airlines6192Chicago - MDW7:06 PM6:40 PMLandedB18
GoJet Airlines6210Raleigh/Durham7:11 PM6:45 PMLandedC23
GoJet Airlines6280Louisville7:13 PM6:57 PMLandedC25
GoJet Airlines6188Elmira7:14 PM7:01 PMLandedA63
GoJet Airlines6258Baltimore7:29 PM7:19 PMActiveC23
Gol8251Minneapolis6:14 PM6:07 PMLandedA67
Gulf Air4365Dallas6:34 PM6:20 PMLandedD24
Gulf Air4319Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMScheduledD32
Gulf Air4378Dallas10:06 PM10:20 PMScheduledD26
Iberia4595Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMScheduledD32
Iberia4028Miami10:38 PM10:29 PMScheduledD24
JAL7350Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMScheduledD32
Jet Airways (India)8170Atlanta12:21 AM ScheduledA46
Jet Airways (India)8428Minneapolis6:14 PM6:07 PMLandedA67
Jet Airways (India)4788Paris6:20 PM6:14 PMLanded 
Jet Airways (India)8162Atlanta6:20 PM5:52 PMLandedA29
Jet Airways (India)8445Portland6:26 PM6:18 PMLandedA5
Jet Airways (India)8218Denver6:55 PM6:42 PMLandedA68
Jet Airways (India)7682San Francisco6:55 PM6:47 PMLandedA38
Jet Airways (India)7678Fort Lauderdale7:00 PM6:35 PMLandedA33
Jet Airways (India)8473Seattle7:04 PM6:50 PMLandedA2
Jet Airways (India)8376Boston7:16 PM6:59 PMLandedA40
Jet Airways (India)8176Atlanta7:40 PM7:33 PMActiveA46
Jet Airways (India)8174Atlanta8:55 PM8:52 PMActiveA8
JetBlue Airways1237Boston6:19 PM5:59 PMLandedD17
JetBlue Airways1837Boston9:52 PM9:42 PMScheduledD17
JetBlue Airways1590Fort Lauderdale10:52 PM10:50 PMScheduled 
KLM7156Atlanta12:21 AM ScheduledA46
KLM7965Orlando5:00 PM4:29 PMLandedA70
KLM6421Monterrey6:01 PM5:33 PMLandedA30
KLM2268Paris6:20 PM6:14 PMLanded 
KLM7262Atlanta6:20 PM5:52 PMLandedA29
KLM5395Portland6:26 PM6:18 PMLandedA5
KLM5655Cincinnati6:30 PM6:24 PMLandedA55
KLM7939Mexico City6:30 PM6:00 PMLandedA34
KLM6715Des Moines6:31 PM6:11 PMLandedC25
KLM5139Grand Rapids6:32 PM6:13 PMLandedB4
KLM6591Columbus6:40 PM6:21 PMLandedC4
KLM5166Newark6:42 PM6:15 PMLandedB16
KLM5866Lexington6:44 PM6:33 PMLandedC24
KLM5181Miami6:44 PM6:40 PMLandedA70
KLM8077Hartford6:45 PM6:22 PMLandedA71
KLM6344Milwaukee6:48 PM6:24 PMLandedA17
KLM6640Kalamazoo6:49 PM6:22 PMLandedB1
KLM6946Kansas City6:52 PM6:39 PMLandedA4
KLM8028Orlando6:53 PM6:26 PMLandedA72
KLM5702New Orleans6:54 PM6:35 PMLandedA66
KLM6545San Francisco6:55 PM6:47 PMLandedA38
KLM6641Denver6:55 PM6:42 PMLandedA68
KLM7123Montreal6:56 PM6:54 PMLandedA47
KLM6480Tampa6:57 PM7:02 PMLandedA60
KLM5586Rochester6:58 PM6:39 PMLandedA59
KLM5767Pittsburgh7:00 PM6:38 PMLandedA49
KLM5367Fort Lauderdale7:00 PM6:35 PMLandedA33
KLM8220Houston7:00 PM6:29 PMLandedA31
KLM5964Buffalo7:01 PM6:26 PMLandedB6
KLM5856Traverse City7:03 PM6:46 PMLandedC14
KLM6262Indianapolis7:03 PM6:50 PMLandedC21
KLM5205Seattle7:04 PM6:50 PMLandedA2
KLM5945Chicago - MDW7:06 PM6:40 PMLandedB18
KLM5743Charlotte7:06 PM6:49 PMLandedB2
KLM6702Fort Myers7:07 PM6:46 PMLandedA18
KLM7415San Antonio7:08 PM6:36 PMLandedB11
KLM5077Las Vegas7:08 PM7:05 PMLandedA12
KLM5603Syracuse7:08 PM6:49 PMLandedC20
KLM5380Madison7:10 PM6:57 PMLandedA35
KLM5581Middletown7:10 PM6:47 PMLandedC16
KLM6437New York - JFK7:13 PM6:43 PMLandedA57
KLM6843Louisville7:13 PM6:57 PMLandedC25
KLM8375Toronto7:13 PM6:56 PMLandedB20
KLM7677Elmira7:14 PM7:01 PMLandedA63
KLM5277Dallas7:14 PM6:46 PMLandedA19
KLM7973Boston7:16 PM6:59 PMLandedA40
KLM6609Washington - DCA7:18 PM7:10 PMActiveA34
KLM7879Wilkes-Barre7:18 PM7:53 PMActiveC20
KLM7611Los Angeles7:18 PM1:58 PMLandedA64
KLM5705Saint Louis7:18 PM6:59 PMLandedA4
KLM5844Dulles7:19 PM6:51 PMLandedA51
KLM5595Norfolk7:19 PM7:01 PMLandedC11
KLM5822Knoxville7:21 PM7:02 PMLandedB10
KLM5957Cedar Rapids7:22 PM7:13 PMActiveC18
KLM7865Allentown7:23 PM7:04 PMLandedC6
KLM5663Nashville7:23 PM7:06 PMLandedB19
KLM5030Salt Lake City7:23 PM7:10 PMLandedA75
KLM5661Cleveland7:24 PM7:04 PMActiveB15
KLM5065New York - LGA7:24 PM6:56 PMLandedA27
KLM7001Phoenix7:24 PM7:24 PMActiveA18
KLM6773Philadelphia7:25 PM7:09 PMLandedA68
KLM6780Baltimore7:29 PM7:19 PMActiveC23
KLM5399Atlanta7:40 PM7:33 PMActiveA46
KLM5901Atlanta8:55 PM8:52 PMActiveA8
KLM5555Los Angeles9:07 PM9:00 PMActiveA3
KLM5851New York - JFK9:15 PM8:46 PMActiveB1
KLM7539Orlando9:23 PM9:15 PMActiveA66
KLM7850Las Vegas9:25 PM9:39 PMActiveA36
KLM5758Minneapolis11:07 PM ScheduledA31
Korean Air7150Atlanta12:21 AM ScheduledA46
Korean Air7327New York - JFK7:13 PM6:43 PMLandedA57
Korean Air7533Los Angeles9:07 PM9:00 PMActiveA3
LATAM Airlines Argentina6462Miami10:38 PM10:29 PMScheduledD24
LATAM Airlines Brasil7846Miami10:38 PM10:29 PMScheduledD24
Mesa Airlines6131Houston5:04 PM4:37 PMLandedD2
Mesa Airlines6081Dulles6:45 PM7:36 PMActiveD6
Mesa Airlines6074Dulles11:47 PM11:47 PMScheduledD5
PSA Airlines5070Philadelphia10:08 PM10:08 PMScheduledD18
Qantas4778Chicago - ORD5:18 PM5:34 PMLandedD24
Qantas4751Dallas6:34 PM6:20 PMLandedD24
Qantas4881Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMScheduledD32
Qantas3236Dallas10:06 PM10:20 PMScheduledD26
Qantas4749Dallas11:56 PM ScheduledD32
Qantas4887Chicago - ORD11:59 PM ScheduledD30
Qatar Airways4240Boston6:19 PM5:59 PMLandedD17
Qatar Airways5125Philadelphia8:06 PM7:45 PMActiveD26
Qatar Airways5293Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMScheduledD32
Qatar Airways4242Boston9:52 PM9:42 PMScheduledD17
Qatar Airways5263Dallas10:06 PM10:20 PMScheduledD26
Qatar Airways5637Philadelphia10:08 PM10:08 PMScheduledD18
Qatar Airways5141Miami10:38 PM10:29 PMScheduledD24
Republic Airlines3420Newark6:54 PM6:36 PMLandedD1
Republic Airlines5902Chicago - ORD7:06 PM6:42 PMLandedA3
Republic Airlines4637New York - LGA8:27 PM8:08 PMActiveD9
Republic Airlines4497Washington - DCA9:24 PM9:24 PMScheduledD10
Royal Jordanian7238Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMScheduledD32
Royal Jordanian7174Chicago - ORD11:59 PM ScheduledD30
SAS3931Dulles6:45 PM7:36 PMActiveD6
SAS8839Chicago - ORD9:36 PM9:36 PMScheduledD6
SkyWest Airlines4767Saginaw6:20 PM6:01 PMLandedC9
SkyWest Airlines4546Columbus6:40 PM6:21 PMLandedC4
SkyWest Airlines4653Lexington6:44 PM6:33 PMLandedC24
SkyWest Airlines4754Buffalo7:01 PM6:26 PMLandedB6
SkyWest Airlines3544Traverse City7:03 PM6:46 PMLandedC14
SkyWest Airlines4812San Antonio7:08 PM6:36 PMLandedB11
SkyWest Airlines4582Middletown7:10 PM6:47 PMLandedC16
SkyWest Airlines4635Madison7:10 PM6:57 PMLandedA35
SkyWest Airlines4857Wilkes-Barre7:18 PM7:53 PMActiveC20
SkyWest Airlines4679Cedar Rapids7:22 PM7:13 PMActiveC18
SkyWest Airlines4480Allentown7:23 PM7:04 PMLandedC6
SkyWest Airlines4525Nashville7:23 PM7:06 PMLandedB19
SkyWest Airlines4614Greensboro/High Point7:24 PM7:07 PMLandedC2
SkyWest Airlines4443Cleveland7:24 PM7:04 PMActiveB15
SkyWest Airlines3216Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMScheduledD32
SkyWest Airlines5966Chicago - ORD9:36 PM9:36 PMScheduledD6
SkyWest Airlines2943Chicago - ORD11:59 PM ScheduledD30
Southwest Airlines3630Dallas5:00 PM4:58 PMLandedD21
Southwest Airlines3642Phoenix5:55 PM5:45 PMLandedD23
Southwest Airlines3547Saint Louis7:25 PM7:15 PMActiveD23
Southwest Airlines6074Denver8:05 PM8:00 PMActiveD21
Southwest Airlines4401Atlanta9:15 PM9:15 PMScheduledD23
Southwest Airlines5715Nashville10:05 PM10:05 PMScheduledD20
Southwest Airlines3101Chicago - MDW11:10 PM11:10 PMScheduledD19
Southwest Airlines4280Baltimore11:15 PM11:15 PMScheduled 
Spirit Airlines976Denver12:59 AM1:12 AMScheduledD15
Spirit Airlines388Las Vegas5:49 PM6:05 PMLandedD14
Spirit Airlines770Atlanta6:10 PM5:50 PMLandedD15
Spirit Airlines782Baltimore6:29 PM6:09 PMLandedD11
Spirit Airlines922New York - LGA6:51 PM7:18 PMActiveD8
Spirit Airlines852Myrtle Beach7:04 PM6:41 PMLandedD12
Spirit Airlines707Los Angeles7:09 PM7:16 PMActiveD14
Spirit Airlines892Orlando9:01 PM9:26 PMActiveD8
Spirit Airlines734Dallas9:55 PM2:09 AMScheduledD14
Spirit Airlines646Tampa11:15 PM11:15 PMScheduledD15
Spirit Airlines109Boston11:15 PM11:15 PMScheduledD11
Spirit Airlines380Fort Lauderdale11:41 PM11:41 PMScheduledD12
Spirit Airlines906Houston11:56 PM11:56 PMScheduledD14
Sun Country Airlines8169Gulfport6:35 PM6:29 PMLanded 
TAP Portugal8065Boston9:52 PM9:42 PMScheduledD17
TAROM9515Paris6:20 PM6:14 PMLanded 
Turkish Airlines8660Toronto10:01 PM Scheduled 
United Airlines6131Houston5:04 PM4:37 PMLandedD2
United Airlines8058Toronto6:01 PM5:45 PMLanded 
United Airlines471San Francisco6:27 PM6:32 PMLandedD4
United Airlines6081Dulles6:45 PM7:36 PMActiveD6
United Airlines3420Newark6:54 PM6:36 PMLandedD1
United Airlines5966Chicago - ORD9:36 PM9:36 PMScheduledD6
United Airlines8151Toronto10:01 PM Scheduled 
United Airlines1157Houston11:23 PM11:10 PMScheduledD4
United Airlines6074Dulles11:47 PM11:47 PMScheduledD5
Virgin Atlantic5866Atlanta12:21 AM ScheduledA46
Virgin Atlantic5750Orlando5:00 PM4:29 PMLandedA70
Virgin Atlantic2944Monterrey6:01 PM5:33 PMLandedA30
Virgin Atlantic4590Minneapolis6:14 PM6:07 PMLandedA67
Virgin Atlantic2925Saginaw6:20 PM6:01 PMLandedC9
Virgin Atlantic5858Atlanta6:20 PM5:52 PMLandedA29
Virgin Atlantic3338Portland6:26 PM6:18 PMLandedA5
Virgin Atlantic4138Cincinnati6:30 PM6:24 PMLandedA55
Virgin Atlantic4974Mexico City6:30 PM6:00 PMLandedA34
Virgin Atlantic5644Des Moines6:31 PM6:11 PMLandedC25
Virgin Atlantic4191Grand Rapids6:32 PM6:13 PMLandedB4
Virgin Atlantic5622Columbus6:40 PM6:21 PMLandedC4
Virgin Atlantic4409Newark6:42 PM6:15 PMLandedB16
Virgin Atlantic4205Lexington6:44 PM6:33 PMLandedC24
Virgin Atlantic5754Miami6:44 PM6:40 PMLandedA70
Virgin Atlantic2474Hartford6:45 PM6:22 PMLandedA71
Virgin Atlantic4583Milwaukee6:48 PM6:24 PMLandedA17
Virgin Atlantic5444Kalamazoo6:49 PM6:22 PMLandedB1
Virgin Atlantic2036Manchester6:50 PM6:30 PMLandedA45
Virgin Atlantic5656Kansas City6:52 PM6:39 PMLandedA4
Virgin Atlantic5748Orlando6:53 PM6:26 PMLandedA72
Virgin Atlantic4591New Orleans6:54 PM6:35 PMLandedA66
Virgin Atlantic5480Denver6:55 PM6:42 PMLandedA68
Virgin Atlantic5796San Francisco6:55 PM6:47 PMLandedA38
Virgin Atlantic3352Montreal6:56 PM6:54 PMLandedA47
Virgin Atlantic4493Tampa6:57 PM7:02 PMLandedA60
Virgin Atlantic5674Rochester6:58 PM6:39 PMLandedA59
Virgin Atlantic2058Providence7:00 PM6:35 PMLandedA6
Virgin Atlantic2433Green Bay7:00 PM6:35 PMLandedB8
Virgin Atlantic3136Fort Lauderdale7:00 PM6:35 PMLandedA33
Virgin Atlantic5666Pittsburgh7:00 PM6:38 PMLandedA49
Virgin Atlantic5648Houston7:00 PM6:29 PMLandedA31
Virgin Atlantic4311Buffalo7:01 PM6:26 PMLandedB6
Virgin Atlantic5652Indianapolis7:03 PM6:50 PMLandedC21
Virgin Atlantic2482Traverse City7:03 PM6:46 PMLandedC14
Virgin Atlantic5784Seattle7:04 PM6:50 PMLandedA2
Virgin Atlantic2723Charlotte7:06 PM6:49 PMLandedB2
Virgin Atlantic2882Chicago - MDW7:06 PM6:40 PMLandedB18
Virgin Atlantic5846Chicago - ORD7:06 PM6:42 PMLandedA3
Virgin Atlantic2976Fort Myers7:07 PM6:46 PMLandedA18
Virgin Atlantic5692Syracuse7:08 PM6:49 PMLandedC20
Virgin Atlantic3208San Antonio7:08 PM6:36 PMLandedB11
Virgin Atlantic5726Las Vegas7:08 PM7:05 PMLandedA12
Virgin Atlantic2452Middletown7:10 PM6:47 PMLandedC16
Virgin Atlantic4219Madison7:10 PM6:57 PMLandedA35
Virgin Atlantic2472Raleigh/Durham7:11 PM6:45 PMLandedC23
Virgin Atlantic5686Louisville7:13 PM6:57 PMLandedC25
Virgin Atlantic4625New York - JFK7:13 PM6:43 PMLandedA57
Virgin Atlantic5836Toronto7:13 PM6:56 PMLandedB20
Virgin Atlantic2875Elmira7:14 PM7:01 PMLandedA63
Virgin Atlantic5485Dallas7:14 PM6:46 PMLandedA19
Virgin Atlantic4255Boston7:16 PM6:59 PMLandedA40
Virgin Atlantic5736Los Angeles7:18 PM1:58 PMLandedA64
Virgin Atlantic4644Wilkes-Barre7:18 PM7:53 PMActiveC20
Virgin Atlantic3105Washington - DCA7:18 PM7:10 PMActiveA34
Virgin Atlantic5810Saint Louis7:18 PM6:59 PMLandedA4
Virgin Atlantic4421Dulles7:19 PM6:51 PMLandedA51
Virgin Atlantic2933Norfolk7:19 PM7:01 PMLandedC11
Virgin Atlantic4313Knoxville7:21 PM7:02 PMLandedB10
Virgin Atlantic2406Cedar Rapids7:22 PM7:13 PMActiveC18
Virgin Atlantic4197Allentown7:23 PM7:04 PMLandedC6
Virgin Atlantic5800Salt Lake City7:23 PM7:10 PMLandedA75
Virgin Atlantic5608Nashville7:23 PM7:06 PMLandedB19
Virgin Atlantic4296Cleveland7:24 PM7:04 PMActiveB15
Virgin Atlantic2741New York - LGA7:24 PM6:56 PMLandedA27
Virgin Atlantic4195Greensboro/High Point7:24 PM7:07 PMLandedC2
Virgin Atlantic5772Phoenix7:24 PM7:24 PMActiveA18
Virgin Atlantic2465Philadelphia7:25 PM7:09 PMLandedA68
Virgin Atlantic2717Baltimore7:29 PM7:19 PMActiveC23
Virgin Atlantic5868Atlanta7:40 PM7:33 PMActiveA46
Virgin Atlantic5864Atlanta8:55 PM8:52 PMActiveA8
Virgin Atlantic5740Los Angeles9:07 PM9:00 PMActiveA3
Virgin Atlantic4603New York - JFK9:15 PM8:46 PMActiveB1
Virgin Atlantic5744Orlando9:23 PM9:15 PMActiveA66
Virgin Atlantic3165Las Vegas9:25 PM9:39 PMActiveA36
Virgin Atlantic5760Minneapolis11:07 PM ScheduledA31
Virgin Australia6450Los Angeles7:18 PM1:58 PMLandedA64
Virgin Australia6731New York - LGA7:24 PM6:56 PMLandedA27
Virgin Australia6559Los Angeles9:07 PM9:00 PMActiveA3
WestJet7083Columbus6:40 PM6:21 PMLandedC4
WestJet7057Hartford6:45 PM6:22 PMLandedA71
WestJet7129Milwaukee6:48 PM6:24 PMLandedA17
WestJet7681Montreal6:56 PM6:54 PMLandedA47
WestJet7125Houston7:00 PM6:29 PMLandedA31
WestJet7175Pittsburgh7:00 PM6:38 PMLandedA49
WestJet7185San Antonio7:08 PM6:36 PMLandedB11
WestJet6324Toronto7:13 PM6:56 PMLandedB20
WestJet7103Washington - DCA7:18 PM7:10 PMActiveA34
WestJet7117Dulles7:19 PM6:51 PMLandedA51
WestJet6468Cleveland7:24 PM7:04 PMActiveB15
WestJet7167Philadelphia7:25 PM7:09 PMLandedA68
WestJet7065Baltimore7:29 PM7:19 PMActiveC23

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