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269 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberFROMScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Aeromexico5217Los Angeles2:25 PM1:46 PMActive 
Air France9197Bangor11:05 AM10:56 AMLanded 
Air France5761San Antonio11:07 AM11:29 AMLanded 
Air France2203Akron11:08 AM11:37 AMLanded 
Air France2979Nashville11:09 AM11:19 AMLanded 
Air France5793Greenville11:12 AM11:00 AMLanded 
Air France5639Austin11:17 AM11:18 AMLanded 
Air France9388Kalamazoo11:17 AM11:11 AMLanded 
Air France3345Appleton11:18 AM11:15 AMLanded 
Air France2405Greensboro/High Point11:19 AM11:29 AMLanded 
Air France2499Oklahoma City11:24 AM11:07 AMLanded 
Air France2987Des Moines11:25 AM11:24 AMLanded 
Air France8551Wausau11:26 AM11:29 AMLanded 
Air France2167Pellston11:30 AM11:16 AMLanded 
Air France2311Buffalo11:30 AM11:57 AMLanded 
Air France2529Lexington11:30 AM11:21 AMLanded 
Air France2391Ottawa11:30 AM11:13 AMLanded 
Air France5661San Diego2:18 PM1:45 PMActive 
Alaska Airlines4273Chicago - ORD11:08 AM11:06 AMLandedD32
Alaska Airlines792Seattle3:39 PM3:51 PMActiveD17
American Airlines7203Montreal10:15 AM10:37 AMLanded 
American Airlines4393New York - LGA10:46 AM10:36 AMLandedD30
American Airlines4590Philadelphia10:57 AM10:35 AMLandedD24
American Airlines1941Charlotte11:08 AM11:31 AMLandedD18
American Airlines4353Chicago - ORD11:08 AM11:06 AMLandedD32
American Airlines1280Dallas11:37 AM11:46 AMLandedD28
American Airlines4512Washington - DCA12:00 PM11:51 AMLandedD24
British Airways1743Chicago - ORD11:08 AM11:06 AMLandedD32
Compass Airlines5733Grand Rapids11:15 AM11:04 AMLanded 
Compass Airlines5705Austin11:17 AM11:18 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1342Manchester10:50 AM10:32 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1120Hartford10:50 AM10:43 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines2484Philadelphia10:51 AM10:39 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3383Louisville10:52 AM10:23 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3964Houston10:53 AM10:48 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines651Charlotte10:53 AM10:42 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3685Chicago - MDW10:53 AM10:43 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1344Kansas City10:54 AM11:01 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines6225Saint Louis10:55 AM10:47 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1610Denver10:55 AM11:25 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4991Evansville10:55 AM10:48 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5014Elmira10:56 AM11:20 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3688Middletown10:57 AM10:33 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1553Fort Myers10:58 AM10:53 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4909Peoria10:58 AM10:37 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4137Birmingham10:59 AM10:28 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5509Tulsa10:59 AM10:51 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3289Green Bay10:59 AM10:50 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5223Cleveland11:00 AM10:33 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4938Omaha11:00 AM10:43 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3822Moline11:01 AM10:57 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4091Jacksonville11:01 AM10:45 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5251Montreal11:01 AM10:32 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines6231Raleigh/Durham11:02 AM11:16 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines6306Cincinnati11:02 AM10:58 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5407Richmond11:02 AM10:37 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines2807Orlando11:04 AM11:19 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5228Cedar Rapids11:05 AM10:45 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5235Bangor11:05 AM10:56 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3657Binghamton11:06 AM10:55 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3354Saginaw11:07 AM11:26 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1904Fort Lauderdale11:07 AM11:14 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3948State College11:07 AM11:31 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3942San Antonio11:07 AM11:29 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5247Akron11:08 AM11:37 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3979Memphis11:08 AM11:01 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1323Nashville11:09 AM11:19 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines189New York - LGA11:10 AM11:06 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines793Minneapolis11:10 AM11:32 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3291Dallas11:10 AM11:02 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4132Newark11:11 AM10:52 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4896Charleston11:12 AM11:10 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3344Greenville11:12 AM11:00 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5988Rochester11:12 AM10:47 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3939Knoxville11:14 AM11:27 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines629Atlanta11:14 AM11:33 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines2192Tampa11:14 AM11:23 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5733Grand Rapids11:15 AM11:04 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines2514New York - JFK11:16 AM10:59 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3933Kalamazoo11:17 AM11:11 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5705Austin11:17 AM11:18 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1062Savannah11:17 AM11:02 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4727Appleton11:18 AM11:15 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3878Greensboro/High Point11:19 AM11:29 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4856South Bend11:19 AM11:08 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines159Boston11:19 AM11:01 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1737Baltimore11:22 AM11:24 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3640Washington - DCA11:22 AM11:06 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines7369Alpena11:23 AM11:08 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4945Oklahoma City11:24 AM11:07 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines763Chicago - ORD11:24 AM12:07 PMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1207Providence11:24 AM11:09 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3666Des Moines11:25 AM11:24 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4125Madison11:26 AM11:21 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines3642Wausau11:26 AM11:29 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines824Phoenix11:26 AM11:11 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4637Milwaukee11:28 AM11:40 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines6226Pittsburgh11:30 AM11:39 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4027Buffalo11:30 AM11:57 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4529Pellston11:30 AM11:16 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4073Lexington11:30 AM11:21 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines5440Indianapolis11:30 AM11:30 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines1822Toronto11:30 AM11:30 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines4277Ottawa11:30 AM11:13 AMLanded 
Delta Air Lines815Seattle1:55 PM1:52 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines2071San Diego2:18 PM1:45 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines1932Las Vegas2:21 PM2:01 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines1506Los Angeles2:25 PM1:46 PMActive 
Delta Air Lines854San Francisco2:30 PM2:00 PMActive 
Endeavor Air3964Houston10:53 AM10:48 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air3685Chicago - MDW10:53 AM10:43 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air3688Middletown10:57 AM10:33 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air4137Birmingham10:59 AM10:28 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air4091Jacksonville11:01 AM10:45 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air3822Moline11:01 AM10:57 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air3657Binghamton11:06 AM10:55 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air3948State College11:07 AM11:31 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air3942San Antonio11:07 AM11:29 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air3979Memphis11:08 AM11:01 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air4132Newark11:11 AM10:52 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air3939Knoxville11:14 AM11:27 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air3933Kalamazoo11:17 AM11:11 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air3878Greensboro/High Point11:19 AM11:29 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air3640Washington - DCA11:22 AM11:06 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air3666Des Moines11:25 AM11:24 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air4125Madison11:26 AM11:21 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air3642Wausau11:26 AM11:29 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air4027Buffalo11:30 AM11:57 AMLanded 
Endeavor Air4073Lexington11:30 AM11:21 AMLanded 
ExpressJet4991Evansville10:55 AM10:48 AMLanded 
ExpressJet5014Elmira10:56 AM11:20 AMLanded 
ExpressJet4143Newark10:57 AM10:38 AMLandedD6
ExpressJet4909Peoria10:58 AM10:37 AMLanded 
ExpressJet5509Tulsa10:59 AM10:51 AMLanded 
ExpressJet5223Cleveland11:00 AM10:33 AMLanded 
ExpressJet4938Omaha11:00 AM10:43 AMLanded 
ExpressJet5251Montreal11:01 AM10:32 AMLanded 
ExpressJet5407Richmond11:02 AM10:37 AMLanded 
ExpressJet5228Cedar Rapids11:05 AM10:45 AMLanded 
ExpressJet5235Bangor11:05 AM10:56 AMLanded 
ExpressJet5247Akron11:08 AM11:37 AMLanded 
ExpressJet4896Charleston11:12 AM11:10 AMLanded 
ExpressJet4945Oklahoma City11:24 AM11:07 AMLanded 
ExpressJet5440Indianapolis11:30 AM11:30 AMLanded 
Frontier Airlines1210Orlando11:35 AM11:40 AMLandedD16
GoJet Airlines6225Saint Louis10:55 AM10:47 AMLanded 
GoJet Airlines6231Raleigh/Durham11:02 AM11:16 AMLanded 
GoJet Airlines6306Cincinnati11:02 AM10:58 AMLanded 
GoJet Airlines6226Pittsburgh11:30 AM11:39 AMLanded 
KLM5155San Diego2:18 PM1:45 PMActive 
Qantas4895Chicago - ORD11:08 AM11:06 AMLandedD32
Qantas4745Dallas11:37 AM11:46 AMLandedD28
Republic Airlines4393New York - LGA10:46 AM10:36 AMLandedD30
Republic Airlines4590Philadelphia10:57 AM10:35 AMLandedD24
Republic Airlines4353Chicago - ORD11:08 AM11:06 AMLandedD32
Republic Airlines4512Washington - DCA12:00 PM11:51 AMLandedD24
Royal Jordanian267Montreal10:15 AM10:37 AMLanded 
Shuttle America3383Louisville10:52 AM10:23 AMLanded 
Shuttle America3289Green Bay10:59 AM10:50 AMLanded 
Shuttle America3354Saginaw11:07 AM11:26 AMLanded 
Shuttle America3291Dallas11:10 AM11:02 AMLanded 
Shuttle America3344Greenville11:12 AM11:00 AMLanded 
Shuttle America5988Rochester11:12 AM10:47 AMLanded 
Shuttle America4277Ottawa11:30 AM11:13 AMLanded 
SkyWest Airlines5558Houston11:13 AM11:15 AMLandedD4
SkyWest Airlines4727Appleton11:18 AM11:15 AMLanded 
SkyWest Airlines4856South Bend11:19 AM11:08 AMLanded 
SkyWest Airlines7369Alpena11:23 AM11:08 AMLanded 
SkyWest Airlines4637Milwaukee11:28 AM11:40 AMLanded 
SkyWest Airlines4529Pellston11:30 AM11:16 AMLanded 
Southwest Airlines3902Saint Louis10:45 AM10:34 AMLandedD21
Southwest Airlines6312Baltimore11:00 AM10:57 AMLandedD23
Southwest Airlines1379Nashville11:45 AM11:40 AMLandedD20
Spirit Airlines511Fort Lauderdale10:27 AM10:21 AMLandedD12
Spirit Airlines475New York - LGA10:31 AM9:58 AMLandedD10
Spirit Airlines188Las Vegas3:04 PM2:35 PMActiveD11
United Airlines4143Newark10:57 AM10:38 AMLandedD6
United Airlines5558Houston11:13 AM11:15 AMLandedD4
Virgin Atlantic2036Manchester10:50 AM10:32 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2474Hartford10:50 AM10:43 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2464Philadelphia10:51 AM10:39 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5852Louisville10:52 AM10:23 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2410Charlotte10:53 AM10:42 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic3143Houston10:53 AM10:48 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2456Chicago - MDW10:53 AM10:43 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5656Kansas City10:54 AM11:01 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5708Saint Louis10:55 AM10:47 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5863Evansville10:55 AM10:48 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5712Denver10:55 AM11:25 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2418Elmira10:56 AM11:20 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2452Middletown10:57 AM10:33 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2976Fort Myers10:58 AM10:53 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2468Peoria10:58 AM10:37 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5832Tulsa10:59 AM10:51 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2433Green Bay10:59 AM10:50 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5957Birmingham10:59 AM10:28 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4293Omaha11:00 AM10:43 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5616Cleveland11:00 AM10:33 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic3352Montreal11:01 AM10:32 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2931Moline11:01 AM10:57 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2923Jacksonville11:01 AM10:45 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4138Cincinnati11:02 AM10:58 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2471Raleigh/Durham11:02 AM11:16 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5777Richmond11:02 AM10:37 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5744Orlando11:04 AM11:19 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2157Bangor11:05 AM10:56 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2405Cedar Rapids11:05 AM10:45 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4793Binghamton11:06 AM10:55 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic3211State College11:07 AM11:31 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2925Saginaw11:07 AM11:26 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic3208San Antonio11:07 AM11:29 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5886Fort Lauderdale11:07 AM11:14 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4217Memphis11:08 AM11:01 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2401Akron11:08 AM11:37 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5608Nashville11:09 AM11:19 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2448New York - LGA11:10 AM11:06 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5636Dallas11:10 AM11:02 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic3134Newark11:11 AM10:52 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5472Rochester11:12 AM10:47 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2918Greenville11:12 AM11:00 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2871Charleston11:12 AM11:10 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4312Knoxville11:14 AM11:27 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5874Tampa11:14 AM11:23 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2315Grand Rapids11:15 AM11:04 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4631New York - JFK11:16 AM10:59 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5424Austin11:17 AM11:18 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2888Savannah11:17 AM11:02 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2865Kalamazoo11:17 AM11:11 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2897Appleton11:18 AM11:15 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4223Boston11:19 AM11:01 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4193Greensboro/High Point11:19 AM11:29 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2941South Bend11:19 AM11:08 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5997Baltimore11:22 AM11:24 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2730Washington - DCA11:22 AM11:06 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2057Providence11:24 AM11:09 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2461Oklahoma City11:24 AM11:07 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4592Chicago - ORD11:24 AM12:07 PMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5488Des Moines11:25 AM11:24 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic2412Wausau11:26 AM11:29 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5772Phoenix11:26 AM11:11 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4211Madison11:26 AM11:21 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4583Milwaukee11:28 AM11:40 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5652Indianapolis11:30 AM11:30 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4311Buffalo11:30 AM11:57 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4998Toronto11:30 AM11:30 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5696Ottawa11:30 AM11:13 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4205Lexington11:30 AM11:21 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5670Pittsburgh11:30 AM11:39 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic5080Pellston11:30 AM11:16 AMLanded 
Virgin Atlantic4595Seattle1:55 PM1:52 PMActive 
Virgin Atlantic5778San Diego2:18 PM1:45 PMActive 
Virgin Atlantic5726Las Vegas2:21 PM2:01 PMActive 
Virgin Atlantic5734Los Angeles2:25 PM1:46 PMActive 
Virgin Atlantic5792San Francisco2:30 PM2:00 PMActive 
Virgin Australia6646New York - LGA11:10 AM11:06 AMLanded 
Virgin Australia6537Los Angeles2:25 PM1:46 PMActive 
WestJet7048Hartford10:50 AM10:43 AMLanded 
WestJet6470Philadelphia10:51 AM10:39 AMLanded 
WestJet6558Omaha11:00 AM10:43 AMLanded 
WestJet6322Cleveland11:00 AM10:33 AMLanded 
WestJet7374San Antonio11:07 AM11:29 AMLanded 
WestJet6354Austin11:17 AM11:18 AMLanded 
WestJet6366Washington - DCA11:22 AM11:06 AMLanded 
WestJet6357Baltimore11:22 AM11:24 AMLanded 
WestJet7096Oklahoma City11:24 AM11:07 AMLanded 
WestJet6609Phoenix11:26 AM11:11 AMLanded 
WestJet6383Milwaukee11:28 AM11:40 AMLanded 
WestJet6853Toronto11:30 AM11:30 AMLanded 
WestJet7364Pittsburgh11:30 AM11:39 AMLanded 

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