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* Flight information provided for future 8 hour period.
1318 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberFROMScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Aer Lingus5306Boston6:32 PM6:24 PMScheduledD17
Aeromexico5154Atlanta1:00 PM1:06 PMLandedA2
Aeromexico5851Milwaukee1:02 PM12:55 PMLandedB7
Aeromexico4024Phoenix1:04 PM12:38 PMLandedA8
Aeromexico5683Newark1:05 PM12:53 PMLandedA15
Aeromexico626Monterrey1:12 PM1:03 PMLanded 
Aeromexico5883Chicago - ORD1:15 PM12:59 PMLandedA63
Aeromexico430Mexico City2:20 PM2:41 PMLanded 
Aeromexico4016Atlanta2:27 PM3:40 PMActiveA74
Aeromexico4022Chicago - ORD2:39 PM2:30 PMLandedA17
Aeromexico4042Milwaukee2:56 PM2:50 PMLandedA3
Aeromexico5053Atlanta3:41 PM3:21 PMActiveA47
Aeromexico4018Buffalo4:44 PM4:23 PMScheduledA73
Aeromexico4021Los Angeles4:46 PM4:36 PMActiveA7
Aeromexico4025Phoenix4:59 PM4:38 PMActiveA78
Aeromexico5864Chicago - ORD5:00 PM4:48 PMScheduledA55
Aeromexico5187Atlanta5:00 PM4:56 PMScheduledA66
Aeromexico5036Cancun5:11 PM4:37 PMActiveA50
Aeromexico5069Monterrey6:13 PM5:46 PMActiveA60
Aeromexico5547Atlanta6:27 PM6:11 PMScheduledA7
Aeromexico5007Mexico City6:33 PM6:18 PMActiveA34
Aeromexico4026Milwaukee6:55 PM6:44 PMScheduledA45
Aeromexico5884Chicago - ORD6:59 PM ScheduledA5
Aeromexico5066Los Angeles7:05 PM6:56 PMActiveA68
Aeromexico5600Buffalo7:09 PM ScheduledA29
Aeromexico4043Phoenix7:25 PM7:17 PMScheduledA3
Aeromexico5181Atlanta7:42 PM ScheduledA64
Aeromexico4017Atlanta8:31 PM ScheduledA23
Aeromexico4027Milwaukee8:59 PM ScheduledA27
AeroMexico Connect626Monterrey1:12 PM1:03 PMLanded 
Air Canada4599Chicago - ORD1:09 PM12:53 PMLandedD1
Air Canada7363Toronto1:58 PM2:15 PMLanded 
Air Canada5711Denver2:42 PM2:28 PMLandedD1
Air Canada4973Chicago - ORD4:08 PM4:00 PMActiveD4
Air Canada7365Toronto6:03 PM Scheduled 
Air Canada2843Chicago - ORD6:24 PM6:24 PMScheduledD6
Air Canada3969Chicago - ORD8:36 PM8:36 PMScheduledD6
Air China7435Newark3:43 PM3:23 PMLandedD2
Air Europa3307New York - JFK7:20 PM6:58 PMScheduledA11
Air France2875Hartford1:00 PM1:03 PMLandedA21
Air France2179Milwaukee1:02 PM12:55 PMLandedB7
Air France2809Evansville1:04 PM1:12 PMLandedC21
Air France5793Greenville1:04 PM12:43 PMLandedB6
Air France2889Kansas City1:09 PM12:48 PMLandedA19
Air France2318Omaha1:14 PM12:56 PMLandedA53
Air France2841Cleveland1:15 PM1:03 PMLandedA31
Air France3618Paris1:15 PM1:21 PMLandedA46
Air France3648Munich1:37 PM1:43 PMLandedA30
Air France3609Frankfurt2:17 PM2:27 PMLandedA56
Air France5707Washington - DCA2:22 PM2:05 PMLandedA45
Air France5661San Diego2:26 PM2:02 PMLandedA6
Air France2074Peoria2:26 PM2:05 PMLandedC20
Air France2827Moline2:29 PM2:13 PMLandedA53
Air France2082Lansing2:30 PM2:23 PMLandedC11
Air France8837State College2:30 PM2:13 PMLandedB6
Air France5797Montreal2:31 PM2:23 PMLandedB18
Air France2229Chicago - MDW2:32 PM2:12 PMLandedA15
Air France2099San Francisco2:34 PM2:15 PMLandedA66
Air France8521Burlington2:34 PM2:15 PMLandedC22
Air France2222Fort Wayne2:34 PM2:25 PMLandedB12
Air France8577Saginaw2:35 PM2:31 PMLandedA23
Air France5645New Orleans2:36 PM2:14 PMLandedA19
Air France2347Birmingham2:39 PM2:35 PMLandedA67
Air France2203Akron2:39 PM2:27 PMLandedC6
Air France2123Raleigh/Durham2:39 PM2:14 PMLandedA57
Air France5760Chicago - ORD2:39 PM2:30 PMLandedA17
Air France2379Tampa2:40 PM2:16 PMLandedA4
Air France2669Dayton2:40 PM2:50 PMLandedA25
Air France5789Dulles2:41 PM2:28 PMLandedC5
Air France8583Providence2:42 PM2:33 PMLandedA21
Air France2139Baltimore2:43 PM2:31 PMLandedA9
Air France2553Memphis2:44 PM2:19 PMLandedA43
Air France2405Greensboro/High Point2:46 PM2:24 PMLandedC15
Air France2205Albany2:46 PM2:41 PMLandedC19
Air France2633Dallas2:48 PM2:44 PMLandedA49
Air France2475Portland2:49 PM2:59 PMLandedA63
Air France2393South Bend2:49 PM2:36 PMLandedC4
Air France2987Des Moines2:49 PM2:45 PMLandedC7
Air France5863Charlotte2:51 PM2:53 PMLandedA61
Air France2531Richmond2:54 PM4:10 PMActiveB1
Air France2711Green Bay2:54 PM2:43 PMLandedB4
Air France2407Traverse City2:54 PM2:48 PMLandedB11
Air France5757New York - JFK2:55 PM2:47 PMLandedA27
Air France5699West Palm Beach2:55 PM2:29 PMLandedA29
Air France2465Pittsburgh2:55 PM2:35 PMLandedA33
Air France2821Rochester3:06 PM2:53 PMLandedB16
Air France2811Lexington3:12 PM3:00 PMLandedC23
Air France2167Louisville3:18 PM3:35 PMActiveB3
Air France3452Middletown3:30 PM3:14 PMLandedB7
Air France2805Syracuse3:32 PM3:12 PMLandedB20
Air France3580Rome3:36 PM3:34 PMActiveA24
Air France7921Newburgh3:57 PM3:56 PMActiveB2
Air France3586London4:05 PM3:54 PMActiveA28
Air France2769Denver4:06 PM3:38 PMActiveA8
Air France5671Miami4:15 PM3:44 PMActiveA9
Air France2515Columbus4:15 PM3:57 PMActiveB8
Air France5809Philadelphia4:19 PM4:04 PMActiveA19
Air France2443Nashville4:28 PM4:06 PMActiveA27
Air France5813Grand Rapids4:28 PM4:23 PMScheduledA49
Air France5639Austin4:33 PM4:12 PMActiveA76
Air France2615Saint Louis4:36 PM4:14 PMActiveA67
Air France9362Orlando4:43 PM4:12 PMActiveA4
Air France5829Fort Lauderdale4:43 PM4:34 PMActiveA72
Air France2311Buffalo4:44 PM4:23 PMScheduledA73
Air France2161Toronto4:45 PM5:13 PMScheduledA71
Air France5703Los Angeles4:46 PM4:36 PMActiveA7
Air France2797New York - LGA4:48 PM4:12 PMActiveA17
Air France2141Tampa4:48 PM4:17 PMActiveA21
Air France2339Newark4:49 PM4:51 PMActiveA29
Air France9334Wausau4:49 PM4:38 PMScheduledC5
Air France2117Houston4:50 PM4:20 PMActiveB15
Air France2363Kansas City4:50 PM4:24 PMActiveA51
Air France2171Norfolk4:51 PM6:31 PMScheduledA73
Air France2279San Antonio4:54 PM4:55 PMActiveA77
Air France3515Appleton4:54 PM6:13 PMScheduledC20
Air France2529Lexington4:55 PM4:44 PMScheduledC23
Air France2483Indianapolis4:55 PM4:41 PMScheduledA15
Air France2459Minneapolis4:55 PM4:48 PMActiveA25
Air France5861Elmira4:55 PM4:55 PMScheduledA59
Air France2157Salt Lake City4:56 PM4:33 PMActiveA68
Air France2345Cedar Rapids4:56 PM4:46 PMScheduledC18
Air France2575Las Vegas4:56 PM4:37 PMActiveA6
Air France2381Phoenix4:59 PM4:38 PMActiveA78
Air France5799Atlanta5:00 PM4:56 PMScheduledA66
Air France2401Fort Wayne5:00 PM4:46 PMScheduledB4
Air France2785Seattle5:00 PM4:32 PMActiveA3
Air France2163Madison5:00 PM4:49 PMScheduledC4
Air France2697Omaha5:00 PM4:58 PMActiveA61
Air France2143Boston5:00 PM5:17 PMActiveA31
Air France2283Chicago - ORD5:00 PM4:48 PMScheduledA55
Air France5764Cincinnati5:00 PM4:55 PMScheduledA47
Air France3471Atlanta5:00 PM4:56 PMScheduledA66
Air France2101Cancun5:11 PM4:37 PMActiveA50
Air France2581Monterrey6:13 PM5:46 PMActiveA60
Air France2803Hartford6:14 PM6:11 PMScheduledA21
Air France2291Minneapolis6:17 PM6:14 PMScheduledA74
Air France378Paris6:20 PM7:02 PMActive 
Air France8841Saginaw6:20 PM ScheduledA53
Air France5781Ottawa6:22 PM ScheduledC7
Air France2470Atlanta6:27 PM6:11 PMScheduledA7
Air France6829South Bend6:28 PM ScheduledC22
Air France9388Kalamazoo6:32 PM ScheduledC16
Air France2571Mexico City6:33 PM6:18 PMActiveA34
Air France2307Orlando6:36 PM6:14 PMScheduledA76
Air France3548Appleton6:45 PM ScheduledC10
Air France3506Traverse City6:51 PM ScheduledB2
Air France2831Portland6:54 PM ScheduledA35
Air France2526Milwaukee6:55 PM6:44 PMScheduledA45
Air France2091Memphis6:56 PM ScheduledB12
Air France2275Birmingham6:56 PM ScheduledA63
Air France6867Cincinnati6:58 PM ScheduledB8
Air France2787San Diego6:59 PM6:52 PMActiveA75
Air France5689Denver6:59 PM6:45 PMScheduledA72
Air France5666Green Bay6:59 PM ScheduledA43
Air France2406Louisville7:00 PM ScheduledA71
Air France5917Charlotte7:00 PM6:41 PMScheduledA19
Air France3083Chicago - MDW7:01 PM ScheduledA33
Air France8797Evansville7:02 PM ScheduledC25
Air France2995Providence7:03 PM7:01 PMScheduledA49
Air France2815Burlington7:03 PM ScheduledC21
Air France5627Fort Myers7:03 PM6:44 PMScheduledA4
Air France5723Raleigh/Durham7:05 PM ScheduledA69
Air France2539Los Angeles7:05 PM6:56 PMActiveA68
Air France2097Fort Lauderdale7:08 PM6:45 PMScheduledA4
Air France2996Moline7:08 PM ScheduledA23
Air France5802Madison7:08 PM7:00 PMScheduledA9
Air France2188Buffalo7:09 PM ScheduledA29
Air France2185Middletown7:09 PM ScheduledB19
Air France2799Philadelphia7:10 PM ScheduledA8
Air France2395Toronto7:10 PM7:36 PMScheduledB11
Air France3543Cedar Rapids7:11 PM ScheduledB6
Air France2281Pittsburgh7:13 PM ScheduledB3
Air France2497Houston7:13 PM8:54 PMScheduledB7
Air France9069State College7:14 PM ScheduledC8
Air France5945Erie7:14 PM ScheduledC12
Air France3537Seattle7:15 PM7:06 PMActiveA24
Air France9199Elmira7:16 PM ScheduledA59
Air France3090Akron7:16 PM ScheduledC6
Air France2819Greensboro/High Point7:18 PM ScheduledC9
Air France2449Dallas7:19 PM6:39 PMScheduledA77
Air France2301Las Vegas7:19 PM6:59 PMScheduledA46
Air France5791Knoxville7:19 PM ScheduledC1
Air France5956Indianapolis7:19 PM ScheduledA61
Air France8887Newark7:19 PM ScheduledB15
Air France2755New York - JFK7:20 PM6:58 PMScheduledA11
Air France2979Nashville7:21 PM ScheduledA6
Air France3687New York - LGA7:22 PM ScheduledA78
Air France7936Newburgh7:23 PM ScheduledA55
Air France5810Albany7:24 PM ScheduledC19
Air France2577Salt Lake City7:24 PM7:15 PMScheduledA72
Air France2335Syracuse7:25 PM ScheduledC15
Air France2921Washington - DCA7:25 PM ScheduledA47
Air France3705Phoenix7:25 PM7:17 PMScheduledA3
Air France2467San Francisco7:25 PM7:40 PMScheduledA66
Air France2495Baltimore7:25 PM ScheduledA17
Air France2218Dulles7:25 PM ScheduledA67
Air France2935Greenville7:25 PM ScheduledC2
Air France2320Rochester7:25 PM ScheduledB18
Air France5701Saint Louis7:25 PM ScheduledA9
Air France8967Dayton7:25 PM ScheduledC20
Air France5807Cleveland7:35 PM ScheduledB20
Air France2175Richmond7:40 PM ScheduledB16
Air France2174Norfolk7:52 PM ScheduledA15
Air France2183Lansing7:55 PM ScheduledB5
Air France2679Grand Rapids7:56 PM ScheduledA49
Air France2527Columbus8:08 PM ScheduledA69
Air France2570Atlanta8:31 PM ScheduledA23
Air Georgian7363Toronto1:58 PM2:15 PMLanded 
Air Georgian7365Toronto6:03 PM Scheduled 
Air India8647Frankfurt1:05 PM1:09 PMLandedD5
Air New Zealand6562Houston2:15 PM1:53 PMLandedD6
Air New Zealand6561Houston5:48 PM5:30 PMActiveD2
Air Wisconsin4107Philadelphia7:59 PM ScheduledD32
Alaska Airlines4734New York - LGA2:34 PM2:25 PMLandedD32
Alaska Airlines4303Chicago - ORD2:49 PM2:40 PMLandedD30
Alaska Airlines792Seattle3:34 PM3:19 PMActiveD9
Alaska Airlines6976Chicago - ORD5:26 PM5:24 PMScheduledD26
Alaska Airlines8417Chicago - ORD7:29 PM ScheduledD30
Alitalia5846San Francisco2:34 PM2:15 PMLandedA66
Alitalia7606Rome3:36 PM3:34 PMActiveA24
Alitalia5831Denver4:06 PM3:38 PMActiveA8
Alitalia5829Columbus4:15 PM3:57 PMActiveB8
Alitalia5837Orlando4:43 PM4:12 PMActiveA4
Alitalia5860Toronto4:45 PM5:13 PMScheduledA71
Alitalia3218Los Angeles4:46 PM4:36 PMActiveA7
Alitalia5848Tampa4:48 PM4:17 PMActiveA21
Alitalia5833Indianapolis4:55 PM4:41 PMScheduledA15
Alitalia5847Salt Lake City4:56 PM4:33 PMActiveA68
Alitalia3181Atlanta5:00 PM4:56 PMScheduledA66
Alitalia5845Seattle5:00 PM4:32 PMActiveA3
Alitalia3244Chicago - ORD5:00 PM4:48 PMScheduledA55
Alitalia2632Paris6:20 PM7:02 PMActive 
Alitalia3179Atlanta6:27 PM6:11 PMScheduledA7
Alitalia3386Chicago - ORD6:59 PM ScheduledA5
Alitalia5824Atlanta7:42 PM ScheduledA64
American Airlines4425New York - LGA2:34 PM2:25 PMLandedD32
American Airlines43Dallas2:38 PM3:18 PMActiveD24
American Airlines3092Chicago - ORD2:49 PM2:40 PMLandedD30
American Airlines1067Dallas4:18 PM4:13 PMActiveD25
American Airlines2025Charlotte4:25 PM4:18 PMActiveD26
American Airlines2186Miami4:40 PM4:18 PMActiveD32
American Airlines4673Washington - DCA4:53 PM4:53 PMActiveD30
American Airlines406Phoenix4:55 PM4:51 PMActiveD24
American Airlines1792Philadelphia5:23 PM5:29 PMScheduledD25
American Airlines2286Chicago - ORD5:26 PM5:24 PMScheduledD26
American Airlines4642New York - LGA5:40 PM5:31 PMScheduledD32
American Airlines301Dallas6:21 PM6:08 PMScheduledD24
American Airlines5606Charlotte6:35 PM ScheduledD25
American Airlines3066Chicago - ORD7:29 PM ScheduledD30
American Airlines4423New York - LGA7:44 PM ScheduledD26
American Airlines4107Philadelphia7:59 PM ScheduledD32
American Airlines2067Charlotte8:12 PM ScheduledD24
ANA7716Chicago - ORD1:09 PM12:53 PMLandedD1
ANA7128Dulles2:03 PM1:54 PMLandedD4
ANA7350Chicago - ORD4:08 PM4:00 PMActiveD4
ANA7718Chicago - ORD8:36 PM8:36 PMScheduledD6
Austrian7721Chicago - ORD6:24 PM6:24 PMScheduledD6
AVIANCA2230Dulles6:57 PM6:57 PMScheduledD2
British Airways4432Chicago - ORD2:49 PM2:40 PMLandedD30
British Airways4793Chicago - ORD5:26 PM5:24 PMScheduledD26
British Airways1743Chicago - ORD7:29 PM ScheduledD30
Brussels Airlines9601Toronto6:03 PM Scheduled 
Brussels Airlines9058Dulles6:57 PM6:57 PMScheduledD2
Cathay Pacific7554Chicago - ORD7:29 PM ScheduledD30
China Eastern Airlines8881Shanghai1:49 PM1:16 PMLandedA54
China Eastern Airlines8887Beijing6:32 PM6:34 PMActiveA30
China Eastern Airlines4196New York - JFK7:20 PM6:58 PMScheduledA11
China Southern Airlines1073Houston1:15 PM12:46 PMLandedA29
China Southern Airlines1027Cleveland1:15 PM1:03 PMLandedA31
China Southern Airlines1062Fort Lauderdale1:49 PM1:39 PMLandedA27
China Southern Airlines1022Shanghai1:49 PM1:16 PMLandedA54
China Southern Airlines1235Washington - DCA2:22 PM2:05 PMLandedA45
China Southern Airlines1100Minneapolis2:32 PM2:18 PMLandedA78
China Southern Airlines1238Newark2:35 PM2:21 PMLandedA77
China Southern Airlines1241New Orleans2:36 PM2:14 PMLandedA19
China Southern Airlines1069Dulles2:41 PM2:28 PMLandedC5
China Southern Airlines1033Cincinnati2:45 PM2:43 PMLandedA71
China Southern Airlines1045Dallas2:48 PM2:44 PMLandedA49
China Southern Airlines1086New York - LGA2:54 PM2:32 PMLandedA2
China Southern Airlines1117Traverse City2:54 PM2:48 PMLandedB11
China Southern Airlines1098Madison2:55 PM2:36 PMLandedA31
China Southern Airlines1109Seattle5:00 PM4:32 PMActiveA3
China Southern Airlines1020Beijing6:32 PM6:34 PMActiveA30
Compass Airlines5688Newark2:35 PM2:21 PMLandedA77
Compass Airlines5710San Antonio4:54 PM4:55 PMActiveA77
Compass Airlines5706Dallas7:19 PM6:39 PMScheduledA77
Copa Airlines1802Chicago - ORD1:09 PM12:53 PMLandedD1
Copa Airlines2597Dulles2:03 PM1:54 PMLandedD4
Copa Airlines1801Chicago - ORD4:08 PM4:00 PMActiveD4
Copa Airlines1803Chicago - ORD6:24 PM6:24 PMScheduledD6
Copa Airlines2595Dulles6:57 PM6:57 PMScheduledD2
Copa Airlines1805Chicago - ORD8:36 PM8:36 PMScheduledD6
Delta Air Lines1126Atlanta1:00 PM1:06 PMLandedA2
Delta Air Lines2492Hartford1:00 PM1:03 PMLandedA21
Delta Air Lines4804Milwaukee1:02 PM12:55 PMLandedB7
Delta Air Lines3295Norfolk1:02 PM12:57 PMLandedC24
Delta Air Lines4841Greenville1:04 PM12:43 PMLandedB6
Delta Air Lines4593Cedar Rapids1:04 PM1:12 PMLandedB8
Delta Air Lines4078Evansville1:04 PM1:12 PMLandedC21
Delta Air Lines4754Cincinnati1:04 PM12:52 PMLandedB5
Delta Air Lines824Phoenix1:04 PM12:38 PMLandedA8
Delta Air Lines3485Newark1:05 PM12:53 PMLandedA15
Delta Air Lines6186Elmira1:07 PM1:09 PMLandedA69
Delta Air Lines3286Columbus1:07 PM12:47 PMLandedC1
Delta Air Lines7424Marquette1:07 PM12:46 PMLandedB2
Delta Air Lines7359Ithaca1:08 PM1:02 PMLandedC6
Delta Air Lines895Kansas City1:09 PM12:48 PMLandedA19
Delta Air Lines1689Minneapolis1:12 PM12:48 PMLandedA3
Delta Air Lines2148New York - LGA1:13 PM12:51 PMLandedA70
Delta Air Lines6191Omaha1:14 PM12:56 PMLandedA53
Delta Air Lines1444Seattle1:14 PM12:49 PMLandedA36
Delta Air Lines761Boston1:14 PM12:59 PMLandedA9
Delta Air Lines4080Middletown1:14 PM1:09 PMLandedC9
Delta Air Lines7435Binghamton1:15 PM1:08 PMLandedA55
Delta Air Lines3654Houston1:15 PM12:46 PMLandedA29
Delta Air Lines3305Cleveland1:15 PM1:03 PMLandedA31
Delta Air Lines4793Chicago - ORD1:15 PM12:59 PMLandedA63
Delta Air Lines99Paris1:15 PM1:21 PMLandedA46
Delta Air Lines135Amsterdam1:21 PM1:05 PMLandedA40
Delta Air Lines4023Toronto1:24 PM1:12 PMLandedA33
Delta Air Lines23Munich1:37 PM1:43 PMLandedA30
Delta Air Lines3457Wilkes-Barre1:39 PM1:29 PMLandedC7
Delta Air Lines1531Philadelphia1:48 PM1:35 PMLandedA19
Delta Air Lines582Shanghai1:49 PM1:16 PMLandedA54
Delta Air Lines1604Fort Lauderdale1:49 PM1:39 PMLandedA27
Delta Air Lines87Frankfurt2:17 PM2:27 PMLandedA56
Delta Air Lines8076Mexico City2:20 PM2:41 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines2547Washington - DCA2:22 PM2:05 PMLandedA45
Delta Air Lines5256Westchester County2:24 PM2:29 PMLandedB15
Delta Air Lines3282Nashville2:26 PM2:02 PMLandedA11
Delta Air Lines4634Allentown2:26 PM2:11 PMLandedB10
Delta Air Lines4535Peoria2:26 PM2:05 PMLandedC20
Delta Air Lines2628San Diego2:26 PM2:02 PMLandedA6
Delta Air Lines1063Atlanta2:27 PM3:40 PMActiveA74
Delta Air Lines1212Los Angeles2:28 PM2:11 PMLandedA68
Delta Air Lines4596Moline2:29 PM2:13 PMLandedA53
Delta Air Lines2494Fort Myers2:30 PM2:08 PMLandedA76
Delta Air Lines4277State College2:30 PM2:13 PMLandedB6
Delta Air Lines3297Lansing2:30 PM2:23 PMLandedC11
Delta Air Lines6282Montreal2:31 PM2:23 PMLandedB18
Delta Air Lines1629Minneapolis2:32 PM2:18 PMLandedA78
Delta Air Lines3465Chicago - MDW2:32 PM2:12 PMLandedA15
Delta Air Lines6219Manchester2:34 PM2:28 PMLandedB19
Delta Air Lines4074Burlington2:34 PM2:15 PMLandedC22
Delta Air Lines854San Francisco2:34 PM2:15 PMLandedA66
Delta Air Lines4838Fort Wayne2:34 PM2:25 PMLandedB12
Delta Air Lines5688Newark2:35 PM2:21 PMLandedA77
Delta Air Lines4515Saginaw2:35 PM2:31 PMLandedA23
Delta Air Lines132New Orleans2:36 PM2:14 PMLandedA19
Delta Air Lines4511Akron2:39 PM2:27 PMLandedC6
Delta Air Lines923Chicago - ORD2:39 PM2:30 PMLandedA17
Delta Air Lines6224Birmingham2:39 PM2:35 PMLandedA67
Delta Air Lines276Tokyo2:39 PM2:41 PMLandedA60
Delta Air Lines6246Raleigh/Durham2:39 PM2:14 PMLandedA57
Delta Air Lines1959Tampa2:40 PM2:16 PMLandedA4
Delta Air Lines3518Dayton2:40 PM2:50 PMLandedA25
Delta Air Lines3442Dulles2:41 PM2:28 PMLandedC5
Delta Air Lines3545Grand Rapids2:42 PM2:28 PMLandedB5
Delta Air Lines799Providence2:42 PM2:33 PMLandedA21
Delta Air Lines159Boston2:42 PM2:37 PMLandedA8
Delta Air Lines4440Kalamazoo2:43 PM2:33 PMLandedB8
Delta Air Lines1233Baltimore2:43 PM2:31 PMLandedA9
Delta Air Lines3509Memphis2:44 PM2:19 PMLandedA43
Delta Air Lines3492Cincinnati2:45 PM2:43 PMLandedA71
Delta Air Lines6286Charleston2:45 PM2:24 PMLandedA69
Delta Air Lines3624Albany2:46 PM2:41 PMLandedC19
Delta Air Lines3807Greensboro/High Point2:46 PM2:24 PMLandedC15
Delta Air Lines653Dallas2:48 PM2:44 PMLandedA49
Delta Air Lines3716Des Moines2:49 PM2:45 PMLandedC7
Delta Air Lines4267Portland2:49 PM2:59 PMLandedA63
Delta Air Lines4445South Bend2:49 PM2:36 PMLandedC4
Delta Air Lines779Charlotte2:51 PM2:53 PMLandedA61
Delta Air Lines7367Alpena2:52 PM2:33 PMLandedC8
Delta Air Lines5878Columbus2:53 PM3:31 PMActiveA5
Delta Air Lines4447Green Bay2:54 PM2:43 PMLandedB4
Delta Air Lines5531Richmond2:54 PM4:10 PMActiveB1
Delta Air Lines350Orlando2:54 PM2:29 PMLandedA70
Delta Air Lines4742Traverse City2:54 PM2:48 PMLandedB11
Delta Air Lines583New York - LGA2:54 PM2:32 PMLandedA2
Delta Air Lines1930West Palm Beach2:55 PM2:29 PMLandedA29
Delta Air Lines1129Seattle2:55 PM2:29 PMLandedA75
Delta Air Lines3488Madison2:55 PM2:36 PMLandedA31
Delta Air Lines4174Pittsburgh2:55 PM2:35 PMLandedA33
Delta Air Lines7411Pellston2:55 PM2:41 PMLandedC9
Delta Air Lines4252New York - JFK2:55 PM2:47 PMLandedA27
Delta Air Lines5905Milwaukee2:56 PM2:50 PMLandedA3
Delta Air Lines4989Rochester3:06 PM2:53 PMLandedB16
Delta Air Lines4778Lexington3:12 PM3:00 PMLandedC23
Delta Air Lines1763Salt Lake City3:14 PM2:56 PMLandedA73
Delta Air Lines3757Louisville3:18 PM3:35 PMActiveB3
Delta Air Lines6248Middletown3:30 PM3:14 PMLandedB7
Delta Air Lines6256Syracuse3:32 PM3:12 PMLandedB20
Delta Air Lines233Rome3:36 PM3:34 PMActiveA24
Delta Air Lines991Atlanta3:41 PM3:21 PMActiveA47
Delta Air Lines3742Knoxville3:47 PM3:34 PMActiveC1
Delta Air Lines4281Newburgh3:57 PM3:56 PMActiveB2
Delta Air Lines137Amsterdam3:58 PM3:55 PMActiveA38
Delta Air Lines19London4:05 PM3:54 PMActiveA28
Delta Air Lines94Nagoya4:05 PM3:37 PMActiveA36
Delta Air Lines924Denver4:06 PM3:38 PMActiveA8
Delta Air Lines2821Miami4:15 PM3:44 PMActiveA9
Delta Air Lines4527Columbus4:15 PM3:57 PMActiveB8
Delta Air Lines1356Philadelphia4:19 PM4:04 PMActiveA19
Delta Air Lines2138Grand Rapids4:28 PM4:23 PMScheduledA49
Delta Air Lines630Nashville4:28 PM4:06 PMActiveA27
Delta Air Lines303Austin4:33 PM4:12 PMActiveA76
Delta Air Lines7406Pellston4:35 PM4:31 PMScheduledC14
Delta Air Lines6251Saint Louis4:36 PM4:14 PMActiveA67
Delta Air Lines98Washington - DCA4:36 PM4:14 PMActiveA33
Delta Air Lines2444Fort Lauderdale4:43 PM4:34 PMActiveA72
Delta Air Lines2128Orlando4:43 PM4:12 PMActiveA4
Delta Air Lines6240Buffalo4:44 PM4:23 PMScheduledA73
Delta Air Lines6211Toronto4:45 PM5:13 PMScheduledA71
Delta Air Lines1326Los Angeles4:46 PM4:36 PMActiveA7
Delta Air Lines2835New York - LGA4:48 PM4:12 PMActiveA17
Delta Air Lines1703Tampa4:48 PM4:17 PMActiveA21
Delta Air Lines4129Wausau4:49 PM4:38 PMScheduledC5
Delta Air Lines3449Newark4:49 PM4:51 PMActiveA29
Delta Air Lines4981Houston4:50 PM4:20 PMActiveB15
Delta Air Lines2556Kansas City4:50 PM4:24 PMActiveA51
Delta Air Lines6242Norfolk4:51 PM6:31 PMScheduledA73
Delta Air Lines4835Appleton4:54 PM6:13 PMScheduledC20
Delta Air Lines5710San Antonio4:54 PM4:55 PMActiveA77
Delta Air Lines4113Lexington4:55 PM4:44 PMScheduledC23
Delta Air Lines3640Indianapolis4:55 PM4:41 PMScheduledA15
Delta Air Lines22Minneapolis4:55 PM4:48 PMActiveA25
Delta Air Lines6228Elmira4:55 PM4:55 PMScheduledA59
Delta Air Lines16Las Vegas4:56 PM4:37 PMActiveA6
Delta Air Lines236Salt Lake City4:56 PM4:33 PMActiveA68
Delta Air Lines4770Cedar Rapids4:56 PM4:46 PMScheduledC18
Delta Air Lines7409Sault Ste. Marie4:58 PM4:56 PMScheduledB5
Delta Air Lines2574Phoenix4:59 PM4:38 PMActiveA78
Delta Air Lines6116Dallas5:00 PM4:30 PMActiveA11
Delta Air Lines6200Omaha5:00 PM4:58 PMActiveA61
Delta Air Lines1414Seattle5:00 PM4:32 PMActiveA3
Delta Air Lines4802Chicago - ORD5:00 PM4:48 PMScheduledA55
Delta Air Lines1831Cincinnati5:00 PM4:55 PMScheduledA47
Delta Air Lines3533Fort Wayne5:00 PM4:46 PMScheduledB4
Delta Air Lines3560Madison5:00 PM4:49 PMScheduledC4
Delta Air Lines155Boston5:00 PM5:17 PMActiveA31
Delta Air Lines902Atlanta5:00 PM4:56 PMScheduledA66
Delta Air Lines712Cancun5:11 PM4:37 PMActiveA50
Delta Air Lines139Amsterdam5:41 PM5:29 PMActiveA54
Delta Air Lines749Monterrey6:13 PM5:46 PMActiveA60
Delta Air Lines865Hartford6:14 PM6:11 PMScheduledA21
Delta Air Lines53Minneapolis6:17 PM6:14 PMScheduledA74
Delta Air Lines4666Lansing6:17 PM ScheduledC18
Delta Air Lines3843Saginaw6:20 PM ScheduledA53
Delta Air Lines8572Paris6:20 PM7:02 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines4028Ottawa6:22 PM ScheduledC7
Delta Air Lines1227Atlanta6:27 PM6:11 PMScheduledA7
Delta Air Lines4522South Bend6:28 PM ScheduledC22
Delta Air Lines3675Westchester County6:30 PM6:16 PMScheduledC4
Delta Air Lines188Beijing6:32 PM6:34 PMActiveA30
Delta Air Lines4558Kalamazoo6:32 PM ScheduledC16
Delta Air Lines512Mexico City6:33 PM6:18 PMActiveA34
Delta Air Lines2517Orlando6:36 PM6:14 PMScheduledA76
Delta Air Lines3561Grand Rapids6:36 PM ScheduledB7
Delta Air Lines3528Appleton6:45 PM ScheduledC10
Delta Air Lines4513Traverse City6:51 PM ScheduledB2
Delta Air Lines3623Portland6:54 PM ScheduledA35
Delta Air Lines6199Manchester6:54 PM ScheduledA57
Delta Air Lines619Milwaukee6:55 PM6:44 PMScheduledA45
Delta Air Lines4833Memphis6:56 PM ScheduledB12
Delta Air Lines4269Birmingham6:56 PM ScheduledA63
Delta Air Lines4625Cincinnati6:58 PM ScheduledB8
Delta Air Lines6220Green Bay6:59 PM ScheduledA43
Delta Air Lines5869Chicago - ORD6:59 PM ScheduledA5
Delta Air Lines1645Denver6:59 PM6:45 PMScheduledA72
Delta Air Lines833San Diego6:59 PM6:52 PMActiveA75
Delta Air Lines6293Louisville7:00 PM ScheduledA71
Delta Air Lines880Charlotte7:00 PM6:41 PMScheduledA19
Delta Air Lines3695Chicago - MDW7:01 PM ScheduledA33
Delta Air Lines4164Evansville7:02 PM ScheduledC25
Delta Air Lines1191Providence7:03 PM7:01 PMScheduledA49
Delta Air Lines4059Burlington7:03 PM ScheduledC21
Delta Air Lines2177Fort Myers7:03 PM6:44 PMScheduledA4
Delta Air Lines7433Ithaca7:03 PM ScheduledB4
Delta Air Lines4976Wilkes-Barre7:04 PM ScheduledA51
Delta Air Lines6230Raleigh/Durham7:05 PM ScheduledA69
Delta Air Lines1343Los Angeles7:05 PM6:56 PMActiveA68
Delta Air Lines1060Fort Lauderdale7:08 PM6:45 PMScheduledA4
Delta Air Lines4817Moline7:08 PM ScheduledA23
Delta Air Lines1525Madison7:08 PM7:00 PMScheduledA9
Delta Air Lines4759Middletown7:09 PM ScheduledB19
Delta Air Lines3489Buffalo7:09 PM ScheduledA29
Delta Air Lines7420Binghamton7:09 PM ScheduledB1
Delta Air Lines5196Toronto7:10 PM7:36 PMScheduledB11
Delta Air Lines3661Columbus7:10 PM ScheduledC11
Delta Air Lines621Philadelphia7:10 PM ScheduledA8
Delta Air Lines4827Cedar Rapids7:11 PM ScheduledB6
Delta Air Lines521Boston7:12 PM7:07 PMScheduledA2
Delta Air Lines4969Houston7:13 PM8:54 PMScheduledB7
Delta Air Lines3820Pittsburgh7:13 PM ScheduledB3
Delta Air Lines4278State College7:14 PM ScheduledC8
Delta Air Lines4287Erie7:14 PM ScheduledC12
Delta Air Lines7437Iron Mountain7:14 PM ScheduledC24
Delta Air Lines815Seattle7:15 PM7:06 PMActiveA24
Delta Air Lines6244Elmira7:16 PM ScheduledA59
Delta Air Lines4743Akron7:16 PM ScheduledC6
Delta Air Lines3493Greensboro/High Point7:18 PM ScheduledC9
Delta Air Lines4493Newark7:19 PM ScheduledB15
Delta Air Lines3692Knoxville7:19 PM ScheduledC1
Delta Air Lines6206Indianapolis7:19 PM ScheduledA61
Delta Air Lines2234Las Vegas7:19 PM6:59 PMScheduledA46
Delta Air Lines5706Dallas7:19 PM6:39 PMScheduledA77
Delta Air Lines3897Allentown7:20 PM ScheduledC5
Delta Air Lines4140New York - JFK7:20 PM6:58 PMScheduledA11
Delta Air Lines136Nashville7:21 PM ScheduledA6
Delta Air Lines2807New York - LGA7:22 PM ScheduledA78
Delta Air Lines4282Newburgh7:23 PM ScheduledA55
Delta Air Lines7368Escanaba7:23 PM ScheduledB10
Delta Air Lines1809Salt Lake City7:24 PM7:15 PMScheduledA72
Delta Air Lines3917Albany7:24 PM ScheduledC19
Delta Air Lines2888Phoenix7:25 PM7:17 PMScheduledA3
Delta Air Lines1906Baltimore7:25 PM ScheduledA17
Delta Air Lines501San Francisco7:25 PM7:40 PMScheduledA66
Delta Air Lines5437Dulles7:25 PM ScheduledA67
Delta Air Lines567Saint Louis7:25 PM ScheduledA9
Delta Air Lines4708Greenville7:25 PM ScheduledC2
Delta Air Lines2005Washington - DCA7:25 PM ScheduledA47
Delta Air Lines4110Syracuse7:25 PM ScheduledC15
Delta Air Lines6194Rochester7:25 PM ScheduledB18
Delta Air Lines4829Dayton7:25 PM ScheduledC20
Delta Air Lines4960Cleveland7:35 PM ScheduledB20
Delta Air Lines6299Richmond7:40 PM ScheduledB16
Delta Air Lines2553Atlanta7:42 PM ScheduledA64
Delta Air Lines3307Norfolk7:52 PM ScheduledA15
Delta Air Lines3542Lansing7:55 PM ScheduledB5
Delta Air Lines726Grand Rapids7:56 PM ScheduledA49
Delta Air Lines6245Montreal8:07 PM8:27 PMScheduledA35
Delta Air Lines6306Columbus8:08 PM ScheduledA69
Delta Air Lines4114Des Moines8:26 PM ScheduledA33
Delta Air Lines1357Minneapolis8:28 PM ScheduledA20
Delta Air Lines4464Traverse City8:28 PM ScheduledC5
Delta Air Lines4519South Bend8:28 PM ScheduledC10
Delta Air Lines6204Omaha8:30 PM ScheduledA63
Delta Air Lines321Atlanta8:31 PM ScheduledA23
Delta Air Lines1800Hartford8:36 PM ScheduledA29
Delta Air Lines2131New York - LGA8:50 PM ScheduledA72
Delta Air Lines3319Pittsburgh8:53 PM ScheduledA15
Delta Air Lines2182Kansas City8:54 PM ScheduledA15
Delta Air Lines6014Lexington8:55 PM ScheduledA3
Delta Air Lines4671Indianapolis8:57 PM ScheduledA51
Delta Air Lines677Milwaukee8:59 PM ScheduledA27
Emirates6029Boston6:32 PM6:24 PMScheduledD17
Endeavor Air3295Norfolk1:02 PM12:57 PMLandedC24
Endeavor Air4078Evansville1:04 PM1:12 PMLandedC21
Endeavor Air3485Newark1:05 PM12:53 PMLandedA15
Endeavor Air3286Columbus1:07 PM12:47 PMLandedC1
Endeavor Air4080Middletown1:14 PM1:09 PMLandedC9
Endeavor Air3305Cleveland1:15 PM1:03 PMLandedA31
Endeavor Air3654Houston1:15 PM12:46 PMLandedA29
Endeavor Air4023Toronto1:24 PM1:12 PMLandedA33
Endeavor Air3457Wilkes-Barre1:39 PM1:29 PMLandedC7
Endeavor Air3282Nashville2:26 PM2:02 PMLandedA11
Endeavor Air3297Lansing2:30 PM2:23 PMLandedC11
Endeavor Air3465Chicago - MDW2:32 PM2:12 PMLandedA15
Endeavor Air4074Burlington2:34 PM2:15 PMLandedC22
Endeavor Air3518Dayton2:40 PM2:50 PMLandedA25
Endeavor Air3442Dulles2:41 PM2:28 PMLandedC5
Endeavor Air3509Memphis2:44 PM2:19 PMLandedA43
Endeavor Air3492Cincinnati2:45 PM2:43 PMLandedA71
Endeavor Air3807Greensboro/High Point2:46 PM2:24 PMLandedC15
Endeavor Air3624Albany2:46 PM2:41 PMLandedC19
Endeavor Air3716Des Moines2:49 PM2:45 PMLandedC7
Endeavor Air4174Pittsburgh2:55 PM2:35 PMLandedA33
Endeavor Air3488Madison2:55 PM2:36 PMLandedA31
Endeavor Air3757Louisville3:18 PM3:35 PMActiveB3
Endeavor Air3742Knoxville3:47 PM3:34 PMActiveC1
Endeavor Air4129Wausau4:49 PM4:38 PMScheduledC5
Endeavor Air3449Newark4:49 PM4:51 PMActiveA29
Endeavor Air3640Indianapolis4:55 PM4:41 PMScheduledA15
Endeavor Air4113Lexington4:55 PM4:44 PMScheduledC23
Endeavor Air3843Saginaw6:20 PM ScheduledA53
Endeavor Air4028Ottawa6:22 PM ScheduledC7
Endeavor Air3675Westchester County6:30 PM6:16 PMScheduledC4
Endeavor Air3623Portland6:54 PM ScheduledA35
Endeavor Air3695Chicago - MDW7:01 PM ScheduledA33
Endeavor Air4164Evansville7:02 PM ScheduledC25
Endeavor Air4059Burlington7:03 PM ScheduledC21
Endeavor Air3489Buffalo7:09 PM ScheduledA29
Endeavor Air3661Columbus7:10 PM ScheduledC11
Endeavor Air3820Pittsburgh7:13 PM ScheduledB3
Endeavor Air3493Greensboro/High Point7:18 PM ScheduledC9
Endeavor Air3692Knoxville7:19 PM ScheduledC1
Endeavor Air3897Allentown7:20 PM ScheduledC5
Endeavor Air4140New York - JFK7:20 PM6:58 PMScheduledA11
Endeavor Air3917Albany7:24 PM ScheduledC19
Endeavor Air4110Syracuse7:25 PM ScheduledC15
Endeavor Air3307Norfolk7:52 PM ScheduledA15
Endeavor Air4114Des Moines8:26 PM ScheduledA33
Endeavor Air3319Pittsburgh8:53 PM ScheduledA15
Etihad Airways3166Chicago - ORD2:49 PM2:40 PMLandedD30
Etihad Airways3521Chicago - ORD5:26 PM5:24 PMScheduledD26
ExpressJet5256Westchester County2:24 PM2:29 PMLandedB15
ExpressJet5531Richmond2:54 PM4:10 PMActiveB1
ExpressJet5196Toronto7:10 PM7:36 PMScheduledB11
ExpressJet5437Dulles7:25 PM ScheduledA67
FedEx505Memphis6:23 PM Scheduled 
Frontier Airlines910Denver2:07 PM2:06 PMLandedD16
Frontier Airlines621Trenton3:25 PM3:16 PMLandedD16
Frontier Airlines1850Phoenix4:40 PM5:30 PMActiveD16
GoJet Airlines6186Elmira1:07 PM1:09 PMLandedA69
GoJet Airlines6191Omaha1:14 PM12:56 PMLandedA53
GoJet Airlines6282Montreal2:31 PM2:23 PMLandedB18
GoJet Airlines6219Manchester2:34 PM2:28 PMLandedB19
GoJet Airlines6224Birmingham2:39 PM2:35 PMLandedA67
GoJet Airlines6246Raleigh/Durham2:39 PM2:14 PMLandedA57
GoJet Airlines6286Charleston2:45 PM2:24 PMLandedA69
GoJet Airlines4267Portland2:49 PM2:59 PMLandedA63
GoJet Airlines4252New York - JFK2:55 PM2:47 PMLandedA27
GoJet Airlines6248Middletown3:30 PM3:14 PMLandedB7
GoJet Airlines6256Syracuse3:32 PM3:12 PMLandedB20
GoJet Airlines4566Chicago - ORD4:08 PM4:00 PMActiveD4
GoJet Airlines6251Saint Louis4:36 PM4:14 PMActiveA67
GoJet Airlines6240Buffalo4:44 PM4:23 PMScheduledA73
GoJet Airlines6211Toronto4:45 PM5:13 PMScheduledA71
GoJet Airlines6242Norfolk4:51 PM6:31 PMScheduledA73
GoJet Airlines6228Elmira4:55 PM4:55 PMScheduledA59
GoJet Airlines6200Omaha5:00 PM4:58 PMActiveA61
GoJet Airlines6199Manchester6:54 PM ScheduledA57
GoJet Airlines4269Birmingham6:56 PM ScheduledA63
GoJet Airlines6220Green Bay6:59 PM ScheduledA43
GoJet Airlines6293Louisville7:00 PM ScheduledA71
GoJet Airlines6230Raleigh/Durham7:05 PM ScheduledA69
GoJet Airlines6244Elmira7:16 PM ScheduledA59
GoJet Airlines6206Indianapolis7:19 PM ScheduledA61
GoJet Airlines6194Rochester7:25 PM ScheduledB18
GoJet Airlines6299Richmond7:40 PM ScheduledB16
GoJet Airlines6245Montreal8:07 PM8:27 PMScheduledA35
GoJet Airlines6306Columbus8:08 PM ScheduledA69
GoJet Airlines6204Omaha8:30 PM ScheduledA63
Gol8338Toronto1:24 PM1:12 PMLandedA33
Gol8329San Diego2:26 PM2:02 PMLandedA6
Gol8161San Francisco2:34 PM2:15 PMLandedA66
Gol8305Chicago - ORD2:39 PM2:30 PMLandedA17
Gol8339Tampa2:40 PM2:16 PMLandedA4
Gol8245Denver4:06 PM3:38 PMActiveA8
Gol8081Miami4:15 PM3:44 PMActiveA9
Gol8321Philadelphia4:19 PM4:04 PMActiveA19
Gol8077Orlando4:43 PM4:12 PMActiveA4
Gol8071Los Angeles4:46 PM4:36 PMActiveA7
Gol8341Tampa4:48 PM4:17 PMActiveA21
Gol8153New York - LGA4:48 PM4:12 PMActiveA17
Gol8209Minneapolis4:55 PM4:48 PMActiveA25
Gol8069Las Vegas4:56 PM4:37 PMActiveA6
Gol8331Salt Lake City4:56 PM4:33 PMActiveA68
Gol8325Phoenix4:59 PM4:38 PMActiveA78
Gol8057Boston5:00 PM5:17 PMActiveA31
Gol8155Seattle5:00 PM4:32 PMActiveA3
Gol8251Minneapolis6:17 PM6:14 PMScheduledA74
Gol8411Ottawa6:22 PM ScheduledC7
Gol8075Orlando6:36 PM6:14 PMScheduledA76
Gol8247Denver6:59 PM6:45 PMScheduledA72
Gol8327San Diego6:59 PM6:52 PMActiveA75
Gol8073Los Angeles7:05 PM6:56 PMActiveA68
Gol8356Toronto7:10 PM7:36 PMScheduledB11
Gol8319Philadelphia7:10 PM ScheduledA8
Gol8059Boston7:12 PM7:07 PMScheduledA2
Gol8157Seattle7:15 PM7:06 PMActiveA24
Gol8067Las Vegas7:19 PM6:59 PMScheduledA46
Gol8151New York - LGA7:22 PM ScheduledA78
Gol8333Salt Lake City7:24 PM7:15 PMScheduledA72
Gol8323Phoenix7:25 PM7:17 PMScheduledA3
Gol8163San Francisco7:25 PM7:40 PMScheduledA66
Gol8337Saint Louis7:25 PM ScheduledA9
Gulf Air6892Chicago - ORD2:49 PM2:40 PMLandedD30
Gulf Air6436Chicago - ORD5:26 PM5:24 PMScheduledD26
Gulf Air4365Dallas6:21 PM6:08 PMScheduledD24
Gulf Air4369Chicago - ORD7:29 PM ScheduledD30
Iberia9711Miami4:40 PM4:18 PMActiveD32
Iberia4595Chicago - ORD7:29 PM ScheduledD30
Icelandair7843Boston6:32 PM6:24 PMScheduledD17
JAL7350Chicago - ORD2:49 PM2:40 PMLandedD30
Jet Airways (India)8044Paris1:15 PM1:21 PMLandedA46
Jet Airways (India)8011Amsterdam1:21 PM1:05 PMLandedA40
Jet Airways (India)8452Philadelphia1:48 PM1:35 PMLandedA19
Jet Airways (India)8440Chicago - ORD2:39 PM2:30 PMLandedA17
Jet Airways (India)8377Boston2:42 PM2:37 PMLandedA8
Jet Airways (India)8012Amsterdam3:58 PM3:55 PMActiveA38
Jet Airways (India)8074London4:05 PM3:54 PMActiveA28
Jet Airways (India)8427Minneapolis4:55 PM4:48 PMActiveA25
Jet Airways (India)8483Salt Lake City4:56 PM4:33 PMActiveA68
Jet Airways (India)8376Boston5:00 PM5:17 PMActiveA31
Jet Airways (India)8385Cincinnati5:00 PM4:55 PMScheduledA47
Jet Airways (India)8013Amsterdam5:41 PM5:29 PMActiveA54
Jet Airways (India)8428Minneapolis6:17 PM6:14 PMScheduledA74
Jet Airways (India)4788Paris6:20 PM7:02 PMActive 
Jet Airways (India)8217Denver6:59 PM6:45 PMScheduledA72
Jet Airways (India)8167Charlotte7:00 PM6:41 PMScheduledA19
Jet Airways (India)8473Seattle7:15 PM7:06 PMActiveA24
Jet Airways (India)8364Atlanta8:31 PM ScheduledA23
JetBlue Airways1237Boston6:32 PM6:24 PMScheduledD17
KLM6575Hartford1:00 PM1:03 PMLandedA21
KLM5595Norfolk1:02 PM12:57 PMLandedC24
KLM5295Milwaukee1:02 PM12:55 PMLandedB7
KLM5405Evansville1:04 PM1:12 PMLandedC21
KLM5665Cedar Rapids1:04 PM1:12 PMLandedB8
KLM6667Greenville1:04 PM12:43 PMLandedB6
KLM6431Phoenix1:04 PM12:38 PMLandedA8
KLM5279Columbus1:07 PM12:47 PMLandedC1
KLM5571Elmira1:07 PM1:09 PMLandedA69
KLM5883Kansas City1:09 PM12:48 PMLandedA19
KLM5539Omaha1:14 PM12:56 PMLandedA53
KLM6166Paris1:15 PM1:21 PMLandedA46
KLM5225Houston1:15 PM12:46 PMLandedA29
KLM5641Cleveland1:15 PM1:03 PMLandedA31
KLM6051Amsterdam1:21 PM1:05 PMLandedA40
KLM8051Toronto1:24 PM1:12 PMLandedA33
KLM6052Munich1:37 PM1:43 PMLandedA30
KLM7855Wilkes-Barre1:39 PM1:29 PMLandedC7
KLM7343Philadelphia1:48 PM1:35 PMLandedA19
KLM5075Fort Lauderdale1:49 PM1:39 PMLandedA27
KLM6143Frankfurt2:17 PM2:27 PMLandedA56
KLM6767Washington - DCA2:22 PM2:05 PMLandedA45
KLM5313Nashville2:26 PM2:02 PMLandedA11
KLM5531Peoria2:26 PM2:05 PMLandedC20
KLM5579San Diego2:26 PM2:02 PMLandedA6
KLM5017Allentown2:26 PM2:11 PMLandedB10
KLM7206Atlanta2:27 PM3:40 PMActiveA74
KLM7611Los Angeles2:28 PM2:11 PMLandedA68
KLM5709Moline2:29 PM2:13 PMLandedA53
KLM5085Fort Myers2:30 PM2:08 PMLandedA76
KLM5793Lansing2:30 PM2:23 PMLandedC11
KLM5478State College2:30 PM2:13 PMLandedB6
KLM8145Montreal2:31 PM2:23 PMLandedB18
KLM5751Chicago - MDW2:32 PM2:12 PMLandedA15
KLM6463Minneapolis2:32 PM2:18 PMLandedA78
KLM5003Manchester2:34 PM2:28 PMLandedB19
KLM7107San Francisco2:34 PM2:15 PMLandedA66
KLM5832Fort Wayne2:34 PM2:25 PMLandedB12
KLM6859Burlington2:34 PM2:15 PMLandedC22
KLM5271Newark2:35 PM2:21 PMLandedA77
KLM7466Saginaw2:35 PM2:31 PMLandedA23
KLM5527New Orleans2:36 PM2:14 PMLandedA19
KLM5175Raleigh/Durham2:39 PM2:14 PMLandedA57
KLM5201Birmingham2:39 PM2:35 PMLandedA67
KLM5724Akron2:39 PM2:27 PMLandedC6
KLM5033Chicago - ORD2:39 PM2:30 PMLandedA17
KLM6811Tampa2:40 PM2:16 PMLandedA4
KLM5829Dayton2:40 PM2:50 PMLandedA25
KLM6659Dulles2:41 PM2:28 PMLandedC5
KLM6273Boston2:42 PM2:37 PMLandedA8
KLM5970Providence2:42 PM2:33 PMLandedA21
KLM5057Grand Rapids2:42 PM2:28 PMLandedB5
KLM5523Kalamazoo2:43 PM2:33 PMLandedB8
KLM5125Baltimore2:43 PM2:31 PMLandedA9
KLM7503Memphis2:44 PM2:19 PMLandedA43
KLM5655Cincinnati2:45 PM2:43 PMLandedA71
KLM6961Charleston2:45 PM2:24 PMLandedA69
KLM5637Albany2:46 PM2:41 PMLandedC19
KLM5817Greensboro/High Point2:46 PM2:24 PMLandedC15
KLM5493Dallas2:48 PM2:44 PMLandedA49
KLM5792Portland2:49 PM2:59 PMLandedA63
KLM5951Des Moines2:49 PM2:45 PMLandedC7
KLM5622South Bend2:49 PM2:36 PMLandedC4
KLM5559Charlotte2:51 PM2:53 PMLandedA61
KLM5461Orlando2:54 PM2:29 PMLandedA70
KLM5521Green Bay2:54 PM2:43 PMLandedB4
KLM7061New York - LGA2:54 PM2:32 PMLandedA2
KLM5483Richmond2:54 PM4:10 PMActiveB1
KLM7908Traverse City2:54 PM2:48 PMLandedB11
KLM7605Pittsburgh2:55 PM2:35 PMLandedA33
KLM5529Madison2:55 PM2:36 PMLandedA31
KLM5235Seattle2:55 PM2:29 PMLandedA75
KLM6437New York - JFK2:55 PM2:47 PMLandedA27
KLM5147West Palm Beach2:55 PM2:29 PMLandedA29
KLM5586Rochester3:06 PM2:53 PMLandedB16
KLM5866Lexington3:12 PM3:00 PMLandedC23
KLM6555Salt Lake City3:14 PM2:56 PMLandedA73
KLM7541Louisville3:18 PM3:35 PMActiveB3
KLM6642Middletown3:30 PM3:14 PMLandedB7
KLM6688Syracuse3:32 PM3:12 PMLandedB20
KLM6037Rome3:36 PM3:34 PMActiveA24
KLM5349Atlanta3:41 PM3:21 PMActiveA47
KLM7143Knoxville3:47 PM3:34 PMActiveC1
KLM6120Amsterdam3:58 PM3:55 PMActiveA38
KLM6157London4:05 PM3:54 PMActiveA28
KLM6641Denver4:06 PM3:38 PMActiveA8
KLM7413Miami4:15 PM3:44 PMActiveA9
KLM5425Columbus4:15 PM3:57 PMActiveB8
KLM5212Philadelphia4:19 PM4:04 PMActiveA19
KLM5672Nashville4:28 PM4:06 PMActiveA27
KLM5785Grand Rapids4:28 PM4:23 PMScheduledA49
KLM5081Austin4:33 PM4:12 PMActiveA76
KLM5621Saint Louis4:36 PM4:14 PMActiveA67
KLM6511Washington - DCA4:36 PM4:14 PMActiveA33
KLM6363Orlando4:43 PM4:12 PMActiveA4
KLM6994Fort Lauderdale4:43 PM4:34 PMActiveA72
KLM5863Buffalo4:44 PM4:23 PMScheduledA73
KLM7635Toronto4:45 PM5:13 PMScheduledA71
KLM5265Los Angeles4:46 PM4:36 PMActiveA7
KLM6493New York - LGA4:48 PM4:12 PMActiveA17
KLM6349Tampa4:48 PM4:17 PMActiveA21
KLM6963Wausau4:49 PM4:38 PMScheduledC5
KLM5468Newark4:49 PM4:51 PMActiveA29
KLM7921Houston4:50 PM4:20 PMActiveB15
KLM5983Kansas City4:50 PM4:24 PMActiveA51
KLM7112Norfolk4:51 PM6:31 PMScheduledA73
KLM7415San Antonio4:54 PM4:55 PMActiveA77
KLM6653Appleton4:54 PM6:13 PMScheduledC20
KLM5145Lexington4:55 PM4:44 PMScheduledC23
KLM7312Elmira4:55 PM4:55 PMScheduledA59
KLM6432Minneapolis4:55 PM4:48 PMActiveA25
KLM6262Indianapolis4:55 PM4:41 PMScheduledA15
KLM5957Cedar Rapids4:56 PM4:46 PMScheduledC18
KLM7301Las Vegas4:56 PM4:37 PMActiveA6
KLM5813Salt Lake City4:56 PM4:33 PMActiveA68
KLM6829Phoenix4:59 PM4:38 PMActiveA78
KLM5205Seattle5:00 PM4:32 PMActiveA3
KLM8055Atlanta5:00 PM4:56 PMScheduledA66
KLM7097Boston5:00 PM5:17 PMActiveA31
KLM5895Fort Wayne5:00 PM4:46 PMScheduledB4
KLM5703Cincinnati5:00 PM4:55 PMScheduledA47
KLM5659Chicago - ORD5:00 PM4:48 PMScheduledA55
KLM8474Omaha5:00 PM4:58 PMActiveA61
KLM6865Madison5:00 PM4:49 PMScheduledC4
KLM7987Cancun5:11 PM4:37 PMActiveA50
KLM6019Amsterdam5:41 PM5:29 PMActiveA54
KLM6421Monterrey6:13 PM5:46 PMActiveA60
KLM5935Hartford6:14 PM6:11 PMScheduledA21
KLM7778Lansing6:17 PM ScheduledC18
KLM5371Minneapolis6:17 PM6:14 PMScheduledA74
KLM2268Paris6:20 PM7:02 PMActive 
KLM7040Saginaw6:20 PM ScheduledA53
KLM8353Ottawa6:22 PM ScheduledC7
KLM7262Atlanta6:27 PM6:11 PMScheduledA7
KLM6757South Bend6:28 PM ScheduledC22
KLM6640Kalamazoo6:32 PM ScheduledC16
KLM7939Mexico City6:33 PM6:18 PMActiveA34
KLM6568Grand Rapids6:36 PM ScheduledB7
KLM8028Orlando6:36 PM6:14 PMScheduledA76
KLM7721Appleton6:45 PM ScheduledC10
KLM5856Traverse City6:51 PM ScheduledB2
KLM6810Portland6:54 PM ScheduledA35
KLM6712Manchester6:54 PM ScheduledA57
KLM5403Milwaukee6:55 PM6:44 PMScheduledA45
KLM5498Birmingham6:56 PM ScheduledA63
KLM7680Memphis6:56 PM ScheduledB12
KLM5981Cincinnati6:58 PM ScheduledB8
KLM5574Denver6:59 PM6:45 PMScheduledA72
KLM7884Green Bay6:59 PM ScheduledA43
KLM5155San Diego6:59 PM6:52 PMActiveA75
KLM8682Louisville7:00 PM ScheduledA71
KLM7171Charlotte7:00 PM6:41 PMScheduledA19
KLM5945Chicago - MDW7:01 PM ScheduledA33
KLM6719Evansville7:02 PM ScheduledC25
KLM5524Providence7:03 PM7:01 PMScheduledA49
KLM6702Fort Myers7:03 PM6:44 PMScheduledA4
KLM5861Burlington7:03 PM ScheduledC21
KLM5545Wilkes-Barre7:04 PM ScheduledA51
KLM5131Los Angeles7:05 PM6:56 PMActiveA68
KLM5781Raleigh/Durham7:05 PM ScheduledA69
KLM5380Madison7:08 PM7:00 PMScheduledA9
KLM8672Fort Lauderdale7:08 PM6:45 PMScheduledA4
KLM8236Moline7:08 PM ScheduledA23
KLM5964Buffalo7:09 PM ScheduledA29
KLM5978Middletown7:09 PM ScheduledB19
KLM5173Philadelphia7:10 PM ScheduledA8
KLM8359Toronto7:10 PM7:36 PMScheduledB11
KLM6591Columbus7:10 PM ScheduledC11
KLM8535Cedar Rapids7:11 PM ScheduledB6
KLM7495Boston7:12 PM7:07 PMScheduledA2
KLM5767Pittsburgh7:13 PM ScheduledB3
KLM5541Houston7:13 PM8:54 PMScheduledB7
KLM6969Erie7:14 PM ScheduledC12
KLM8343State College7:14 PM ScheduledC8
KLM5415Seattle7:15 PM7:06 PMActiveA24
KLM7718Akron7:16 PM ScheduledC6
KLM8664Elmira7:16 PM ScheduledA59
KLM7682Greensboro/High Point7:18 PM ScheduledC9
KLM5166Newark7:19 PM ScheduledB15
KLM7515Knoxville7:19 PM ScheduledC1
KLM5277Dallas7:19 PM6:39 PMScheduledA77
KLM5441Las Vegas7:19 PM6:59 PMScheduledA46
KLM8268Indianapolis7:19 PM ScheduledA61
KLM7865Allentown7:20 PM ScheduledC5
KLM5851New York - JFK7:20 PM6:58 PMScheduledA11
KLM5065New York - LGA7:22 PM ScheduledA78
KLM8377Albany7:24 PM ScheduledC19
KLM5030Salt Lake City7:24 PM7:15 PMScheduledA72
KLM5055Syracuse7:25 PM ScheduledC15
KLM5605San Francisco7:25 PM7:40 PMScheduledA66
KLM6833Dayton7:25 PM ScheduledC20
KLM5769Rochester7:25 PM ScheduledB18
KLM6780Baltimore7:25 PM ScheduledA17
KLM7754Greenville7:25 PM ScheduledC2
KLM5333Saint Louis7:25 PM ScheduledA9
KLM5652Dulles7:25 PM ScheduledA67
KLM7001Phoenix7:25 PM7:17 PMScheduledA3
KLM6609Washington - DCA7:25 PM ScheduledA47
KLM5661Cleveland7:35 PM ScheduledB20
KLM6662Richmond7:40 PM ScheduledB16
KLM5399Atlanta7:42 PM ScheduledA64
KLM5446Norfolk7:52 PM ScheduledA15
KLM5438Lansing7:55 PM ScheduledB5
KLM5139Grand Rapids7:56 PM ScheduledA49
KLM8097Montreal8:07 PM8:27 PMScheduledA35
KLM5909Columbus8:08 PM ScheduledA69
KLM6715Des Moines8:26 PM ScheduledA33
KLM7285Minneapolis8:28 PM ScheduledA20
KLM5514Traverse City8:28 PM ScheduledC5
KLM8357South Bend8:28 PM ScheduledC10
KLM5950Omaha8:30 PM ScheduledA63
KLM5643Atlanta8:31 PM ScheduledA23
KLM6467Hartford8:36 PM ScheduledA29
KLM8394New York - LGA8:50 PM ScheduledA72
KLM6850Pittsburgh8:53 PM ScheduledA15
KLM5327Kansas City8:54 PM ScheduledA15
KLM7086Indianapolis8:57 PM ScheduledA51
KLM5008Milwaukee8:59 PM ScheduledA27
Korean Air6883Atlanta2:27 PM3:40 PMActiveA74
Korean Air7327New York - JFK7:20 PM6:58 PMScheduledA11
LATAM Airlines6928Miami4:40 PM4:18 PMActiveD32
LATAM Airlines Argentina6448Miami4:40 PM4:18 PMActiveD32
LATAM Airlines Brasil2422Miami4:40 PM4:18 PMActiveD32
Lufthansa442Frankfurt1:05 PM1:09 PMLandedD5
Lufthansa7472Chicago - ORD6:24 PM6:24 PMScheduledD6
Mesa Airlines6058Dulles2:03 PM1:54 PMLandedD4
Mesa Airlines6147Houston2:15 PM1:53 PMLandedD6
Mesa Airlines6131Houston5:48 PM5:30 PMActiveD2
Mesa Airlines6081Dulles6:57 PM6:57 PMScheduledD2
PSA Airlines5606Charlotte6:35 PM ScheduledD25
Qantas4757Dallas4:18 PM4:13 PMActiveD25
Qantas4489Chicago - ORD5:26 PM5:24 PMScheduledD26
Qantas4751Dallas6:21 PM6:08 PMScheduledD24
Qantas4887Chicago - ORD7:29 PM ScheduledD30
Qatar Airways5125Philadelphia5:23 PM5:29 PMScheduledD25
Qatar Airways5293Chicago - ORD7:29 PM ScheduledD30
Republic Airlines3640Newark1:32 PM1:17 PMLandedD2
Republic Airlines4425New York - LGA2:34 PM2:25 PMLandedD32
Republic Airlines5878Columbus2:53 PM3:31 PMActiveA5
Republic Airlines5905Milwaukee2:56 PM2:50 PMLandedA3
Republic Airlines3503Newark3:43 PM3:23 PMLandedD2
Republic Airlines4673Washington - DCA4:53 PM4:53 PMActiveD30
Republic Airlines6116Dallas5:00 PM4:30 PMActiveA11
Republic Airlines3543Newark5:10 PM6:05 PMScheduledD1
Republic Airlines4642New York - LGA5:40 PM5:31 PMScheduledD32
Republic Airlines3650Chicago - ORD6:24 PM6:24 PMScheduledD6
Republic Airlines5869Chicago - ORD6:59 PM ScheduledA5
Republic Airlines3428Newark7:14 PM7:14 PMScheduledD1
Republic Airlines4423New York - LGA7:44 PM ScheduledD26
Republic Airlines6014Lexington8:55 PM ScheduledA3
SAS3931Dulles6:57 PM6:57 PMScheduledD2
SkyWest Airlines4804Milwaukee1:02 PM12:55 PMLandedB7
SkyWest Airlines4841Greenville1:04 PM12:43 PMLandedB6
SkyWest Airlines4593Cedar Rapids1:04 PM1:12 PMLandedB8
SkyWest Airlines4754Cincinnati1:04 PM12:52 PMLandedB5
SkyWest Airlines7424Marquette1:07 PM12:46 PMLandedB2
SkyWest Airlines7359Ithaca1:08 PM1:02 PMLandedC6
SkyWest Airlines5396Chicago - ORD1:09 PM12:53 PMLandedD1
SkyWest Airlines4793Chicago - ORD1:15 PM12:59 PMLandedA63
SkyWest Airlines7435Binghamton1:15 PM1:08 PMLandedA55
SkyWest Airlines4535Peoria2:26 PM2:05 PMLandedC20
SkyWest Airlines4634Allentown2:26 PM2:11 PMLandedB10
SkyWest Airlines4596Moline2:29 PM2:13 PMLandedA53
SkyWest Airlines4277State College2:30 PM2:13 PMLandedB6
SkyWest Airlines4838Fort Wayne2:34 PM2:25 PMLandedB12
SkyWest Airlines4515Saginaw2:35 PM2:31 PMLandedA23
SkyWest Airlines4511Akron2:39 PM2:27 PMLandedC6
SkyWest Airlines3545Grand Rapids2:42 PM2:28 PMLandedB5
SkyWest Airlines4440Kalamazoo2:43 PM2:33 PMLandedB8
SkyWest Airlines4445South Bend2:49 PM2:36 PMLandedC4
SkyWest Airlines3092Chicago - ORD2:49 PM2:40 PMLandedD30
SkyWest Airlines7367Alpena2:52 PM2:33 PMLandedC8
SkyWest Airlines4742Traverse City2:54 PM2:48 PMLandedB11
SkyWest Airlines4447Green Bay2:54 PM2:43 PMLandedB4
SkyWest Airlines7411Pellston2:55 PM2:41 PMLandedC9
SkyWest Airlines4989Rochester3:06 PM2:53 PMLandedB16
SkyWest Airlines4778Lexington3:12 PM3:00 PMLandedC23
SkyWest Airlines4281Newburgh3:57 PM3:56 PMActiveB2
SkyWest Airlines4527Columbus4:15 PM3:57 PMActiveB8
SkyWest Airlines7406Pellston4:35 PM4:31 PMScheduledC14
SkyWest Airlines4981Houston4:50 PM4:20 PMActiveB15
SkyWest Airlines4835Appleton4:54 PM6:13 PMScheduledC20
SkyWest Airlines4770Cedar Rapids4:56 PM4:46 PMScheduledC18
SkyWest Airlines7409Sault Ste. Marie4:58 PM4:56 PMScheduledB5
SkyWest Airlines4802Chicago - ORD5:00 PM4:48 PMScheduledA55
SkyWest Airlines3533Fort Wayne5:00 PM4:46 PMScheduledB4
SkyWest Airlines3560Madison5:00 PM4:49 PMScheduledC4
SkyWest Airlines4666Lansing6:17 PM ScheduledC18
SkyWest Airlines4522South Bend6:28 PM ScheduledC22
SkyWest Airlines4558Kalamazoo6:32 PM ScheduledC16
SkyWest Airlines3561Grand Rapids6:36 PM ScheduledB7
SkyWest Airlines3528Appleton6:45 PM ScheduledC10
SkyWest Airlines4513Traverse City6:51 PM ScheduledB2
SkyWest Airlines4833Memphis6:56 PM ScheduledB12
SkyWest Airlines4625Cincinnati6:58 PM ScheduledB8
SkyWest Airlines7433Ithaca7:03 PM ScheduledB4
SkyWest Airlines4976Wilkes-Barre7:04 PM ScheduledA51
SkyWest Airlines4817Moline7:08 PM ScheduledA23
SkyWest Airlines4759Middletown7:09 PM ScheduledB19
SkyWest Airlines7420Binghamton7:09 PM ScheduledB1
SkyWest Airlines4827Cedar Rapids7:11 PM ScheduledB6
SkyWest Airlines4969Houston7:13 PM8:54 PMScheduledB7
SkyWest Airlines4278State College7:14 PM ScheduledC8
SkyWest Airlines4287Erie7:14 PM ScheduledC12
SkyWest Airlines7437Iron Mountain7:14 PM ScheduledC24
SkyWest Airlines4743Akron7:16 PM ScheduledC6
SkyWest Airlines4493Newark7:19 PM ScheduledB15
SkyWest Airlines4282Newburgh7:23 PM ScheduledA55
SkyWest Airlines7368Escanaba7:23 PM ScheduledB10
SkyWest Airlines4708Greenville7:25 PM ScheduledC2
SkyWest Airlines4829Dayton7:25 PM ScheduledC20
SkyWest Airlines3066Chicago - ORD7:29 PM ScheduledD30
SkyWest Airlines4960Cleveland7:35 PM ScheduledB20
SkyWest Airlines3542Lansing7:55 PM ScheduledB5
SkyWest Airlines4519South Bend8:28 PM ScheduledC10
SkyWest Airlines4464Traverse City8:28 PM ScheduledC5
SkyWest Airlines5966Chicago - ORD8:36 PM8:36 PMScheduledD6
SkyWest Airlines4671Indianapolis8:57 PM ScheduledA51
Southwest Airlines3153Nashville2:15 PM1:55 PMLandedD21
Southwest Airlines4770Baltimore2:50 PM2:47 PMLandedD23
Southwest Airlines3868Chicago - MDW4:25 PM4:25 PMScheduledD23
Southwest Airlines3373Denver4:30 PM4:15 PMActiveD21
Southwest Airlines2178Las Vegas5:35 PM5:10 PMActiveD23
Southwest Airlines3301Atlanta5:55 PM5:55 PMScheduledD21
Southwest Airlines5080Saint Louis7:15 PM7:15 PMScheduledD21
Southwest Airlines3931Dallas7:25 PM8:50 PMScheduledD23
Spirit Airlines1008Philadelphia1:14 PM1:01 PMLandedD15
Spirit Airlines810New Orleans2:28 PM2:10 PMLandedD12
Spirit Airlines985Minneapolis2:32 PM2:18 PMLandedD11
Spirit Airlines347Kansas City2:40 PM2:28 PMLandedD14
Spirit Airlines188Las Vegas3:14 PM2:54 PMLandedD15
Spirit Airlines388Las Vegas5:56 PM5:41 PMActiveD12
Spirit Airlines770Atlanta6:15 PM6:15 PMScheduledD11
Spirit Airlines569Seattle6:15 PM6:02 PMActiveD14
Spirit Airlines922New York - LGA6:49 PM6:49 PMScheduledD15
Spirit Airlines782Baltimore7:20 PM7:20 PMScheduledD12
Spirit Airlines707Los Angeles8:04 PM7:52 PMScheduledD15
Spirit Airlines852Myrtle Beach8:19 PM8:19 PMScheduledD14
TAROM9515Paris6:20 PM7:02 PMActive 
United Airlines9196Frankfurt1:05 PM1:09 PMLandedD5
United Airlines5396Chicago - ORD1:09 PM12:53 PMLandedD1
United Airlines3640Newark1:32 PM1:17 PMLandedD2
United Airlines8173Toronto1:58 PM2:15 PMLanded 
United Airlines6058Dulles2:03 PM1:54 PMLandedD4
United Airlines6147Houston2:15 PM1:53 PMLandedD6
United Airlines831Denver2:42 PM2:28 PMLandedD1
United Airlines3503Newark3:43 PM3:23 PMLandedD2
United Airlines4566Chicago - ORD4:08 PM4:00 PMActiveD4
United Airlines3543Newark5:10 PM6:05 PMScheduledD1
United Airlines6131Houston5:48 PM5:30 PMActiveD2
United Airlines8058Toronto6:03 PM Scheduled 
United Airlines3650Chicago - ORD6:24 PM6:24 PMScheduledD6
United Airlines471San Francisco6:25 PM6:41 PMActiveD4
United Airlines6081Dulles6:57 PM6:57 PMScheduledD2
United Airlines3428Newark7:14 PM7:14 PMScheduledD1
United Airlines5966Chicago - ORD8:36 PM8:36 PMScheduledD6
Vietnam Airlines3065Frankfurt2:17 PM2:27 PMLandedA56
Vietnam Airlines3030Tokyo2:39 PM2:41 PMLandedA60
Virgin Atlantic2474Hartford1:00 PM1:03 PMLandedA21
Virgin Atlantic2933Norfolk1:02 PM12:57 PMLandedC24
Virgin Atlantic4584Milwaukee1:02 PM12:55 PMLandedB7
Virgin Atlantic2405Cedar Rapids1:04 PM1:12 PMLandedB8
Virgin Atlantic3194Phoenix1:04 PM12:38 PMLandedA8
Virgin Atlantic5986Evansville1:04 PM1:12 PMLandedC21
Virgin Atlantic3140Greenville1:04 PM12:43 PMLandedB6
Virgin Atlantic4523Newark1:05 PM12:53 PMLandedA15
Virgin Atlantic2418Elmira1:07 PM1:09 PMLandedA69
Virgin Atlantic5656Kansas City1:09 PM12:48 PMLandedA19
Virgin Atlantic2452Middletown1:14 PM1:09 PMLandedC9
Virgin Atlantic4203Boston1:14 PM12:59 PMLandedA9
Virgin Atlantic4294Omaha1:14 PM12:56 PMLandedA53
Virgin Atlantic5646Houston1:15 PM12:46 PMLandedA29
Virgin Atlantic5618Cleveland1:15 PM1:03 PMLandedA31
Virgin Atlantic5702Toronto1:24 PM1:12 PMLandedA33
Virgin Atlantic4644Wilkes-Barre1:39 PM1:29 PMLandedC7
Virgin Atlantic2464Philadelphia1:48 PM1:35 PMLandedA19
Virgin Atlantic5888Fort Lauderdale1:49 PM1:39 PMLandedA27
Virgin Atlantic2730Washington - DCA2:22 PM2:05 PMLandedA45
Virgin Atlantic2436Westchester County2:24 PM2:29 PMLandedB15
Virgin Atlantic4137Allentown2:26 PM2:11 PMLandedB10
Virgin Atlantic2468Peoria2:26 PM2:05 PMLandedC20
Virgin Atlantic5053San Diego2:26 PM2:02 PMLandedA6
Virgin Atlantic5710Nashville2:26 PM2:02 PMLandedA11
Virgin Atlantic2929Moline2:29 PM2:13 PMLandedA53
Virgin Atlantic2977Fort Myers2:30 PM2:08 PMLandedA76
Virgin Atlantic2444Lansing2:30 PM2:23 PMLandedC11
Virgin Atlantic2477State College2:30 PM2:13 PMLandedB6
Virgin Atlantic3350Montreal2:31 PM2:23 PMLandedB18
Virgin Atlantic4590Minneapolis2:32 PM2:18 PMLandedA78
Virgin Atlantic2456Chicago - MDW2:32 PM2:12 PMLandedA15
Virgin Atlantic2867Burlington2:34 PM2:15 PMLandedC22
Virgin Atlantic5792San Francisco2:34 PM2:15 PMLandedA66
Virgin Atlantic2037Manchester2:34 PM2:28 PMLandedB19
Virgin Atlantic2428Fort Wayne2:34 PM2:25 PMLandedB12
Virgin Atlantic2926Saginaw2:35 PM2:31 PMLandedA23
Virgin Atlantic4467Newark2:35 PM2:21 PMLandedA77
Virgin Atlantic3185New Orleans2:36 PM2:14 PMLandedA19
Virgin Atlantic5964Birmingham2:39 PM2:35 PMLandedA67
Virgin Atlantic2402Akron2:39 PM2:27 PMLandedC6
Virgin Atlantic4592Chicago - ORD2:39 PM2:30 PMLandedA17
Virgin Atlantic2472Raleigh/Durham2:39 PM2:14 PMLandedA57
Virgin Atlantic5876Tampa2:40 PM2:16 PMLandedA4
Virgin Atlantic5448Dayton2:40 PM2:50 PMLandedA25
Virgin Atlantic4415Dulles2:41 PM2:28 PMLandedC5
Virgin Atlantic4261Boston2:42 PM2:37 PMLandedA8
Virgin Atlantic2058Providence2:42 PM2:33 PMLandedA21
Virgin Atlantic4191Grand Rapids2:42 PM2:28 PMLandedB5
Virgin Atlantic2717Baltimore2:43 PM2:31 PMLandedA9
Virgin Atlantic5522Kalamazoo2:43 PM2:33 PMLandedB8
Virgin Atlantic4217Memphis2:44 PM2:19 PMLandedA43
Virgin Atlantic2871Charleston2:45 PM2:24 PMLandedA69
Virgin Atlantic4138Cincinnati2:45 PM2:43 PMLandedA71
Virgin Atlantic5894Albany2:46 PM2:41 PMLandedC19
Virgin Atlantic4193Greensboro/High Point2:46 PM2:24 PMLandedC15
Virgin Atlantic3108Dallas2:48 PM2:44 PMLandedA49
Virgin Atlantic5642Des Moines2:49 PM2:45 PMLandedC7
Virgin Atlantic2939South Bend2:49 PM2:36 PMLandedC4
Virgin Atlantic2410Charlotte2:51 PM2:53 PMLandedA61
Virgin Atlantic5622Columbus2:53 PM3:31 PMActiveA5
Virgin Atlantic5744Orlando2:54 PM2:29 PMLandedA70
Virgin Atlantic2448New York - LGA2:54 PM2:32 PMLandedA2
Virgin Atlantic2432Green Bay2:54 PM2:43 PMLandedB4
Virgin Atlantic2937Richmond2:54 PM4:10 PMActiveB1
Virgin Atlantic5820Traverse City2:54 PM2:48 PMLandedB11
Virgin Atlantic2935West Palm Beach2:55 PM2:29 PMLandedA29
Virgin Atlantic4219Madison2:55 PM2:36 PMLandedA31
Virgin Atlantic5790Seattle2:55 PM2:29 PMLandedA75
Virgin Atlantic4603New York - JFK2:55 PM2:47 PMLandedA27
Virgin Atlantic5826Pittsburgh2:55 PM2:35 PMLandedA33
Virgin Atlantic4583Milwaukee2:56 PM2:50 PMLandedA3
Virgin Atlantic5672Rochester3:06 PM2:53 PMLandedB16
Virgin Atlantic4205Lexington3:12 PM3:00 PMLandedC23
Virgin Atlantic5802Salt Lake City3:14 PM2:56 PMLandedA73
Virgin Atlantic5684Louisville3:18 PM3:35 PMActiveB3
Virgin Atlantic2451Middletown3:30 PM3:14 PMLandedB7
Virgin Atlantic5692Syracuse3:32 PM3:12 PMLandedB20
Virgin Atlantic5872Atlanta3:41 PM3:21 PMActiveA47
Virgin Atlantic4312Knoxville3:47 PM3:34 PMActiveC1
Virgin Atlantic2943Newburgh3:57 PM3:56 PMActiveB2
Virgin Atlantic4017London4:05 PM3:54 PMActiveA28
Virgin Atlantic5716Denver4:06 PM3:38 PMActiveA8
Virgin Atlantic4958Columbus4:15 PM3:57 PMActiveB8
Virgin Atlantic5754Miami4:15 PM3:44 PMActiveA9
Virgin Atlantic2747Philadelphia4:19 PM4:04 PMActiveA19
Virgin Atlantic2315Grand Rapids4:28 PM4:23 PMScheduledA49
Virgin Atlantic5606Nashville4:28 PM4:06 PMActiveA27
Virgin Atlantic5424Austin4:33 PM4:12 PMActiveA76
Virgin Atlantic2415Washington - DCA4:36 PM4:14 PMActiveA33
Virgin Atlantic5808Saint Louis4:36 PM4:14 PMActiveA67
Virgin Atlantic5886Fort Lauderdale4:43 PM4:34 PMActiveA72
Virgin Atlantic5748Orlando4:43 PM4:12 PMActiveA4
Virgin Atlantic4999Buffalo4:44 PM4:23 PMScheduledA73
Virgin Atlantic5838Toronto4:45 PM5:13 PMScheduledA71
Virgin Atlantic5736Los Angeles4:46 PM4:36 PMActiveA7
Virgin Atlantic2741New York - LGA4:48 PM4:12 PMActiveA17
Virgin Atlantic5874Tampa4:48 PM4:17 PMActiveA21
Virgin Atlantic2876Newark4:49 PM4:51 PMActiveA29
Virgin Atlantic2413Wausau4:49 PM4:38 PMScheduledC5
Virgin Atlantic3143Houston4:50 PM4:20 PMActiveB15
Virgin Atlantic5706Kansas City4:50 PM4:24 PMActiveA51
Virgin Atlantic3191Norfolk4:51 PM6:31 PMScheduledA73
Virgin Atlantic3208San Antonio4:54 PM4:55 PMActiveA77
Virgin Atlantic5446Appleton4:54 PM6:13 PMScheduledC20
Virgin Atlantic3145Indianapolis4:55 PM4:41 PMScheduledA15
Virgin Atlantic4212Lexington4:55 PM4:44 PMScheduledC23
Virgin Atlantic5758Minneapolis4:55 PM4:48 PMActiveA25
Virgin Atlantic2874Elmira4:55 PM4:55 PMScheduledA59
Virgin Atlantic3165Las Vegas4:56 PM4:37 PMActiveA6
Virgin Atlantic2406Cedar Rapids4:56 PM4:46 PMScheduledC18
Virgin Atlantic5804Salt Lake City4:56 PM4:33 PMActiveA68
Virgin Atlantic5772Phoenix4:59 PM4:38 PMActiveA78
Virgin Atlantic5786Seattle5:00 PM4:32 PMActiveA3
Virgin Atlantic4995Omaha5:00 PM4:58 PMActiveA61
Virgin Atlantic2429Fort Wayne5:00 PM4:46 PMScheduledB4
Virgin Atlantic5664Chicago - ORD5:00 PM4:48 PMScheduledA55
Virgin Atlantic5475Atlanta5:00 PM4:56 PMScheduledA66
Virgin Atlantic4255Boston5:00 PM5:17 PMActiveA31
Virgin Atlantic5614Cincinnati5:00 PM4:55 PMScheduledA47
Virgin Atlantic5485Dallas5:00 PM4:30 PMActiveA11
Virgin Atlantic4218Madison5:00 PM4:49 PMScheduledC4
Virgin Atlantic2725Cancun5:11 PM4:37 PMActiveA50
Virgin Atlantic2944Monterrey6:13 PM5:46 PMActiveA60
Virgin Atlantic2712Hartford6:14 PM6:11 PMScheduledA21
Virgin Atlantic5762Minneapolis6:17 PM6:14 PMScheduledA74
Virgin Atlantic2445Lansing6:17 PM ScheduledC18
Virgin Atlantic5379Saginaw6:20 PM ScheduledA53
Virgin Atlantic5698Ottawa6:22 PM ScheduledC7
Virgin Atlantic5858Atlanta6:27 PM6:11 PMScheduledA7
Virgin Atlantic2941South Bend6:28 PM ScheduledC22
Virgin Atlantic2437Westchester County6:30 PM6:16 PMScheduledC4
Virgin Atlantic2865Kalamazoo6:32 PM ScheduledC16
Virgin Atlantic4974Mexico City6:33 PM6:18 PMActiveA34
Virgin Atlantic5750Orlando6:36 PM6:14 PMScheduledA76
Virgin Atlantic4992Grand Rapids6:36 PM ScheduledB7
Virgin Atlantic2897Appleton6:45 PM ScheduledC10
Virgin Atlantic2482Traverse City6:51 PM ScheduledB2
Virgin Atlantic2321Manchester6:54 PM ScheduledA57
Virgin Atlantic4585Milwaukee6:55 PM6:44 PMScheduledA45
Virgin Atlantic5957Birmingham6:56 PM ScheduledA63
Virgin Atlantic5752Memphis6:56 PM ScheduledB12
Virgin Atlantic5624Cincinnati6:58 PM ScheduledB8
Virgin Atlantic5480Denver6:59 PM6:45 PMScheduledA72
Virgin Atlantic5770Chicago - ORD6:59 PM ScheduledA5
Virgin Atlantic2877Green Bay6:59 PM ScheduledA43
Virgin Atlantic5778San Diego6:59 PM6:52 PMActiveA75
Virgin Atlantic5852Louisville7:00 PM ScheduledA71
Virgin Atlantic2872Charlotte7:00 PM6:41 PMScheduledA19
Virgin Atlantic2883Chicago - MDW7:01 PM ScheduledA33
Virgin Atlantic5867Evansville7:02 PM ScheduledC25
Virgin Atlantic5096Burlington7:03 PM ScheduledC21
Virgin Atlantic2056Providence7:03 PM7:01 PMScheduledA49
Virgin Atlantic2976Fort Myers7:03 PM6:44 PMScheduledA4
Virgin Atlantic5493Wilkes-Barre7:04 PM ScheduledA51
Virgin Atlantic2750Raleigh/Durham7:05 PM ScheduledA69
Virgin Atlantic5738Los Angeles7:05 PM6:56 PMActiveA68
Virgin Atlantic4588Madison7:08 PM7:00 PMScheduledA9
Virgin Atlantic2931Moline7:08 PM ScheduledA23
Virgin Atlantic5892Fort Lauderdale7:08 PM6:45 PMScheduledA4
Virgin Atlantic2453Middletown7:09 PM ScheduledB19
Virgin Atlantic4124Buffalo7:09 PM ScheduledA29
Virgin Atlantic2463Philadelphia7:10 PM ScheduledA8
Virgin Atlantic5842Columbus7:10 PM ScheduledC11
Virgin Atlantic5836Toronto7:10 PM7:36 PMScheduledB11
Virgin Atlantic2898Cedar Rapids7:11 PM ScheduledB6
Virgin Atlantic3091Boston7:12 PM7:07 PMScheduledA2
Virgin Atlantic5722Houston7:13 PM8:54 PMScheduledB7
Virgin Atlantic5666Pittsburgh7:13 PM ScheduledB3
Virgin Atlantic2425Erie7:14 PM ScheduledC12
Virgin Atlantic3211State College7:14 PM ScheduledC8
Virgin Atlantic5784Seattle7:15 PM7:06 PMActiveA24
Virgin Atlantic2875Elmira7:16 PM ScheduledA59
Virgin Atlantic5124Akron7:16 PM ScheduledC6
Virgin Atlantic4993Greensboro/High Point7:18 PM ScheduledC9
Virgin Atlantic5638Dallas7:19 PM6:39 PMScheduledA77
Virgin Atlantic5724Indianapolis7:19 PM ScheduledA61
Virgin Atlantic4429Newark7:19 PM ScheduledB15
Virgin Atlantic4313Knoxville7:19 PM ScheduledC1
Virgin Atlantic5730Las Vegas7:19 PM6:59 PMScheduledA46
Virgin Atlantic4197Allentown7:20 PM ScheduledC5
Virgin Atlantic2907New York - JFK7:20 PM6:58 PMScheduledA11
Virgin Atlantic3088Nashville7:21 PM ScheduledA6
Virgin Atlantic2447New York - LGA7:22 PM ScheduledA78
Virgin Atlantic4444Newburgh7:23 PM ScheduledA55
Virgin Atlantic4927Albany7:24 PM ScheduledC19
Virgin Atlantic4598Salt Lake City7:24 PM7:15 PMScheduledA72
Virgin Atlantic3105Washington - DCA7:25 PM ScheduledA47
Virgin Atlantic4423Dulles7:25 PM ScheduledA67
Virgin Atlantic4597San Francisco7:25 PM7:40 PMScheduledA66
Virgin Atlantic5774Phoenix7:25 PM7:17 PMScheduledA3
Virgin Atlantic5708Saint Louis7:25 PM ScheduledA9
Virgin Atlantic5674Rochester7:25 PM ScheduledB18
Virgin Atlantic5690Syracuse7:25 PM ScheduledC15
Virgin Atlantic2919Greenville7:25 PM ScheduledC2
Virgin Atlantic5632Dayton7:25 PM ScheduledC20
Virgin Atlantic4304Baltimore7:25 PM ScheduledA17
Virgin Atlantic4296Cleveland7:35 PM ScheduledB20
Virgin Atlantic3344Richmond7:40 PM ScheduledB16
Virgin Atlantic5866Atlanta7:42 PM ScheduledA64
Virgin Atlantic2934Norfolk7:52 PM ScheduledA15
Virgin Atlantic5654Lansing7:55 PM ScheduledB5
Virgin Atlantic4181Grand Rapids7:56 PM ScheduledA49
Virgin Atlantic3660Montreal8:07 PM8:27 PMScheduledA35
Virgin Atlantic5816Columbus8:08 PM ScheduledA69
Virgin Atlantic5644Des Moines8:26 PM ScheduledA33
Virgin Atlantic2940South Bend8:28 PM ScheduledC10
Virgin Atlantic2481Traverse City8:28 PM ScheduledC5
Virgin Atlantic5764Minneapolis8:28 PM ScheduledA20
Virgin Atlantic4293Omaha8:30 PM ScheduledA63
Virgin Atlantic5465Atlanta8:31 PM ScheduledA23
Virgin Atlantic3084Hartford8:36 PM ScheduledA29
Virgin Atlantic2742New York - LGA8:50 PM ScheduledA72
Virgin Atlantic5670Pittsburgh8:53 PM ScheduledA15
Virgin Atlantic4216Kansas City8:54 PM ScheduledA15
Virgin Atlantic4994Lexington8:55 PM ScheduledA3
Virgin Atlantic5652Indianapolis8:57 PM ScheduledA51
Virgin Atlantic4586Milwaukee8:59 PM ScheduledA27
Virgin Australia6737New York - LGA1:13 PM12:51 PMLandedA70
Virgin Australia6666New York - LGA2:54 PM2:32 PMLandedA2
Virgin Australia6606Los Angeles4:46 PM4:36 PMActiveA7
Virgin Australia6527New York - LGA4:48 PM4:12 PMActiveA17
Virgin Australia6594Los Angeles7:05 PM6:56 PMActiveA68
Virgin Australia6662New York - LGA7:22 PM ScheduledA78
Virgin Australia6722New York - LGA8:50 PM ScheduledA72
WestJet7053Hartford1:00 PM1:03 PMLandedA21
WestJet7131Milwaukee1:02 PM12:55 PMLandedB7
WestJet7169Phoenix1:04 PM12:38 PMLandedA8
WestJet7087Columbus1:07 PM12:47 PMLandedC1
WestJet7151Omaha1:14 PM12:56 PMLandedA53
WestJet7073Cleveland1:15 PM1:03 PMLandedA31
WestJet7123Houston1:15 PM12:46 PMLandedA29
WestJet6328Toronto1:24 PM1:12 PMLandedA33
WestJet7155Philadelphia1:48 PM1:35 PMLandedA19
WestJet7099Washington - DCA2:22 PM2:05 PMLandedA45
WestJet7687Montreal2:31 PM2:23 PMLandedB18
WestJet7111Dulles2:41 PM2:28 PMLandedC5
WestJet7065Baltimore2:43 PM2:31 PMLandedA9
WestJet7081Columbus2:53 PM3:31 PMActiveA5
WestJet7179Pittsburgh2:55 PM2:35 PMLandedA33
WestJet7135Milwaukee2:56 PM2:50 PMLandedA3
WestJet7091Columbus4:15 PM3:57 PMActiveB8
WestJet7163Philadelphia4:19 PM4:04 PMActiveA19
WestJet7051Austin4:33 PM4:12 PMActiveA76
WestJet7097Washington - DCA4:36 PM4:14 PMActiveA33
WestJet6320Toronto4:45 PM5:13 PMScheduledA71
WestJet7185San Antonio4:54 PM4:55 PMActiveA77
WestJet7153Omaha5:00 PM4:58 PMActiveA61
WestJet7057Hartford6:14 PM6:11 PMScheduledA21
WestJet7679Ottawa6:22 PM ScheduledC7
WestJet7137Milwaukee6:55 PM6:44 PMScheduledA45
WestJet7159Philadelphia7:10 PM ScheduledA8
WestJet7083Columbus7:10 PM ScheduledC11
WestJet6324Toronto7:10 PM7:36 PMScheduledB11
WestJet7121Houston7:13 PM8:54 PMScheduledB7
WestJet7177Pittsburgh7:13 PM ScheduledB3
WestJet7109Washington - DCA7:25 PM ScheduledA47
WestJet7069Baltimore7:25 PM ScheduledA17
WestJet7117Dulles7:25 PM ScheduledA67
WestJet7079Cleveland7:35 PM ScheduledB20
WestJet7683Montreal8:07 PM8:27 PMScheduledA35
WestJet7093Columbus8:08 PM ScheduledA69
WestJet7149Omaha8:30 PM ScheduledA63
WestJet7059Hartford8:36 PM ScheduledA29
WestJet7171Pittsburgh8:53 PM ScheduledA15
WestJet7141Milwaukee8:59 PM ScheduledA27

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