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152 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberFROMScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Aeromexico5547Atlanta12:04 AM12:03 AMLandedA29
Aeromexico5130Phoenix6:14 AM5:57 AMScheduledA11
Aeromexico5066Los Angeles6:48 AM6:35 AMScheduledA50
Aeromexico5240Chicago - ORD8:00 AM7:50 AMScheduled 
Air Canada5653Denver12:45 AM3:41 AMActiveD4
Air Canada7032Toronto1:44 AM1:49 AMLanded 
Air France5650Atlanta12:04 AM12:03 AMLandedA29
Alaska Airlines4386Chicago - ORD12:20 AM11:59 PMLandedD32
Alaska Airlines5063Seattle6:28 AM6:23 AMScheduledA10
Alaska Airlines5089Seattle7:44 AM7:25 AMScheduled 
American Airlines1600Miami12:12 AM12:23 AMLandedD26
American Airlines1069Dallas12:16 AM12:03 AMLandedD28
American Airlines4404Chicago - ORD12:20 AM11:59 PMLandedD32
American Airlines430Phoenix1:38 AM1:41 AMLandedD26
American Airlines2018Phoenix6:27 AM6:27 AMScheduledD17
British Airways6821Chicago - ORD12:20 AM11:59 PMLandedD32
China Eastern Airlines8819Los Angeles6:48 AM6:35 AMScheduledA50
China Southern Airlines1270Los Angeles6:48 AM6:35 AMScheduledA50
China Southern Airlines1042Seattle7:44 AM7:25 AMScheduled 
Compass Airlines5708Louisville7:52 AM7:30 AMScheduled 
Copa Airlines2135Houston12:05 AM1:11 AMLandedD8
Delta Air Lines1290Atlanta12:04 AM12:03 AMLandedA29
Delta Air Lines1619San Diego6:04 AM5:56 AMActiveA12
Delta Air Lines1067Portland6:07 AM6:01 AMActiveA30
Delta Air Lines1474San Francisco6:12 AM5:58 AMActiveA46
Delta Air Lines2068Phoenix6:14 AM5:57 AMScheduledA11
Delta Air Lines1979Las Vegas6:19 AM6:49 AMScheduledA21
Delta Air Lines1491Seattle6:28 AM6:23 AMScheduledA10
Delta Air Lines1406Los Angeles6:48 AM6:35 AMScheduledA50
Delta Air Lines52Sao Paulo7:02 AM6:54 AMActiveA38
Delta Air Lines936San Francisco7:19 AM7:11 AMScheduledA7
Delta Air Lines2489Philadelphia7:23 AM7:01 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2556Washington - DCA7:27 AM7:09 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4896Binghamton7:34 AM7:20 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3508Dayton7:34 AM7:13 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1937Baltimore7:35 AM7:07 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4637Sault Ste. Marie7:39 AM7:20 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4818Pellston7:39 AM7:20 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4912Washington - IAD7:41 AM10:36 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3827Middletown7:41 AM7:24 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2792Raleigh/Durham7:42 AM7:22 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4110Marquette7:42 AM7:41 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1943Seattle7:44 AM7:25 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5309Toronto7:45 AM7:10 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3817Pittsburgh7:47 AM7:15 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines313Newark7:48 AM7:43 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3747Cincinnati7:48 AM7:27 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1923Buffalo7:48 AM7:33 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2509Grand Rapids7:48 AM7:33 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5914Lexington7:49 AM7:30 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1849Charlotte7:49 AM7:33 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4922Elmira7:49 AM7:32 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1480Hartford7:50 AM7:27 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3943Lansing7:50 AM7:31 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1707Traverse City7:51 AM7:29 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines4909State College7:51 AM7:35 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5708Louisville7:52 AM7:30 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3369Indianapolis7:52 AM8:00 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3578Kalamazoo7:53 AM7:33 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5044Burlington7:53 AM7:28 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3830Syracuse7:54 AM7:22 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines731New York - LGA7:55 AM Scheduled 
Delta Air Lines3938Akron7:55 AM7:35 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5912Greenville7:56 AM7:37 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines3299Columbus7:57 AM7:35 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines7368Escanaba7:57 AM7:35 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines6278Montreal7:59 AM7:27 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines5189Richmond8:00 AM7:39 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines2079Boston8:00 AM7:31 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines726Green Bay8:00 AM7:52 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines1231Chicago - ORD8:00 AM7:50 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3508Dayton7:34 AM7:13 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3827Middletown7:41 AM7:24 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air4110Marquette7:42 AM7:41 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3817Pittsburgh7:47 AM7:15 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3747Cincinnati7:48 AM7:27 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3943Lansing7:50 AM7:31 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3578Kalamazoo7:53 AM7:33 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3830Syracuse7:54 AM7:22 AMScheduled 
Endeavor Air3938Akron7:55 AM7:35 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet4896Binghamton7:34 AM7:20 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet4912Washington - IAD7:41 AM10:36 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5309Toronto7:45 AM7:10 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet4922Elmira7:49 AM7:32 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet4909State College7:51 AM7:35 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5044Burlington7:53 AM7:28 AMScheduled 
ExpressJet5189Richmond8:00 AM7:39 AMScheduled 
FedEx1982Newark5:02 AM5:02 AMScheduled 
Finnair4053Chicago - ORD12:20 AM11:59 PMLandedD32
Frontier Airlines620Denver4:35 AM4:27 AMActiveD16
GoJet Airlines6278Montreal7:59 AM7:27 AMScheduled 
Gol8004Sao Paulo7:02 AM6:54 AMActiveA38
Gulf Air6892Chicago - ORD12:20 AM11:59 PMLandedD32
KLM7156Atlanta12:04 AM12:03 AMLandedA29
LAN Airlines8731Miami12:12 AM12:23 AMLandedD26
Lan Argentina6307Miami12:12 AM12:23 AMLandedD26
Mesa Airlines5101Houston12:05 AM1:11 AMLandedD8
Qantas4822Dallas12:16 AM12:03 AMLandedD28
Qantas4489Chicago - ORD12:20 AM11:59 PMLandedD32
Qatar Airways5271Miami12:12 AM12:23 AMLandedD26
Republic Airlines4404Chicago - ORD12:20 AM11:59 PMLandedD32
Royal Jordanian7329Chicago - ORD12:20 AM11:59 PMLandedD32
Shuttle America647Newark3:30 AM6:01 PMLanded 
Shuttle America5914Lexington7:49 AM7:30 AMScheduled 
Shuttle America3369Indianapolis7:52 AM8:00 AMScheduled 
Shuttle America5912Greenville7:56 AM7:37 AMScheduled 
Shuttle America3299Columbus7:57 AM7:35 AMScheduled 
SkyWest Airlines4637Sault Ste. Marie7:39 AM7:20 AMScheduled 
SkyWest Airlines4818Pellston7:39 AM7:20 AMScheduled 
SkyWest Airlines7368Escanaba7:57 AM7:35 AMScheduled 
Southwest Airlines1009Chicago - MDW12:10 AM11:55 PMLandedD21
Southwest Airlines4388Phoenix12:15 AM12:20 AMLandedD19
Southwest Airlines1210Chicago - MDW8:00 AM8:00 AMScheduledD23
Spirit Airlines976Denver12:40 AM2:44 AMActiveD11
Spirit Airlines788Las Vegas4:56 AM4:56 AMActiveD11
Spirit Airlines709Los Angeles5:10 AM5:47 AMActiveD3
TAM Linhas Aereas2422Miami12:12 AM12:23 AMLandedD26
United Airlines5101Houston12:05 AM1:11 AMLandedD8
United Airlines296Denver12:45 AM3:41 AMActiveD4
UPS1488Rockford5:08 AM5:08 AMScheduled 
US Airways1600Miami12:12 AM12:23 AMLandedD26
US Airways1069Dallas12:16 AM12:03 AMLandedD28
US Airways4404Chicago - ORD12:20 AM11:59 PMLandedD32
US Airways430Phoenix1:38 AM1:41 AMLandedD26
US Airways2018Phoenix6:27 AM6:27 AMScheduledD17
Virgin Atlantic5872Atlanta12:04 AM12:03 AMLandedA29
Virgin Atlantic4421Washington - IAD7:41 AM10:36 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic4511Newark7:48 AM7:43 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic2474Hartford7:50 AM7:27 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic5654Lansing7:50 AM7:31 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic3211State College7:51 AM7:35 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic2482Traverse City7:51 AM7:29 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic5096Burlington7:53 AM7:28 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic2865Kalamazoo7:53 AM7:33 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic5690Syracuse7:54 AM7:22 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic5124Akron7:55 AM7:35 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic2919Greenville7:56 AM7:37 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic3660Montreal7:59 AM7:27 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic4592Chicago - ORD8:00 AM7:50 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic2432Green Bay8:00 AM7:52 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic4247Boston8:00 AM7:31 AMScheduled 
Virgin Atlantic5777Richmond8:00 AM7:39 AMScheduled 
Virgin Australia6585Los Angeles6:48 AM6:35 AMScheduledA50
Virgin Australia6532New York - LGA7:55 AM Scheduled 
WestJet6959Philadelphia7:23 AM7:01 AMScheduled 
WestJet6566Washington - DCA7:27 AM7:09 AMScheduled 
WestJet6927Baltimore7:35 AM7:07 AMScheduled 
WestJet6852Washington - IAD7:41 AM10:36 AMScheduled 
WestJet6550Toronto7:45 AM7:10 AMScheduled 
WestJet6489Pittsburgh7:47 AM7:15 AMScheduled 
WestJet7029Hartford7:50 AM7:27 AMScheduled 
WestJet7124Columbus7:57 AM7:35 AMScheduled 

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