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AirlineFlight NumberFROMScheduled TimeEstimated TimeStatusDeparture Gate
Aer Lingus5308Boston10:26 PM10:06 PMLandedD15
Aer Lingus6079Chicago - ORD11:31 PM11:21 PMLandedD6
Aeroflot4029New York - JFK10:19 PM10:00 PMLandedB11
Aeromexico5547Atlanta11:47 PM12:02 AMLandedA49
Air Canada7309Toronto10:00 PM10:24 PMLanded 
Air Canada5653Denver10:16 PM10:18 PMLandedD4
Air Canada4943Chicago - ORD11:31 PM11:21 PMLandedD6
Air Europa3306New York - JFK10:19 PM10:00 PMLandedB11
Air France5650Atlanta11:47 PM12:02 AMLandedA49
Air Georgian7309Toronto10:00 PM10:24 PMLanded 
Alaska Airlines4386Chicago - ORD12:43 AM12:43 AMActiveD10
Alaska Airlines5047Minneapolis10:00 PM9:47 PMLandedA20
American Airlines1069Dallas12:22 AM12:01 AMLandedD28
American Airlines4404Chicago - ORD12:43 AM12:43 AMActiveD10
American Airlines430Phoenix1:35 AM1:44 AMActiveD25
American Airlines1418Dallas10:09 PM9:50 PMLandedD28
American Airlines412Phoenix10:09 PM10:11 PMLandedD18
American Airlines4575Washington - DCA10:19 PM10:22 PMLandedD24
American Airlines4621Philadelphia10:52 PM10:34 PMLandedD26
American Airlines1774Charlotte11:55 PM11:54 PMLandedD17
Atlas Air192Minneapolis11:32 PM11:19 PMLanded 
British Airways6821Chicago - ORD12:43 AM12:43 AMActiveD10
China Eastern Airlines4196New York - JFK10:19 PM10:00 PMLandedB11
Copa Airlines2135Houston10:54 PM10:42 PMLandedD2
Copa Airlines1775Chicago - ORD11:31 PM11:21 PMLandedD6
Copa Airlines5162Newark11:48 PM11:37 PMLandedD9
CSA3030New York - JFK10:19 PM10:00 PMLandedB11
Delta Air Lines1067Portland6:00 AM5:48 AMScheduled 
Delta Air Lines949Minneapolis10:00 PM9:47 PMLandedA20
Delta Air Lines2331New York - LGA10:07 PM11:41 PMLandedA19
Delta Air Lines4005New York - JFK10:19 PM10:00 PMLandedB11
Delta Air Lines375Atlanta10:50 PM11:13 PMLandedA40
Delta Air Lines3992Chicago - ORD10:55 PM10:42 PMLandedB6
Delta Air Lines1290Atlanta11:47 PM12:02 AMLandedA49
Endeavor Air4005New York - JFK10:19 PM10:00 PMLandedB11
Endeavor Air3992Chicago - ORD10:55 PM10:42 PMLandedB6
Frontier Airlines620Denver4:32 AM4:29 AMScheduledD16
GoJet Airlines3651Chicago - ORD11:31 PM11:21 PMLandedD6
Gulf Air6892Chicago - ORD12:43 AM12:43 AMActiveD10
Gulf Air4378Dallas10:09 PM9:50 PMLandedD28
JAL5896Boston10:26 PM10:06 PMLandedD15
JetBlue Airways1837Boston10:26 PM10:06 PMLandedD15
KLM5371Minneapolis10:00 PM9:47 PMLandedA20
KLM5851New York - JFK10:19 PM10:00 PMLandedB11
KLM7156Atlanta11:47 PM12:02 AMLandedA49
Lufthansa7474Chicago - ORD11:31 PM11:21 PMLandedD6
Mesa Airlines4039Washington - IAD11:42 PM12:18 AMActiveD5
Qantas4822Dallas12:22 AM12:01 AMLandedD28
Qantas4489Chicago - ORD12:43 AM12:43 AMActiveD10
Qantas3236Dallas10:09 PM9:50 PMLandedD28
Qatar Airways5263Dallas10:09 PM9:50 PMLandedD28
Republic Airlines4404Chicago - ORD12:43 AM12:43 AMActiveD10
Republic Airlines4575Washington - DCA10:19 PM10:22 PMLandedD24
Republic Airlines4621Philadelphia10:52 PM10:34 PMLandedD26
Republic Airlines3318Newark11:48 PM11:37 PMLandedD9
Royal Jordanian7329Chicago - ORD12:43 AM12:43 AMActiveD10
SAS8839Chicago - ORD11:31 PM11:21 PMLandedD6
SkyWest Airlines5558Houston10:54 PM10:42 PMLandedD2
Southwest Airlines690Phoenix12:10 AM11:45 PMLandedD20
Southwest Airlines2506Denver10:15 PM10:14 PMLandedD23
Southwest Airlines1311Atlanta10:50 PM10:39 PMLandedD19
Southwest Airlines2855Baltimore11:40 PM11:09 PMLandedD23
Southwest Airlines2071Chicago - MDW11:55 PM11:53 PMLandedD23
Spirit Airlines788Las Vegas4:42 AM5:30 AMScheduledD12
Spirit Airlines709Los Angeles5:14 AM5:14 AMScheduledD14
Spirit Airlines380Fort Lauderdale11:12 PM11:07 PMLandedD11
Spirit Airlines734Dallas11:46 PM11:35 PMLanded 
Spirit Airlines109Boston11:46 PM11:21 PMLandedD12
TAP Portugal8598Newark11:48 PM11:37 PMLandedD9
Turkish Airlines8660Toronto10:00 PM10:24 PMLanded 
Turkish Airlines8907Boston10:26 PM10:06 PMLandedD15
United Airlines8058Toronto10:00 PM10:24 PMLanded 
United Airlines282Denver10:16 PM10:18 PMLandedD4
United Airlines5558Houston10:54 PM10:42 PMLandedD2
United Airlines3651Chicago - ORD11:31 PM11:21 PMLandedD6
United Airlines4039Washington - IAD11:42 PM12:18 AMActiveD5
United Airlines3318Newark11:48 PM11:37 PMLandedD9
US Airways1069Dallas12:22 AM12:01 AMLandedD28
US Airways4404Chicago - ORD12:43 AM12:43 AMActiveD10
US Airways430Phoenix1:35 AM1:44 AMActiveD25
US Airways1418Dallas10:09 PM9:50 PMLandedD28
US Airways412Phoenix10:09 PM10:11 PMLandedD18
US Airways4575Washington - DCA10:19 PM10:22 PMLandedD24
US Airways4621Philadelphia10:52 PM10:34 PMLandedD26
US Airways1774Charlotte11:55 PM11:54 PMLandedD17
Virgin Atlantic5766Minneapolis10:00 PM9:47 PMLandedA20
Virgin Atlantic4603New York - JFK10:19 PM10:00 PMLandedB11
Virgin Atlantic5870Atlanta10:50 PM11:13 PMLandedA40
Virgin Atlantic5872Atlanta11:47 PM12:02 AMLandedA49
Virgin Australia6740New York - LGA10:07 PM11:41 PMLandedA19

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