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236 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberFROMScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Aer Lingus6080Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMLandedD4
Aer Lingus5308Boston10:16 PM10:06 PMActiveD17
Aeromexico5210Atlanta12:14 AM12:13 AMScheduledA21
Aeromexico5181Atlanta9:08 PM10:05 PMLandedA8
Aeromexico5066Los Angeles9:14 PM9:23 PMLandedA75
Aeromexico5188Atlanta11:03 PM10:57 PMActiveA77
Air Canada5516Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMLandedD4
Air Canada7367Toronto10:08 PM10:00 PMLanded 
Air Canada2843Chicago - ORD10:11 PM10:01 PMLandedD5B
Air Canada5653Denver10:32 PM10:12 PMActiveD1
Air Europa3306New York - JFK8:41 PM10:00 PMLandedA31
Air France2570Atlanta12:14 AM12:13 AMScheduledA21
Air France5917Charlotte8:07 PM8:44 PMLandedA53
Air France6821Des Moines8:09 PM8:07 PMLandedC7
Air France5757New York - JFK8:41 PM10:00 PMLandedA31
Air France2577Salt Lake City8:58 PM9:34 PMLandedA25
Air France2486Atlanta9:08 PM10:05 PMLandedA8
Air France6867Cincinnati9:25 PM9:39 PMLandedB15
Air Georgian7367Toronto10:08 PM10:00 PMLanded 
Air New Zealand6505Houston9:23 PM9:12 PMLandedD2
Air New Zealand6684Houston11:18 PM11:01 PMActiveD2
Alaska Airlines5059Minneapolis8:34 PM8:46 PMLandedA72
Alaska Airlines8068Chicago - ORD8:54 PM8:50 PMLandedD30
Alaska Airlines5207Minneapolis11:02 PM10:52 PMActiveA23
Alaska Airlines4080Chicago - ORD11:58 PM11:57 PMScheduledD30
Alitalia3094Atlanta9:08 PM10:05 PMLandedA8
American Airlines2549Phoenix1:47 AM1:30 AMScheduledD25
American Airlines5495Charlotte8:17 PM8:18 PMLandedD26
American Airlines4665New York - LGA8:37 PM10:54 PMActiveD9
American Airlines2574Chicago - ORD8:54 PM8:50 PMLandedD30
American Airlines5150Philadelphia9:54 PM2:30 AMCanceledD28
American Airlines1418Dallas10:00 PM9:52 PMLandedD25
American Airlines424Phoenix10:16 PM10:21 PMActiveD26
American Airlines1652Miami11:23 PM11:15 PMActiveD32
American Airlines4568Washington - DCA11:51 PM1:41 AMCanceledD26
American Airlines3090Chicago - ORD11:58 PM11:57 PMScheduledD30
American Airlines2583Dallas11:58 PM11:49 PMActiveD26
ANA7718Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMLandedD4
ANA7348Chicago - ORD10:11 PM10:01 PMLandedD5B
Asiana Airlines6440Chicago - ORD11:33 PM11:27 PMScheduledD5
Atlas Air192Minneapolis 11:50 PMScheduled 
Austrian7721Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMLandedD4
AVIANCA2230Dulles11:37 PM12:52 AMScheduledD6
British Airways5407Chicago - ORD8:54 PM8:50 PMLandedD30
British Airways2451Chicago - ORD11:58 PM11:57 PMScheduledD30
China Eastern Airlines8849Los Angeles9:14 PM9:23 PMLandedA75
Compass Airlines5762San Antonio9:25 PM9:05 PMLandedA77
Copa Airlines8457Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMLandedD4
Copa Airlines1598Chicago - ORD10:11 PM10:01 PMLandedD5B
Copa Airlines1775Chicago - ORD11:33 PM11:27 PMScheduledD5
Copa Airlines5055Dulles11:37 PM12:52 AMScheduledD6
Delta Air Lines2230Atlanta12:14 AM12:13 AMScheduledA21
Delta Air Lines6254Charlotte8:07 PM8:44 PMLandedA53
Delta Air Lines4466Des Moines8:09 PM8:07 PMLandedC7
Delta Air Lines3550Columbus8:28 PM8:12 PMLandedA43
Delta Air Lines1312Pittsburgh8:30 PM8:22 PMLandedA6
Delta Air Lines1357Minneapolis8:34 PM8:46 PMLandedA72
Delta Air Lines4003New York - JFK8:41 PM10:00 PMLandedA31
Delta Air Lines4847Chattanooga8:46 PM10:52 PMActiveC5
Delta Air Lines4736Omaha8:47 PM8:32 PMLandedB18
Delta Air Lines4998Lansing8:48 PM8:23 PMLandedB4
Delta Air Lines2086Kansas City8:49 PM9:08 PMLandedA67
Delta Air Lines6213Grand Rapids8:53 PM10:23 PMActiveA51
Delta Air Lines505Milwaukee8:54 PM8:35 PMLandedA17
Delta Air Lines6224Chicago - MDW8:57 PM8:43 PMLandedA63
Delta Air Lines306Fort Myers8:58 PM9:00 PMLandedA10
Delta Air Lines1809Salt Lake City8:58 PM9:34 PMLandedA25
Delta Air Lines1306Fort Lauderdale9:02 PM8:53 PMLandedA60
Delta Air Lines916Denver9:03 PM8:58 PMLandedA23
Delta Air Lines3360Lexington9:03 PM11:07 PMActiveA3
Delta Air Lines1226Tampa9:06 PM9:09 PMLandedA68
Delta Air Lines1381Atlanta9:08 PM10:05 PMLandedA8
Delta Air Lines1876Los Angeles9:14 PM9:23 PMLandedA75
Delta Air Lines1862Nashville9:14 PM9:02 PMLandedA20
Delta Air Lines3448Indianapolis9:17 PM9:34 PMLandedA35
Delta Air Lines2424Seattle9:18 PM11:22 PMActiveA31
Delta Air Lines2131New York - LGA9:18 PM11:03 PMActiveA33
Delta Air Lines1905Chicago - ORD9:19 PM9:24 PMLandedA21
Delta Air Lines6206Newark9:20 PM11:45 PMActiveA53
Delta Air Lines3728Austin9:20 PM9:06 PMLandedA27
Delta Air Lines2307Phoenix9:22 PM9:38 PMLandedA18
Delta Air Lines5762San Antonio9:25 PM9:05 PMLandedA77
Delta Air Lines5288Dallas9:25 PM9:20 PMLandedA69
Delta Air Lines4057Cincinnati9:25 PM9:39 PMLandedB15
Delta Air Lines1484Las Vegas9:25 PM9:21 PMLandedA76
Delta Air Lines1287New Orleans9:25 PM9:22 PMLandedA56
Delta Air Lines4772Houston9:25 PM9:28 PMLandedA71
Delta Air Lines848Boston9:25 PM8:58 PMLandedA47
Delta Air Lines18Baltimore9:25 PM9:27 PMLandedA7
Delta Air Lines3922Saint Louis9:35 PM9:12 PMLandedA61
Delta Air Lines1128Orlando9:49 PM9:42 PMLandedA6
Delta Air Lines991Washington - DCA9:59 PM10:34 PMActiveA54
Delta Air Lines1272New York - LGA10:30 PM11:35 PMActiveA76
Delta Air Lines1342Minneapolis11:02 PM10:52 PMActiveA23
Delta Air Lines269Atlanta11:03 PM10:57 PMActiveA77
Emirates6649Fort Lauderdale11:46 PM12:00 AMActive 
Endeavor Air4003New York - JFK8:41 PM10:00 PMLandedA31
Endeavor Air3448Indianapolis9:17 PM9:34 PMLandedA35
Endeavor Air3728Austin9:20 PM9:06 PMLandedA27
Endeavor Air4057Cincinnati9:25 PM9:39 PMLandedB15
Endeavor Air3922Saint Louis9:35 PM9:12 PMLandedA61
ExpressJet5288Dallas9:25 PM9:20 PMLandedA69
Frontier Airlines1854Phoenix11:59 PM12:41 AMActiveD16
GoJet Airlines6254Charlotte8:07 PM8:44 PMLandedA53
GoJet Airlines6213Grand Rapids8:53 PM10:23 PMActiveA51
GoJet Airlines6224Chicago - MDW8:57 PM8:43 PMLandedA63
GoJet Airlines6206Newark9:20 PM11:45 PMActiveA53
Gulf Air4378Dallas10:00 PM9:52 PMLandedD25
Gulf Air4365Dallas11:58 PM11:49 PMActiveD26
Iberia9711Miami11:23 PM11:15 PMActiveD32
Icelandair7843Boston10:16 PM10:06 PMActiveD17
JAL5896Boston10:16 PM10:06 PMActiveD17
Jet Airways (India)8458Pittsburgh8:30 PM8:22 PMLandedA6
Jet Airways (India)8218Denver9:03 PM8:58 PMLandedA23
Jet Airways (India)8376Boston9:25 PM8:58 PMLandedA47
JetBlue Airways1837Boston10:16 PM10:06 PMActiveD17
JetBlue Airways1590Fort Lauderdale11:46 PM12:00 AMActive 
KLM5901Atlanta12:14 AM12:13 AMScheduledA21
KLM5743Charlotte8:07 PM8:44 PMLandedA53
KLM6715Des Moines8:09 PM8:07 PMLandedC7
KLM5758Minneapolis8:34 PM8:46 PMLandedA72
KLM6437New York - JFK8:41 PM10:00 PMLandedA31
KLM5643Atlanta9:08 PM10:05 PMLandedA8
Korean Air7407Los Angeles9:14 PM9:23 PMLandedA75
LATAM Airlines8190Miami11:23 PM11:15 PMActiveD32
LATAM Airlines Brasil7846Miami11:23 PM11:15 PMActiveD32
Lufthansa7474Chicago - ORD11:33 PM11:27 PMScheduledD5
Mesa Airlines6301Houston9:23 PM9:12 PMLandedD2
Mesa Airlines6348Houston11:18 PM11:01 PMActiveD2
Mesa Airlines6074Dulles11:37 PM12:52 AMScheduledD6
PSA Airlines5495Charlotte8:17 PM8:18 PMLandedD26
PSA Airlines5150Philadelphia9:54 PM2:30 AMCanceledD28
PSA Airlines9931Washington - DCA11:30 PM11:34 PMScheduledD28
Qantas4881Chicago - ORD8:54 PM8:50 PMLandedD30
Qantas3236Dallas10:00 PM9:52 PMLandedD25
Qantas4749Dallas11:58 PM11:49 PMActiveD26
Qantas4156Chicago - ORD11:58 PM11:57 PMScheduledD30
Qatar Airways5263Dallas10:00 PM9:52 PMLandedD25
Qatar Airways4242Boston10:16 PM10:06 PMActiveD17
Qatar Airways5141Miami11:23 PM11:15 PMActiveD32
Republic Airlines4665New York - LGA8:37 PM10:54 PMActiveD9
Republic Airlines3421Chicago - ORD10:11 PM10:01 PMLandedD5B
Republic Airlines9869Portland11:15 PM11:57 PMActiveD18
Republic Airlines3507Chicago - ORD11:33 PM11:27 PMScheduledD5
Republic Airlines4568Washington - DCA11:51 PM1:41 AMCanceledD26
Royal Jordanian7598Chicago - ORD8:54 PM8:50 PMLandedD30
Royal Jordanian7286Chicago - ORD11:58 PM11:57 PMScheduledD30
Shuttle America3360Lexington9:03 PM11:07 PMActiveA3
SkyWest Airlines4466Des Moines8:09 PM8:07 PMLandedC7
SkyWest Airlines3550Columbus8:28 PM8:12 PMLandedA43
SkyWest Airlines4847Chattanooga8:46 PM10:52 PMActiveC5
SkyWest Airlines4736Omaha8:47 PM8:32 PMLandedB18
SkyWest Airlines4998Lansing8:48 PM8:23 PMLandedB4
SkyWest Airlines4772Houston9:25 PM9:28 PMLandedA71
SkyWest Airlines3090Chicago - ORD11:58 PM11:57 PMScheduledD30
Southwest Airlines924Denver12:55 AM12:55 AMScheduledD20
Southwest Airlines1163Chicago - MDW8:50 PM9:15 PMLandedD23
Southwest Airlines4135Saint Louis10:00 PM9:55 PMLandedD23
Southwest Airlines4197Atlanta10:45 PM10:40 PMActiveD21
Southwest Airlines1247Phoenix10:50 PM1:35 AMScheduledD19
Southwest Airlines487Nashville10:55 PM10:45 PMActiveD20
Southwest Airlines1243Chicago - MDW11:50 PM11:50 PMScheduledD20
Southwest Airlines6254Baltimore11:50 PM11:50 PMScheduledD21
Spirit Airlines976Denver12:17 AM12:06 AMActiveD11
Spirit Airlines636Tampa8:01 PM7:42 PMLanded 
Spirit Airlines782Baltimore8:15 PM7:54 PMLandedD8
Spirit Airlines892Orlando9:00 PM9:08 PMLandedD14
Spirit Airlines684Fort Myers9:48 PM9:45 PMLandedD11
Spirit Airlines380Fort Lauderdale11:32 PM11:50 PMActiveD12
Spirit Airlines906Houston11:42 PM11:37 PMActiveD15
Spirit Airlines734Dallas11:59 PM11:48 PMActiveD14
SWISS3244Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMLandedD4
TAP Portugal8065Boston10:16 PM10:06 PMActiveD17
Turkish Airlines8660Toronto10:08 PM10:00 PMLanded 
United Airlines555Chicago - ORD8:50 PM8:50 PMLandedD4
United Airlines6301Houston9:23 PM9:12 PMLandedD2
United Airlines8151Toronto10:08 PM10:00 PMLanded 
United Airlines3421Chicago - ORD10:11 PM10:01 PMLandedD5B
United Airlines591Denver10:32 PM10:12 PMActiveD1
United Airlines6348Houston11:18 PM11:01 PMActiveD2
United Airlines3507Chicago - ORD11:33 PM11:27 PMScheduledD5
United Airlines6074Dulles11:37 PM12:52 AMScheduledD6
Virgin Atlantic5475Atlanta12:14 AM12:13 AMScheduledA21
Virgin Atlantic2723Charlotte8:07 PM8:44 PMLandedA53
Virgin Atlantic5642Des Moines8:09 PM8:07 PMLandedC7
Virgin Atlantic4958Columbus8:28 PM8:12 PMLandedA43
Virgin Atlantic5666Pittsburgh8:30 PM8:22 PMLandedA6
Virgin Atlantic5764Minneapolis8:34 PM8:46 PMLandedA72
Virgin Atlantic4625New York - JFK8:41 PM10:00 PMLandedA31
Virgin Atlantic2869Chattanooga8:46 PM10:52 PMActiveC5
Virgin Atlantic4293Omaha8:47 PM8:32 PMLandedB18
Virgin Atlantic2904Lansing8:48 PM8:23 PMLandedB4
Virgin Atlantic5706Kansas City8:49 PM9:08 PMLandedA67
Virgin Atlantic4181Grand Rapids8:53 PM10:23 PMActiveA51
Virgin Atlantic4583Milwaukee8:54 PM8:35 PMLandedA17
Virgin Atlantic2883Chicago - MDW8:57 PM8:43 PMLandedA63
Virgin Atlantic2976Fort Myers8:58 PM9:00 PMLandedA10
Virgin Atlantic5802Salt Lake City8:58 PM9:34 PMLandedA25
Virgin Atlantic3136Fort Lauderdale9:02 PM8:53 PMLandedA60
Virgin Atlantic5480Denver9:03 PM8:58 PMLandedA23
Virgin Atlantic4205Lexington9:03 PM11:07 PMActiveA3
Virgin Atlantic4493Tampa9:06 PM9:09 PMLandedA68
Virgin Atlantic5868Atlanta9:08 PM10:05 PMLandedA8
Virgin Atlantic5710Nashville9:14 PM9:02 PMLandedA20
Virgin Atlantic5740Los Angeles9:14 PM9:23 PMLandedA75
Virgin Atlantic4202Indianapolis9:17 PM9:34 PMLandedA35
Virgin Atlantic5790Seattle9:18 PM11:22 PMActiveA31
Virgin Atlantic2447New York - LGA9:18 PM11:03 PMActiveA33
Virgin Atlantic4592Chicago - ORD9:19 PM9:24 PMLandedA21
Virgin Atlantic5602Austin9:20 PM9:06 PMLandedA27
Virgin Atlantic4467Newark9:20 PM11:45 PMActiveA53
Virgin Atlantic5774Phoenix9:22 PM9:38 PMLandedA18
Virgin Atlantic4203Boston9:25 PM8:58 PMLandedA47
Virgin Atlantic3143Houston9:25 PM9:28 PMLandedA71
Virgin Atlantic5768New Orleans9:25 PM9:22 PMLandedA56
Virgin Atlantic5485Dallas9:25 PM9:20 PMLandedA69
Virgin Atlantic2717Baltimore9:25 PM9:27 PMLandedA7
Virgin Atlantic5624Cincinnati9:25 PM9:39 PMLandedB15
Virgin Atlantic5680San Antonio9:25 PM9:05 PMLandedA77
Virgin Atlantic5732Las Vegas9:25 PM9:21 PMLandedA76
Virgin Atlantic5808Saint Louis9:35 PM9:12 PMLandedA61
Virgin Atlantic5746Orlando9:49 PM9:42 PMLandedA6
Virgin Atlantic4590Minneapolis11:02 PM10:52 PMActiveA23
Virgin Atlantic5870Atlanta11:03 PM10:57 PMActiveA77
Virgin Australia6618Los Angeles9:14 PM9:23 PMLandedA75
Virgin Australia6691New York - LGA9:18 PM11:03 PMActiveA33
Virgin Australia6690New York - LGA10:30 PM11:35 PMActiveA76
WestJet6472Columbus8:28 PM8:12 PMLandedA43
WestJet7110Pittsburgh8:30 PM8:22 PMLandedA6
WestJet7494Omaha8:47 PM8:32 PMLandedB18
WestJet6739Milwaukee8:54 PM8:35 PMLandedA17
WestJet6302Austin9:20 PM9:06 PMLandedA27
WestJet7140San Antonio9:25 PM9:05 PMLandedA77
WestJet6567Baltimore9:25 PM9:27 PMLandedA7
WestJet6701Houston9:25 PM9:28 PMLandedA71
WestJet6499Washington - DCA9:59 PM10:34 PMActiveA54

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