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AirlineFlight NumberFROMScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Aeromexico5066Los Angeles6:25 AM6:02 AMActiveA30
Air Canada4674Chicago - ORD9:27 AM9:27 AMScheduledD6
Air Wisconsin3753Philadelphia9:25 AM9:25 AMScheduledD24
Alaska Airlines5152San Diego5:53 AM5:26 AMActiveA18
Alaska Airlines5540Los Angeles6:25 AM6:02 AMActiveA30
Alaska Airlines5050Seattle6:27 AM6:05 AMActiveA24
Alaska Airlines5064Portland6:36 AM6:23 AMActiveA18
Alaska Airlines5342Minneapolis9:29 AM Scheduled 
Alaska Airlines4386Chicago - ORD9:55 AM9:55 AMScheduledD32
Alitalia5833Indianapolis9:12 AM8:48 AMScheduled 
American Airlines633Phoenix6:23 AM6:10 AMActiveD24
American Airlines7203Amman8:05 AM8:40 AMActive 
American Airlines2810New York - LGA8:25 AM8:25 AMScheduledD30
American Airlines4123Philadelphia9:25 AM9:25 AMScheduledD24
American Airlines1879Charlotte9:31 AM9:31 AMScheduledD25
American Airlines3353Chicago - ORD9:55 AM9:55 AMScheduledD32
American Airlines2018Philadelphia10:43 AM10:43 AMScheduledD25
AVIANCA2230Washington - IAD9:30 AM9:30 AMScheduledD1
British Airways1741Chicago - ORD9:55 AM9:55 AMScheduledD32
Chautauqua Airlines6345Saginaw6:49 AM6:29 AMScheduledC25
Chautauqua Airlines6356Louisville7:59 AM7:50 AMScheduledC27
Chautauqua Airlines6057Columbus8:01 AM7:27 AMScheduledC15
Chautauqua Airlines6402Syracuse8:01 AM7:37 AMScheduledC21
Chautauqua Airlines6399Dayton8:03 AM7:32 AMScheduledC25
Chautauqua Airlines6070Syracuse9:07 AM8:37 AMScheduled 
Chautauqua Airlines6159Norfolk9:09 AM8:36 AMScheduledC15
Chautauqua Airlines6101Charleston9:11 AM8:42 AMScheduledC21
Chautauqua Airlines6110Kalamazoo9:14 AM11:06 AMScheduled 
Chautauqua Airlines6407Louisville9:25 AM9:05 AMScheduled 
Chautauqua Airlines6164Manchester9:27 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Chautauqua Airlines6061Columbus9:29 AM8:51 AMScheduled 
Chautauqua Airlines6098Montreal10:01 AM9:35 AMScheduled 
China Southern Airlines1270Los Angeles6:25 AM6:02 AMActiveA30
China Southern Airlines1296Seattle6:27 AM6:05 AMActiveA24
China Southern Airlines1273New York - LGA7:47 AM ScheduledA46
China Southern Airlines1274New York - LGA9:10 AM8:39 AMScheduledA10
China Southern Airlines1287Minneapolis9:29 AM Scheduled 
Copa Airlines1455Chicago - ORD9:27 AM9:27 AMScheduledD6
Copa Airlines5161Newark9:37 AM9:37 AMScheduledD2
Copa Airlines5212Newark10:34 AM10:34 AMScheduledD2
Delta Air Lines1509San Diego5:53 AM5:26 AMActiveA18
Delta Air Lines2534Las Vegas6:23 AM5:57 AMActiveA64
Delta Air Lines2224Phoenix6:24 AM5:52 AMActiveA7
Delta Air Lines1406Los Angeles6:25 AM6:02 AMActiveA30
Delta Air Lines910Seattle6:27 AM6:05 AMActiveA24
Delta Air Lines932Portland6:36 AM6:23 AMActiveA18
Delta Air Lines1988San Francisco6:38 AM6:16 AMActiveA18
Delta Air Lines6345Saginaw6:49 AM6:29 AMScheduledC25
Delta Air Lines3943Lansing6:50 AM6:35 AMScheduledC28
Delta Air Lines3613Kalamazoo6:53 AM7:24 AMScheduledC14
Delta Air Lines4199Fort Wayne6:54 AM ScheduledC24
Delta Air Lines3959Erie6:55 AM ScheduledC29
Delta Air Lines48Sao Paulo7:05 AM6:48 AMActiveA36
Delta Air Lines4110Marquette7:18 AM6:58 AMScheduledB10
Delta Air Lines3460Sault Ste. Marie7:19 AM7:02 AMScheduledC31
Delta Air Lines2489Philadelphia7:20 AM7:04 AMScheduledA31
Delta Air Lines5605Akron7:21 AM7:01 AMScheduledC20
Delta Air Lines1321Buffalo7:28 AM7:18 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4133Escanaba7:43 AM7:16 AMScheduledA23
Delta Air Lines3757Binghamton7:43 AM ScheduledC33
Delta Air Lines3948State College7:43 AM7:16 AMScheduledB5
Delta Air Lines4004Pellston7:43 AM7:25 AMScheduledB4
Delta Air Lines6249Washington - IAD7:44 AM7:25 AMScheduledA53
Delta Air Lines3755Newburgh7:45 AM7:41 AMScheduledB3
Delta Air Lines4243Toronto7:45 AM7:07 AMScheduledA61
Delta Air Lines3729Albany7:47 AM7:21 AMScheduledB2
Delta Air Lines731New York - LGA7:47 AM ScheduledA46
Delta Air Lines1288Traverse City7:47 AM7:29 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4945Lexington7:48 AM7:33 AMScheduledC10
Delta Air Lines4934Roanoke7:48 AM7:27 AMScheduledB21
Delta Air Lines2508Newark7:48 AM7:25 AMScheduledA19
Delta Air Lines2356Raleigh/Durham7:49 AM7:17 AMScheduledA60
Delta Air Lines967Indianapolis7:50 AM7:27 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1216Hartford7:50 AM7:41 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3837Ithaca7:51 AM ScheduledC37
Delta Air Lines1937Baltimore7:52 AM7:27 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3816Elmira7:52 AM ScheduledB1
Delta Air Lines5038Wilkes-Barre7:52 AM7:34 AMScheduledC18
Delta Air Lines970Pittsburgh7:52 AM7:23 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3772Greenville7:53 AM7:34 AMScheduledB8
Delta Air Lines3349Rochester7:54 AM7:25 AMScheduledA55
Delta Air Lines5165Westchester County7:55 AM7:36 AMScheduledA59
Delta Air Lines5079Richmond7:55 AM7:38 AMScheduledA63
Delta Air Lines5144Allentown7:56 AM7:37 AMScheduledC19
Delta Air Lines1459Charlotte7:56 AM7:50 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3636Cincinnati7:57 AM7:40 AMScheduledA43
Delta Air Lines3827Middletown7:58 AM7:38 AMScheduledB20
Delta Air Lines1907Grand Rapids7:58 AM7:35 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6356Louisville7:59 AM7:50 AMScheduledC27
Delta Air Lines4692South Bend7:59 AM7:41 AMScheduledC16
Delta Air Lines6402Syracuse8:01 AM7:37 AMScheduledC21
Delta Air Lines6057Columbus8:01 AM7:27 AMScheduledC15
Delta Air Lines5200Cleveland8:02 AM7:32 AMScheduledA69
Delta Air Lines6399Dayton8:03 AM7:32 AMScheduledC25
Delta Air Lines4590Milwaukee8:04 AM7:41 AMScheduledA57
Delta Air Lines5114Burlington8:05 AM7:46 AMScheduledA25
Delta Air Lines2079Boston8:08 AM7:52 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3483Chattanooga8:49 AM8:21 AMScheduledC1
Delta Air Lines306Providence8:53 AM8:38 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4917Green Bay9:00 AM8:42 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1323Nashville9:05 AM8:41 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3768La Crosse9:05 AM8:34 AMScheduledB4
Delta Air Lines6070Syracuse9:07 AM8:37 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3281Montreal9:07 AM8:32 AMScheduledC2
Delta Air Lines4626Lansing9:07 AM8:43 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6159Norfolk9:09 AM8:36 AMScheduledC15
Delta Air Lines5005Greensboro/High Point9:09 AM8:46 AMCanceled 
Delta Air Lines1120Hartford9:09 AM8:42 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines831New York - LGA9:10 AM8:39 AMScheduledA10
Delta Air Lines4128Cedar Rapids9:10 AM8:48 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2056Kansas City9:10 AM8:47 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6101Charleston9:11 AM8:42 AMScheduledC21
Delta Air Lines878Omaha9:11 AM8:40 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3553Wausau9:12 AM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines2070Indianapolis9:12 AM8:48 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4963Asheville9:12 AM8:47 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3963Saginaw9:13 AM8:48 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6110Kalamazoo9:14 AM11:06 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4106Portland9:15 AM8:45 AMScheduledA69
Delta Air Lines3821Rochester9:15 AM8:47 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5379Bentonville9:15 AM8:47 AMScheduledA55
Delta Air Lines992Madison9:16 AM8:52 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5410Chicago - MDW9:16 AM8:47 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5325Moline9:17 AM9:07 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1275Washington - DCA9:18 AM8:52 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines907Chicago - ORD9:19 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6204Saint Louis9:22 AM9:01 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5120Peoria9:22 AM9:03 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5453Charleston9:22 AM9:04 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1312Atlanta9:23 AM9:08 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5072Bloomington-Normal9:23 AM9:03 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5108Evansville9:23 AM9:03 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5607Appleton9:24 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6407Louisville9:25 AM9:05 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5604Birmingham9:25 AM9:11 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3491Des Moines9:25 AM8:56 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1322Philadelphia9:25 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5169Columbia9:26 AM9:02 AMScheduledB16
Delta Air Lines4756South Bend9:26 AM10:28 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3957Knoxville9:27 AM9:02 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3922Oklahoma City9:27 AM9:11 AMScheduledA29
Delta Air Lines6164Manchester9:27 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1509Minneapolis9:29 AM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines6061Columbus9:29 AM8:51 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6098Montreal10:01 AM9:35 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines251Amsterdam10:23 AM10:47 AMActiveA40
Delta Air Lines5014Elmira10:48 AM10:28 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2328Orlando10:55 AM10:23 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4997Fort Wayne10:57 AM10:32 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3943Lansing6:50 AM6:35 AMScheduledC28
Endeavor Air3613Kalamazoo6:53 AM7:24 AMScheduledC14
Endeavor Air4199Fort Wayne6:54 AM ScheduledC24
Endeavor Air3959Erie6:55 AM ScheduledC29
Endeavor Air4110Marquette7:18 AM6:58 AMScheduledB10
Endeavor Air3460Sault Ste. Marie7:19 AM7:02 AMScheduledC31
Endeavor Air3757Binghamton7:43 AM ScheduledC33
Endeavor Air3948State College7:43 AM7:16 AMScheduledB5
Endeavor Air4133Escanaba7:43 AM7:16 AMScheduledA23
Endeavor Air4004Pellston7:43 AM7:25 AMScheduledB4
Endeavor Air3755Newburgh7:45 AM7:41 AMScheduledB3
Endeavor Air4243Toronto7:45 AM7:07 AMScheduledA61
Endeavor Air3729Albany7:47 AM7:21 AMScheduledB2
Endeavor Air3837Ithaca7:51 AM ScheduledC37
Endeavor Air3816Elmira7:52 AM ScheduledB1
Endeavor Air3772Greenville7:53 AM7:34 AMScheduledB8
Endeavor Air3349Rochester7:54 AM7:25 AMScheduledA55
Endeavor Air3636Cincinnati7:57 AM7:40 AMScheduledA43
Endeavor Air3827Middletown7:58 AM7:38 AMScheduledB20
Endeavor Air3483Chattanooga8:49 AM8:21 AMScheduledC1
Endeavor Air3768La Crosse9:05 AM8:34 AMScheduledB4
Endeavor Air3281Montreal9:07 AM8:32 AMScheduledC2
Endeavor Air4128Cedar Rapids9:10 AM8:48 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3553Wausau9:12 AM Scheduled 
Endeavor Air3963Saginaw9:13 AM8:48 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air4106Portland9:15 AM8:45 AMScheduledA69
Endeavor Air3821Rochester9:15 AM8:47 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3491Des Moines9:25 AM8:56 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3957Knoxville9:27 AM9:02 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3922Oklahoma City9:27 AM9:11 AMScheduledA29
Envoy Air2810New York - LGA8:25 AM8:25 AMScheduledD30
Envoy Air3353Chicago - ORD9:55 AM9:55 AMScheduledD32
ExpressJet5605Akron7:21 AM7:01 AMScheduledC20
ExpressJet4934Roanoke7:48 AM7:27 AMScheduledB21
ExpressJet4945Lexington7:48 AM7:33 AMScheduledC10
ExpressJet5038Wilkes-Barre7:52 AM7:34 AMScheduledC18
ExpressJet5165Westchester County7:55 AM7:36 AMScheduledA59
ExpressJet5079Richmond7:55 AM7:38 AMScheduledA63
ExpressJet5144Allentown7:56 AM7:37 AMScheduledC19
ExpressJet5200Cleveland8:02 AM7:32 AMScheduledA69
ExpressJet5114Burlington8:05 AM7:46 AMScheduledA25
ExpressJet4917Green Bay9:00 AM8:42 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5005Greensboro/High Point9:09 AM8:46 AMCanceled 
ExpressJet4963Asheville9:12 AM8:47 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5379Bentonville9:15 AM8:47 AMScheduledA55
ExpressJet5410Chicago - MDW9:16 AM8:47 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5325Moline9:17 AM9:07 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5120Peoria9:22 AM9:03 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5453Charleston9:22 AM9:04 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5108Evansville9:23 AM9:03 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5072Bloomington-Normal9:23 AM9:03 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5607Appleton9:24 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5604Birmingham9:25 AM9:11 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5169Columbia9:26 AM9:02 AMScheduledB16
ExpressJet3812Newark9:37 AM9:37 AMScheduledD2
ExpressJet4297Newark10:34 AM10:34 AMScheduledD2
ExpressJet5014Elmira10:48 AM10:28 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet4997Fort Wayne10:57 AM10:32 AMScheduled 
GoJet Airlines6249Washington - IAD7:44 AM7:25 AMScheduledA53
GoJet Airlines6204Saint Louis9:22 AM9:01 AMScheduled 
Gol8004Sao Paulo7:05 AM6:48 AMActiveA36
JetBlue Airways1137Boston9:10 AM9:10 AMScheduledD15
KLM6051Amsterdam10:23 AM10:47 AMActiveA40
Qantas4889Chicago - ORD9:55 AM9:55 AMScheduledD32
Royal Jordanian4633Phoenix6:23 AM6:10 AMActiveD24
Royal Jordanian267Amman8:05 AM8:40 AMActive 
Shuttle America3516Chicago - ORD9:27 AM9:27 AMScheduledD6
SkyWest Airlines4692South Bend7:59 AM7:41 AMScheduledC16
SkyWest Airlines4590Milwaukee8:04 AM7:41 AMScheduledA57
SkyWest Airlines4626Lansing9:07 AM8:43 AMScheduled 
SkyWest Airlines4756South Bend9:26 AM10:28 AMScheduled 
South African Airways7470Washington - IAD9:30 AM9:30 AMScheduledD1
Southwest Airlines2143Baltimore9:50 AM9:50 AMScheduledD23
Southwest Airlines529Chicago - MDW10:10 AM10:10 AMScheduledD21
Spirit Airlines788Las Vegas5:06 AM4:46 AMLandedD11
Spirit Airlines709Los Angeles6:55 AM6:43 AMActiveD11
Spirit Airlines511Fort Lauderdale10:18 AM10:18 AMScheduledD12
Trans States Airlines3393Washington - IAD9:30 AM9:30 AMScheduledD1
United Airlines3516Chicago - ORD9:27 AM9:27 AMScheduledD6
United Airlines3393Washington - IAD9:30 AM9:30 AMScheduledD1
United Airlines3812Newark9:37 AM9:37 AMScheduledD2
United Airlines4297Newark10:34 AM10:34 AMScheduledD2
UPS1482Louisville5:42 AM5:42 AMScheduled 
US Airways633Phoenix6:23 AM6:10 AMActiveD24
US Airways7887Amman8:05 AM8:40 AMActive 
US Airways8196New York - LGA8:25 AM8:25 AMScheduledD30
US Airways3753Philadelphia9:25 AM9:25 AMScheduledD24
US Airways1879Charlotte9:31 AM9:31 AMScheduledD25
US Airways8163Chicago - ORD9:55 AM9:55 AMScheduledD32
US Airways2018Philadelphia10:43 AM10:43 AMScheduledD25
Virgin Atlantic4425Washington - IAD7:44 AM7:25 AMScheduledA53
Virgin Atlantic4511Newark7:48 AM7:25 AMScheduledA19
Virgin Atlantic4269Boston8:08 AM7:52 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic4193Greensboro/High Point9:09 AM8:46 AMCanceled 
Virgin Atlantic4314Bentonville9:15 AM8:47 AMScheduledA55
Virgin Australia6585Los Angeles6:25 AM6:02 AMActiveA30
Virgin Australia6707New York - LGA7:47 AM ScheduledA46
Virgin Australia6708New York - LGA9:10 AM8:39 AMScheduledA10
WestJet6959Philadelphia7:20 AM7:04 AMScheduledA31
WestJet6993Washington - IAD7:44 AM7:25 AMScheduledA53
WestJet6330Toronto7:45 AM7:07 AMScheduledA61
WestJet7016Hartford7:50 AM7:41 AMScheduled 
WestJet6743Pittsburgh7:52 AM7:23 AMScheduled 
WestJet6927Baltimore7:52 AM7:27 AMScheduled 
WestJet7124Columbus8:01 AM7:27 AMScheduledC15
WestJet6337Cleveland8:02 AM7:32 AMScheduledA69
WestJet6711Milwaukee8:04 AM7:41 AMScheduledA57
WestJet7048Hartford9:09 AM8:42 AMScheduled 
WestJet7068Omaha9:11 AM8:40 AMScheduled 
WestJet6988Washington - DCA9:18 AM8:52 AMScheduled 
WestJet6960Philadelphia9:25 AM8:55 AMScheduled 
WestJet7096Oklahoma City9:27 AM9:11 AMScheduledA29
WestJet7126Columbus9:29 AM8:51 AMScheduled 

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