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183 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberFROMScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Air Canada8019Toronto6:17 PM6:10 PMScheduled 
Air Canada7285Toronto10:18 PM9:57 PMScheduled 
AirTran234Atlanta4:40 PM4:37 PMLandedD20
AirTran753Atlanta7:02 PM6:56 PMScheduled 
AirTran167Atlanta11:29 PM11:29 PMScheduled 
American Airlines4357Chicago - ORD4:50 PM5:01 PMActiveD32
American Airlines1534Dallas5:50 PM5:55 PMActiveD28
American Airlines4233Chicago - ORD9:05 PM9:05 PMScheduledD32
American Airlines1598Dallas9:25 PM9:25 PMScheduledD28
American Airlines2304Miami11:25 PM11:25 PMScheduledD32
American Airlines4227Chicago - ORD11:25 PM11:25 PMScheduledD17
American Airlines2418Dallas11:55 PM11:55 PMScheduledD32
Delta Air Lines1248San Diego5:50 AM5:33 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2224Phoenix6:14 AM6:18 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1603Las Vegas6:19 AM5:56 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1406Los Angeles6:24 AM6:04 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1823Seattle7:09 AM6:39 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines48Sao Paulo7:15 AM7:15 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1303San Francisco7:18 AM7:08 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines143Boston1:00 PM5:42 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines276Tokyo2:00 PM1:38 PMLandedA54
Delta Air Lines4489Saginaw2:36 PM2:27 PMLandedC6
Delta Air Lines5516Grand Rapids2:50 PM2:46 PMLandedA59
Delta Air Lines4164Escanaba3:15 PM2:47 PMLandedC22
Delta Air Lines1640Atlanta3:56 PM3:41 PMLandedA21
Delta Air Lines4157Dayton3:59 PM3:33 PMLandedC20
Delta Air Lines1853Baltimore4:09 PM4:03 PMLandedA73
Delta Air Lines1231New York - LGA4:30 PM4:05 PMLandedA8
Delta Air Lines1945Washington - DCA4:33 PM4:24 PMLandedA11
Delta Air Lines3612Kalamazoo4:34 PM4:13 PMLandedC10
Delta Air Lines3746Albany4:35 PM4:12 PMLandedB6
Delta Air Lines4944Middletown4:35 PM4:32 PMLandedB21
Delta Air Lines4470Columbus4:38 PM4:22 PMLandedA55
Delta Air Lines5090Chicago - ORD4:38 PM4:50 PMActiveB15
Delta Air Lines3642Syracuse4:38 PM4:27 PMLandedC6
Delta Air Lines3538Indianapolis4:38 PM4:15 PMLandedA53
Delta Air Lines2599Orlando4:40 PM4:18 PMLandedA68
Delta Air Lines3848Toronto4:40 PM4:22 PMLandedC4
Delta Air Lines5749Saint Louis4:43 PM4:35 PMLandedA49
Delta Air Lines1093Buffalo4:44 PM4:28 PMLandedA15
Delta Air Lines5449Elmira4:46 PM5:27 PMActiveA61
Delta Air Lines3636Huntsville4:48 PM4:32 PMLandedC29
Delta Air Lines1723Boston4:51 PM4:38 PMLandedA78
Delta Air Lines902Atlanta4:54 PM4:57 PMActiveA12
Delta Air Lines2514Tampa4:55 PM4:28 PMLandedA23
Delta Air Lines1220Madison4:55 PM4:44 PMLandedA29
Delta Air Lines1096Grand Rapids4:55 PM4:46 PMActiveA76
Delta Air Lines3493Rochester4:55 PM4:33 PMLandedB11
Delta Air Lines4696Cincinnati5:05 PM4:53 PMActiveB2
Delta Air Lines249Amsterdam5:54 PM6:06 PMActiveA24
Delta Air Lines1166Atlanta5:55 PM5:35 PMActiveA27
Delta Air Lines188Beijing6:15 PM5:46 PMActiveA54
Delta Air Lines6245Raleigh/Durham6:20 PM5:59 PMActiveB20
Delta Air Lines3525Lansing6:21 PM5:50 PMScheduledC35
Delta Air Lines582Shanghai6:21 PM5:54 PMActiveA34
Delta Air Lines4032Erie6:24 PM6:14 PMScheduledC22
Delta Air Lines47Minneapolis6:24 PM6:01 PMScheduledA64
Delta Air Lines3702Westchester County6:25 PM6:10 PMActiveC30
Delta Air Lines2515Tampa6:25 PM6:35 PMActiveA7
Delta Air Lines3507Norfolk6:29 PM6:49 PMScheduledA55
Delta Air Lines5311Fort Wayne6:30 PM6:06 PMScheduledC24
Delta Air Lines3387Ottawa6:30 PM6:07 PMScheduledC6
Delta Air Lines5327Hartford6:32 PM7:15 PMScheduledB19
Delta Air Lines5148Portland6:33 PM6:18 PMActiveB18
Delta Air Lines1225Philadelphia6:34 PM6:00 PMScheduledA11
Delta Air Lines6150Syracuse6:35 PM6:09 PMScheduledC11
Delta Air Lines3821Memphis6:36 PM6:33 PMActiveA57
Delta Air Lines1409Dallas6:37 PM6:42 PMActiveA25
Delta Air Lines1523Boston6:38 PM6:30 PMActiveA20
Delta Air Lines234Orlando6:39 PM6:20 PMActiveA68
Delta Air Lines4799South Bend6:41 PM6:23 PMScheduledC36
Delta Air Lines3291Albany6:42 PM6:04 PMScheduledC33
Delta Air Lines5079Greensboro/High Point6:44 PM6:21 PMScheduledB8
Delta Air Lines4982Lexington6:44 PM6:36 PMScheduledC14
Delta Air Lines1099Indianapolis6:44 PM6:16 PMScheduledA78
Delta Air Lines4839Green Bay6:45 PM6:35 PMScheduledA51
Delta Air Lines2595New Orleans6:46 PM6:30 PMActiveA73
Delta Air Lines2231New York - LGA6:46 PM6:18 PMActiveA8
Delta Air Lines4208Chicago - MDW6:46 PM6:18 PMScheduledC7
Delta Air Lines3656Newark6:47 PM6:15 PMScheduledA59
Delta Air Lines6368Buffalo6:48 PM6:24 PMScheduledC32
Delta Air Lines4072Akron6:48 PM6:00 PMScheduledA53
Delta Air Lines1284Nashville6:48 PM6:28 PMScheduledA17
Delta Air Lines5099Burlington6:48 PM6:43 PMScheduledC18
Delta Air Lines5239Elmira6:48 PM6:42 PMScheduledA63
Delta Air Lines3761Ithaca6:49 PM6:39 PMScheduledC5
Delta Air Lines1694Milwaukee6:50 PM6:14 PMScheduledA29
Delta Air Lines1330Charlotte6:52 PM6:22 PMScheduledA72
Delta Air Lines2480Fort Myers6:52 PM6:31 PMActiveA66
Delta Air Lines4891Little Rock6:53 PM6:41 PMScheduledA67
Delta Air Lines5691Houston6:54 PM7:14 PMActiveA49
Delta Air Lines6276Savannah6:54 PM6:37 PMScheduledA69
Delta Air Lines2598Miami6:55 PM6:35 PMActiveA70
Delta Air Lines6103Columbus6:55 PM6:15 PMScheduledC15
Delta Air Lines4064State College6:55 PM6:25 PMScheduledC1
Delta Air Lines870Madison6:56 PM6:26 PMScheduledA33
Delta Air Lines1519Fort Lauderdale6:58 PM6:34 PMActiveA6
Delta Air Lines3505Cincinnati6:58 PM6:33 PMScheduledC10
Delta Air Lines5161Peoria6:59 PM6:30 PMScheduledC12
Delta Air Lines5111Evansville7:00 PM6:48 PMScheduledC20
Delta Air Lines2539Chicago - ORD7:00 PM6:34 PMScheduledA15
Delta Air Lines4114Des Moines7:00 PM6:33 PMScheduledB4
Delta Air Lines1870Baltimore7:01 PM6:17 PMScheduledA21
Delta Air Lines3750Newburgh7:01 PM6:31 PMScheduledB3
Delta Air Lines6172Louisville7:03 PM6:30 PMScheduledC27
Delta Air Lines2045Washington - DCA7:03 PM6:36 PMScheduledA31
Delta Air Lines2917New York - JFK7:05 PM6:21 PMScheduledA71
Delta Air Lines6147Pittsburgh7:05 PM6:21 PMScheduledC21
Delta Air Lines6059Manchester7:05 PM6:42 PMScheduledC19
Delta Air Lines1094Providence7:05 PM6:56 PMScheduledA5
Delta Air Lines4900Richmond7:05 PM6:51 PMScheduledC37
Delta Air Lines4194Marquette7:07 PM6:51 PMScheduledC28
Delta Air Lines4951Appleton7:07 PM6:35 PMScheduledB12
Delta Air Lines5072Wilkes-Barre7:08 PM6:57 PMScheduledC26
Delta Air Lines4942Allentown7:09 PM7:03 PMScheduledC31
Delta Air Lines3891Bloomington-Normal7:09 PM6:31 PMScheduledB7
Delta Air Lines3751Moline7:09 PM7:31 PMScheduledC40
Delta Air Lines5103Saint Louis7:10 PM7:10 PMScheduledA61
Delta Air Lines3567Traverse City7:10 PM6:57 PMScheduledC41
Delta Air Lines3615Washington - IAD7:16 PM6:36 PMScheduledC38
Delta Air Lines845Atlanta7:48 PM7:14 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1357Minneapolis8:06 PM7:41 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3635Dallas8:06 PM7:38 PMScheduledB2
Delta Air Lines512Mexico City8:07 PM7:47 PMActiveA46
Delta Air Lines2131New York - LGA8:44 PM8:06 PMScheduledA72
Delta Air Lines1410Denver8:54 PM8:22 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5710Kansas City8:54 PM8:28 PMScheduledA49
Delta Air Lines696Orlando8:58 PM8:23 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1267Atlanta8:59 PM8:27 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1623Boston8:59 PM8:20 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1421Tampa8:59 PM8:22 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2918New York - JFK9:00 PM8:17 PMScheduledB3
Delta Air Lines2379Las Vegas9:00 PM8:36 PMScheduledA6
Delta Air Lines1778Minneapolis10:13 PM9:44 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1882Salt Lake City10:17 PM9:47 PMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1290Atlanta11:34 PM11:04 PMScheduled 
Envoy Air3530New York - LGA5:00 PM4:56 PMActiveD30
Envoy Air2958Chicago - ORD7:25 PM7:25 PMScheduledD32
Envoy Air3603New York - LGA10:05 PM10:05 PMScheduledD30
FedEx505Memphis6:06 PM6:06 PMScheduled 
JetBlue Airways1237Boston6:54 PM6:43 PMScheduledD15
JetBlue Airways1837Boston9:54 PM9:54 PMScheduledD15
NetJets Aviation811Minneapolis8:24 PM8:24 PMScheduled 
Southwest Airlines175Denver12:10 AM12:10 AMScheduled 
Southwest Airlines751Phoenix12:40 AM1:25 AMScheduled 
Southwest Airlines1787Baltimore4:40 PM4:50 PMActiveD21
Southwest Airlines1631Chicago - MDW7:30 PM7:30 PMScheduledD23
Southwest Airlines4485Baltimore8:30 PM8:30 PMScheduledD21
Southwest Airlines2239Saint Louis10:05 PM10:05 PMScheduled 
Southwest Airlines3655Nashville11:00 PM11:00 PMScheduled 
Southwest Airlines783Chicago - MDW11:05 PM11:05 PMScheduled 
Spirit Airlines976Denver12:41 AM12:41 AMScheduled 
Spirit Airlines788Las Vegas6:20 AM6:20 AMScheduled 
Spirit Airlines642Tampa4:57 PM5:11 PMActiveD11
Spirit Airlines711New York - LGA6:57 PM7:08 PMScheduledD11
Spirit Airlines678Fort Myers7:26 PM7:08 PMScheduledD14
Spirit Airlines372Fort Lauderdale10:03 PM10:03 PMScheduled 
Spirit Airlines906Houston10:49 PM10:49 PMScheduledD12
Spirit Airlines380Fort Lauderdale11:00 PM11:00 PMScheduled 
Spirit Airlines852Myrtle Beach11:07 PM11:09 PMScheduled 
Spirit Airlines892Orlando11:21 PM11:21 PMScheduledD11
Spirit Airlines734Dallas11:40 PM11:40 PMScheduled 
United Airlines3642Chicago - ORD4:05 PM3:58 PMLandedD6
United Airlines4381Newark5:06 PM4:51 PMActiveD2
United Airlines5032Chicago - ORD5:28 PM5:12 PMActiveD6
United Airlines6072Chicago - ORD7:04 PM6:46 PMScheduledD6
United Airlines4638Newark8:36 PM8:36 PMScheduledD2
United Airlines4254Houston9:20 PM9:20 PMScheduledD6
United Airlines3737Chicago - ORD10:09 PM10:09 PMScheduledD5
United Airlines3607Denver10:42 PM10:42 PMScheduledD4
United Airlines1516Houston11:05 PM11:05 PMScheduledD8
United Airlines4967Chicago - ORD11:24 PM11:24 PMScheduledD1
US Airways542Phoenix1:31 AM1:31 AMScheduledD25
US Airways3335Philadelphia4:04 PM4:04 PMLandedD24
US Airways2826Charlotte4:27 PM4:29 PMLandedD26
US Airways3462Philadelphia5:18 PM5:17 PMActiveD24
US Airways1821Charlotte6:28 PM6:12 PMActiveD25
US Airways3820Washington - DCA7:15 PM7:15 PMScheduledD24
US Airways3925Philadelphia7:53 PM7:53 PMScheduledD24
US Airways2088Charlotte9:54 PM9:54 PMScheduledD26
US Airways2004Philadelphia10:50 PM10:50 PMScheduled 
US Airways3350Washington - DCA11:41 PM11:41 PMScheduledD24
US Airways1774Charlotte11:59 PM11:59 PMScheduledD18

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