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155 Flights are listed below.
AirlineFlight NumberFromScheduled TimeActual TimeStatusArrival Gate
Aeromexico5547Atlanta12:30 AM12:22 AM Landed A33
Aeromexico5738Los Angeles6:40 AM6:21 AM En Route A40
Aeromexico4229Akron7:14 AM  A57
Aeromexico4664Pittsburgh7:27 AM  A21
Aeromexico4907Louisville7:28 AM  A57
Aeromexico4670Grand Rapids7:31 AM  A64
Aeromexico4339Indianapolis7:32 AM  A19
Aeromexico4442Syracuse7:32 AM  A29
Aeromexico4058Dayton7:34 AM  B7
Aeromexico4186Cincinnati7:34 AM  A69
Aeromexico4691Cleveland7:34 AM  A68
Aeromexico4667Washington - DCA7:38 AM  A76
Aeromexico4013Buffalo7:38 AM  A23
Aeromexico4690Baltimore7:40 AM  A46
Aeromexico4119Dulles7:41 AM10:41 AM Scheduled
Aeromexico4388Columbus7:42 AM  A3
Aeromexico5853Milwaukee7:43 AM  B19
Aeromexico4018Albany7:44 AM7:09 AM Scheduled
Aeromexico4275Middletown7:44 AM  B15
Aeromexico4148Providence7:45 AM7:31 AM Scheduled
Aeromexico4315Fort Wayne7:45 AM  C16
Aeromexico4417Rochester7:46 AM  A59
Aeromexico4678Philadelphia7:47 AM  A75
Aeromexico4507Raleigh/Durham7:49 AM  A71
Aeromexico5679Newark7:49 AM  A17
Aeromexico4185Boston7:49 AM7:33 AM Scheduled
Aeromexico4680Hartford7:50 AM7:26 AM Scheduled
Aeromexico4415Richmond7:50 AM  A35
Aeromexico4224Burlington7:50 AM10:50 AM Scheduled
Aeromexico4477Charlotte7:50 AM  A11
Aeromexico4687New York - LGA7:55 AM  A78
American Airlines2067Charlotte12:03 AM11:40 PM Landed D25
American Airlines814Phoenix1:31 AM1:31 AM Landed D26
China Eastern Airlines8847Los Angeles6:40 AM6:21 AM En Route A40
China Southern Airlines1082Los Angeles6:40 AM6:21 AM En Route A40
Delta Air Lines1290Atlanta12:30 AM12:22 AM Landed A33
Delta Air Lines2069Las Vegas6:01 AM5:46 AM En Route A17
Delta Air Lines890San Francisco6:13 AM5:49 AM En Route A3
Delta Air Lines2859Seattle6:38 AM6:10 AM En Route A9
Delta Air Lines4259Lansing6:39 AM  C4
Delta Air Lines3407Saginaw6:40 AM  A43
Delta Air Lines4766Traverse City6:40 AM  B11
Delta Air Lines1106Los Angeles6:40 AM6:21 AM En Route A40
Delta Air Lines5572Kalamazoo6:40 AM  B8
Delta Air Lines52Sao Paulo7:00 AM8:32 AM En Route A38
Delta Air Lines3290Akron7:14 AM  A57
Delta Air Lines1443Pittsburgh7:27 AM  A21
Delta Air Lines6275Louisville7:28 AM  A57
Delta Air Lines4285Erie7:28 AM  C2
Delta Air Lines1795Grand Rapids7:31 AM  A64
Delta Air Lines2480Indianapolis7:32 AM  A19
Delta Air Lines950Syracuse7:32 AM  A29
Delta Air Lines2138Cleveland7:34 AM  A68
Delta Air Lines4749Dayton7:34 AM  B7
Delta Air Lines3496Cincinnati7:34 AM  A69
Delta Air Lines3949Toronto7:35 AM  A53
Delta Air Lines7421Ithaca7:35 AM  B21
Delta Air Lines7400Binghamton7:38 AM  B1
Delta Air Lines1686Washington - DCA7:38 AM  A76
Delta Air Lines1321Buffalo7:38 AM  A23
Delta Air Lines4744South Bend7:39 AM  C1
Delta Air Lines1937Baltimore7:40 AM  A46
Delta Air Lines4279State College7:41 AM  B16
Delta Air Lines6266Dulles7:41 AM10:41 AM Scheduled
Delta Air Lines5879Columbus7:42 AM  A3
Delta Air Lines6213Elmira7:42 AM  A67
Delta Air Lines4528Milwaukee7:43 AM  B19
Delta Air Lines2484Albany7:44 AM7:09 AM Scheduled
Delta Air Lines4554Middletown7:44 AM  B15
Delta Air Lines7427Allentown7:44 AM  B12
Delta Air Lines670Providence7:45 AM7:31 AM Scheduled
Delta Air Lines4256Fort Wayne7:45 AM  C16
Delta Air Lines3365Lexington7:46 AM  A45
Delta Air Lines3414Rochester7:46 AM  A59
Delta Air Lines1373Philadelphia7:47 AM  A75
Delta Air Lines2623Newark7:49 AM  A17
Delta Air Lines6226Raleigh/Durham7:49 AM  A71
Delta Air Lines5400Greenville7:49 AM  A15
Delta Air Lines679Boston7:49 AM7:33 AM Scheduled
Delta Air Lines7369Pellston7:50 AM  C21
Delta Air Lines2045Charlotte7:50 AM  A11
Delta Air Lines1274Hartford7:50 AM7:26 AM Scheduled
Delta Air Lines4662Wilkes-Barre7:50 AM  A55
Delta Air Lines5403Richmond7:50 AM  A35
Delta Air Lines3764Westchester County7:50 AM  C9
Delta Air Lines3291Burlington7:50 AM10:50 AM Scheduled
Delta Air Lines6278Montreal7:51 AM  A73
Delta Air Lines964New York - LGA7:55 AM  A78
Delta Air Lines3640Knoxville7:55 AM  B3
Endeavor Air3407Saginaw6:40 AM  A43
Endeavor Air3290Akron7:14 AM  A57
Endeavor Air3496Cincinnati7:34 AM  A69
Endeavor Air3949Toronto7:35 AM  A53
Endeavor Air3414Rochester7:46 AM  A59
Endeavor Air3365Lexington7:46 AM  A45
Endeavor Air3764Westchester County7:50 AM  C9
Endeavor Air3291Burlington7:50 AM10:50 AM Scheduled
Endeavor Air3640Knoxville7:55 AM  B3
ExpressJet5572Kalamazoo6:40 AM  B8
ExpressJet5400Greenville7:49 AM  A15
ExpressJet5403Richmond7:50 AM  A35
FedEx1982Newark5:04 AM5:04 AM Scheduled
FedEx1711Indianapolis5:11 AM   
FedEx1579Memphis5:25 AM   
FedEx1418Memphis6:00 AM   
GoJet Airlines6275Louisville7:28 AM  A57
GoJet Airlines6266Dulles7:41 AM10:41 AM Scheduled
GoJet Airlines6213Elmira7:42 AM  A67
GoJet Airlines6226Raleigh/Durham7:49 AM  A71
GoJet Airlines6278Montreal7:51 AM  A73
Gol8004Sao Paulo7:00 AM8:32 AM En Route A38
Jet Airways (India)8170Atlanta12:30 AM12:22 AM Landed A33
KLM7156Atlanta12:30 AM12:22 AM Landed A33
Korean Air7227Los Angeles6:40 AM6:21 AM En Route A40
Republic Airlines5879Columbus7:42 AM  A3
SkyWest Airlines4259Lansing6:39 AM  C4
SkyWest Airlines4766Traverse City6:40 AM  B11
SkyWest Airlines4285Erie7:28 AM  C2
SkyWest Airlines4749Dayton7:34 AM  B7
SkyWest Airlines7421Ithaca7:35 AM  B21
SkyWest Airlines7400Binghamton7:38 AM  B1
SkyWest Airlines4744South Bend7:39 AM  C1
SkyWest Airlines4279State College7:41 AM  B16
SkyWest Airlines4528Milwaukee7:43 AM  B19
SkyWest Airlines4554Middletown7:44 AM  B15
SkyWest Airlines7427Allentown7:44 AM  B12
SkyWest Airlines4256Fort Wayne7:45 AM  C16
SkyWest Airlines4662Wilkes-Barre7:50 AM  A55
SkyWest Airlines7369Pellston7:50 AM  C21
Southwest Airlines242Chicago - MDW12:25 AM12:20 AM Landed D19
Southwest Airlines6421Phoenix1:15 AM1:16 AM Landed D20
Spirit Airlines684Fort Myers12:11 AM11:34 PM Landed D12
Spirit Airlines976Denver12:37 AM12:28 AM Landed D8
Spirit Airlines788Las Vegas6:14 AM6:13 AM En Route D15
Spirit Airlines709Los Angeles6:28 AM6:28 AM En Route D11
UPS1484Pittsburgh5:03 AM   
UPS1488Rockford5:09 AM   
UPS1482Louisville5:34 AM5:32 AM Scheduled
Virgin Atlantic5864Atlanta12:30 AM12:22 AM Landed A33
Virgin Atlantic4421Dulles7:41 AM10:41 AM Scheduled
Virgin Atlantic3091Boston7:49 AM7:33 AM Scheduled
Virgin Atlantic2876Newark7:49 AM  A17
Virgin Australia6700Los Angeles6:40 AM6:21 AM En Route A40
Virgin Australia6779New York - LGA7:55 AM  A78
WestJet7171Pittsburgh7:27 AM  A21
WestJet7073Cleveland7:34 AM  A68
WestJet6320Toronto7:35 AM  A53
WestJet7107Washington - DCA7:38 AM  A76
WestJet7063Baltimore7:40 AM  A46
WestJet7117Dulles7:41 AM10:41 AM Scheduled
WestJet7089Columbus7:42 AM  A3
WestJet7133Milwaukee7:43 AM  B19
WestJet7157Philadelphia7:47 AM  A75
WestJet7061Hartford7:50 AM7:26 AM Scheduled
WestJet7685Montreal7:51 AM  A73

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